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PMG Chapter 1929: Trouble and Disaster During the Champion Ceremony

PMG Chapter 1929: Trouble and Disaster During the Champion Ceremony
The next group of people arrived. The crowd frowned at them. Some people really dared go on a rampage?
“Tiantai has violated the rules of the university, they killed other students!” shouted some people who were being chased by Tiantai’s people. The elders of Champion University looked at the group of people with murder in their eyes.
“I’ll go and crush them,” said someone in a low voice.
“Let them come,” said an old man. Everybody stopped. After a short time, Tiantai’s people arrived.
They looked furious. Their Qi was whistling around them. Everybody was looking at them. Ji Chang looked furious. His eyes fell on Lin Feng. It was him!
The members of Ji Chang’s Club had told Ji Chang about Lin Feng. He had gone to the Celestial Country, and he had been killed by Zong Que. Why was he here now?
Ji Chang looked at Jian Mang and Aoxu, and recognizing them, grew even angrier.
Zong Que flashed forwards and landed not far from Lin Feng and the others. Terrifying energies pulsed towards them.
“You’re not dead,” Zong Que said icily. Behind him, more and more strong cultivators from the Stone Group landed. Their Qi shot up into the sky, trying to suppress Lin Feng and his friends.
“You dared cause trouble at the ceremony and violate the rules of the university. You will all die!” said someone icily. It was the law enforcement officer.
“You bastard!” said Tantai icily.
“A law enforcement officer? You son of a bitch! Who chose you as a law enforcement officer? The Moon Group and the Stone Group keep violating the rules and assaulting us, are you blind? Asshole!” Tantai burst out angrily.
The man looked furious. He said to the old man, “Ancestor Xuan Tian, please help me. Let’s kill all of them, for the sake of the university.”
Ancestor Xuan Tian looked at him and then he looked at the crowd, especially Lin Feng. His eyes were filled with death determination, he had the strength of a low-level emperor, but he looked extraordinary.
“I allow you to explain your situation. If your excuses are not sufficient, no matter where you go, you will be killed,” said Ancestor Xuan Tian.
Lin Feng looked calm and composed as he replied to Ancestor Xuan Tian, “Today, Tiantai had to do this, I am convinced you will understand. I’d like to ask you something though: the University, is it for all the students, or only for Champions?”
“The university is for all the students. They are all the pride of the university. And we believe that anyone has the potential to become a Champion.”
“On the other day, there was a fair battle organized between the Moon Group and Tiantai, Zong Que got involved and killed my clone. Nobody said anything. After that, the law enforcement officer even said I deserved to die. What’s that supposed to mean?” said Lin Feng calmly.
Ancestor Xuan Tian frowned and looked at the law enforcement officer, “Did that happen?”
The law enforcement officer frowned and stared at Lin Feng, “Ancestor, he was in the Celestial Country. He asked outsiders for help. And then he killed people from Champion University. We have to stop him. He violated the rules of the university. He killed people of the university.”
Ancestor Xuan Tian frowned and looked at Lin Feng, “You are a student in Champion University. You cannot kill other people from Champion University, even in the Celestial Country. You have to die.”
“I didn’t represent Champion University in the Celestial Country,” said Lin Feng to Ancestor Xuan Tian calmly. “Back then, I accidentally ended up in Hell. After that I was told that the only way to go back to the Continent of the Nine Clouds was to cross the Celestial Country, and unluckily, there was a war between the Continent of the Nine Clouds and Hell. I ended up in Hell’s army, and the army of the Continent of the Nine Clouds attacked me. Ancestor, what was I supposed to do?”
Ancestor Xuan Tian was stupefied. He had ended up in Hell by accident? Many people were astonished. How was that possible? He had ended up in Hell?
“Since it’s that way, in such circumstances, everything depends on your fate.”
“You’re right, Ancestor. In such circumstances, everything depends on your fate. Zong Que really violated the rules of the university though, during a fair battle, he attacked and killed me. And the law enforcement officer didn’t do anything. Do you know why Zong Que asked for help to kill me?” said Lin Feng looking at the people on the battle stage with his black eyes. If the leaders of the university were like these despicable people, they deserved to die. He didn’t think that Champion University would kill them.
“Because Ji Chang is a Champion now. He has a high social status. Zong Que attacked me because of Ji Chang. The law enforcement officer didn’t enforce the rules because of Ji Chang. So, does this university belong to Ji Chang?” asked Lin Feng. The crowd looked amused. They understood a lot. It wasn’t difficult. However, those things happened everywhere. In many places, strength and talent were the most important things.
Ancestor Xuan Tian remained silent for a few seconds and looked at the law enforcement officer icily. Ancestor Xuan Tian looked at Lin Feng and asked, “Since they made a mistake and you attacked their groups, you both made mistakes.”
“Bullshit!” said Tantai. Hou Qing Lin said, “The atmosphere is really foul in Champion University.”
Everybody looked at Hou Qing Lin in a sharp way.
“Bastard!” shouted the law enforcement officer explosively, “Ancestor, those people humiliated us and injured our people. They must be expelled from the university.”
“If I had been able to leave before, I would have, I don’t need you to tell me whether I can stay or not,” said Hou Qing Lin icily. Everybody was stupefied. Hou Qing Lin didn’t want to stay in Champion University anymore?
Ancestor Xuan Tian pulled a long face. Hou Qing Lin was humiliating the university in front of so many people.
“Do you know why I joined the university, Ancestor?” Hou Qing Lin said to Ancestor Xuan Tian.
“You’re right, Ancestor! Students come to university for strength, but also to find a peaceful studying environment. Being a student is like having a big family at university. However, after violating the rules and killing Lin Feng’s clone, Ji Chang’s Club started monitoring our activities. They didn’t let us walk around freely within the university. They just wanted to force us to leave. I’m sure you know what they did. My friends from Tiantai were unable to make a single step for months. Nobody helped them. Why did the university humiliate Tiantai like that? And what was Tiantai supposed to do?” Hou Qing Lin asked Ancestor Xuan Tian.
“Tiantai has been unlucky. The law enforcement officer made a mistake. The cultivation world is cruel. Strength is all that mattered. There’s no such thing as fairness. Champion University is like that, other universities and groups are like that, too. Weak people should die.” said Ancestor Xuan Tian. Many people burst into laughter. The old man was straightforward. Tiantai had been oppressed because they were weak, but the unlucky event he was talking about was Ji Chang’s influence, of course.
“You’re right, Ancestor!” said Lin Feng loudly bowing before Ancestor Xuan Tian. The crowd looked even more amused.
Lin Feng raised his head and looked at Ancestor Xuan Tian, “Since the weak are the prey of the strong, Ji Chang is strong. The law enforcement officer is also strong. Tiantai has nothing to say. Since there are no rules in Champion University, Tiantai got their revenge. We crippled the cultivators of the Stone Group and killed the cultivators of the Moon Group.”
Ancestor Xuan Tian smiled, “I forgive you for the tensions between Tiantai and Ji Chang’s Club, as well as the Stone Group. However, if Ji Chang’s Club and the Stone Group get their revenge, Champion University won’t get involved. Have you thought about that?”
“This old scoundrel,” thought everybody. Tiantai was going to be destroyed that way.
“I perfectly understand and I am grateful. If you agree, Tiantai would like to challenge the Moon Group to a battle again, a battle to death,” said Lin Feng, bowing again before Ancestor Xuan Tian. At that moment, the whole crowd was astonished.
“You destroyed my Stone Group, aren’t you forgetting something?” asked Zong Que icily.
“Don’t worry. You killed my clone. I’m not done with you yet. If you want to join the battle, I don’t mind, battle to the death!” said Lin Feng to Zong Que. His eyes were filled with death.
“The Moon Group is part of my Ji Chang’s Club!” said Ji Chang on the battle stage. The crowd was astonished, what did that mean? Did Ji Chang want to join?
Lin Feng slowly turned to Ji Chang and smiled, “If Ji Chang’s Club is that shameless and wants to join, no problem. Ji Chang’s Club is already running wild in Champion University. But they do that just because you are the Champion. However, having someone like you being revered like a deity and proclaimed as a Champion is a humiliation for the university!”

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