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PMG Chapter 193: Cowardly Dog

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He moved again. Luo Yu didn’t dare approach Lin Feng’s sword. The sword has both battle and deadly energy fusing together. Each time, Lin Feng’s attacks were filled with what seemed like endless power.

Luo Yu would get pierced right through if he approached too near to Lin Feng’s sword. His heart was filled with remorse. He hadn’t thought that Lin Feng would be so strong. Luo Yu had broken through to the seventh Ling Qi layer, if he wanted to attack someone, he did it without thinking much about their retaliation.


Lin Feng pierced the atmosphere at incredible speed. An extremely sharp and violent wind emerged. A horse in the distance neighed and was surprisingly caught by the wind and was cut into pieces while the person who was thrown backwards. He was breathing heavily but he didn’t dare say a word, he feared that Lin Feng would attack him if he did.

That person had seen what happened with Luo Yu and Lin Feng with his own eyes. Luo Yu had attacked Lin Feng while being very aggressive towards him but Lin Feng hadn’t bothered to waste any words on him. He had immediately started talking with his sword and at that moment, Luo Yu was in a critical situation. Lin Feng was really going to kill him.

When seeing that, how could a person willingly provoke Lin Feng? They did not have death wishes.

Lin Feng’s deadly sword was quickly piercing through the air. The battle energy emerging from his body was becoming stronger with each passing moment. He looked cold and expressionless as he was carrying out his sword strikes. Luo Yu didn’t have a single chance to strike back against him.

At that moment, Luo Yu looked extremely pale. He was surprisingly struggling to keep his life and on top of that, in front of so many people.

“Ahhhhh.” shouted Luo Yu furiously. His clothes were still fluttering through the air. He looked furious and ice-cold.

“What the hell are you doing?” coldly asked Lin Feng when he heard Luo Yu shout. He then continued striking with his sword.

All of the energy within the atmosphere suddenly disappeared. Luo Yu was surprised , but suddenly looked extremely happy. He then released an extremely powerful energy along with his spirit which appeared behind him.

However at that moment, Luo Yu had a bad premonition which made his heart beat faster. There wasn’t any sword force anymore but that sword seemed even more dangerous than before.

The battle energy from moments before had also disappeared. Luo Yu quickly retreated at full speed.


Luo Yu had barely avoided the sword but the energy had struck him. Luo Yu’s clothes were torn and there was blood pouring from his chest and a wound on his throat. It was a shocking sight.

The crowd was astonished. What a sharp sword, what a terrifying and strong strength.

Luo Yu lowered his head and looked at his own chest. Immediately after, a hideous expression appeared on his face.

He raised his head and looked at Lin Feng again. Flames of rage were burning in his eyes.

However, Lin Feng looked as cold as before. He raised his sword again as he spoke.

“I am going to personally kill you.”

Luo Yu was shocked, he turned around and started retreating at full speed. He didn’t feeling like fighting against Lin Feng any longer anymore.

Lin Feng laughed coldly. He moved forward and used his sword to strike towards Luo Yu again.

When Luo Yu felt the deadly energy approaching from behind, he gnashed his teeth. In spite of the fact that he was insanely shaking, he continued running away like mad.

“What a shameless and cowardly dog, to run after talking arrogantly.” Lin Feng didn’t continue chasing him. While holding his sword towards Luo Yu, he shouted: “I don’t think that you can be compared with Hei Mo, in my eyes, you cannot even come close to Hei Mo. Pray that we never cross paths again.”

When Luo Yu heard Lin Feng’s words, his injuries started to bleed heavily as his heart pounded with fury and fear at the same time. It seemed like the state of his wounds were quite serious but he didn’t dare to stop running. He continued running away like mad into the distance.

When Luo Yu’s silhouette disappeared, the crowd’s eyes fell upon Lin Feng. They were astonished and amazed.

On that day, when Lin Feng had fought against Hei Mo, the crowd did not see that Lin Feng had almost killed Hei Mo.

However, at that moment, they had clearly seen that Luo Yu, who was even more powerful and arrogant, decided to offend Lin Feng and immediately after injured him.

Lin Feng did not continue with his words and instead used his sword and the result was that Luo Yu, who considered himself above Lin Feng, had run away like a coward.

Two months after defeating Hei Mo, Lin Feng had defeated a military student of the seventh Ling Qi layer.

Lin Feng’s natural talent was monstrous.

Lin Feng sheathed his sword and immediately returned to his colt dragon horse. He then said indifferently: “Let’s go.”

These army troops nodded to the order and immediately after, everybody started galloping at full speed and disappeared from the crowd’s vision.

But that insane battle from a moment ago was still in their minds.

The area outside of the northern gate of the Imperial City was desolate. The ground was filled with yellowish mud without any grass.

The northern gate of the city wasn’t a normal gate. People couldn’t go through it as they pleased. In times of peace, only those who had received a military order could go through that gate.

In that depopulated and desolate place, there were many tents. They had been set up by the military troops. The area was incredibly vast.

There was a crowd of people that had gathered outside of the tents, about a hundred meters away. Amongst them were the noble cultivators, military troops and certain military troops wearing silver armor.

All of these noble cultivators belonged to the Holy Courtyard of Xue Yue. They were heading to war so they could acquire knowledge and battle experience. Their future would be even better if they achieved military merits.

Of course, many people were going to there to acquire battle experience and to become stronger through life and death situations. Those types of people were both hot-blooded and courageous.

“Thrrom Thrrrom Thrrom.”

From a distance they could already hear the galloping of horses. The ground was shaking. The people in the crowd outside of the tents could already distinctly feel the ground shake.

A short time after, they could already see a large group people heading towards them.

“They have arrived.”

The crowd outside of the tents was looking at the newcomers with a sharp expression in their eyes.

At the same time, amongst the crowd outside of the tents, a young man who was sitting on the seat of the general stood up and went to welcome the newcomers. He had a warm smile on his face.

The newcomers got down off their horses when they saw the young man who was coming towards them to welcome them. They all kneeled down and shouted: “Your Highness.”

“You have gone through many hardships to be here.” said the young man to these people while smiling and nodding. He waved his hands as a gesture that they could stand up. They were all scared. Their hearts were racing.

Even though His Highness was a prince, he wasn’t arrogant at all and was very easy to get along with. He was also very polite to these ordinary military troops.

“Your Highness.” said one of the members of the Celestial Academy very loudly.

Duan Wu Ya smiled at the crowd and said: “Everybody, I am lucky that you have come to fight with me. This is truly a stroke of luck.”

“Don’t mention it, Your Highness.”

“Come, let’s sit. I’ll give the instructions to the troops and then we can go.” Duan Wu Ya politely while he showed everyone where they could sit. Everybody had an attributed seating area. The people of the Celestial Academy could sit on the right. There was a great number of seats laid out for them.

The people of the Celestial Academy sat down. At that moment, many people were sharply glaring at them which surprised them.

Opposite them were the people from the Holy Courtyard of Xue Yue.

At that moment, Lin Feng was also looking at the people from the Holy Courtyard of Xue Yue. When he noticed that many people were looking at him, he narrowed his eyes.

Duan Han, Yue Tian Chen, Lin Qian… he could recognize many people amongst them.

The military apprentices of the Celestial Academy were not the only people who wanted to go to war. There were also some noble cultivators, as well as some ordinary cultivators who wanted to go to war to enhance their path of cultivation. It would enable them to have an official career and to rapidly rise up in the world. Relying on their strength and efforts, they would be able to return home as triumphant heroes.

But Lin Feng clearly felt that someone was staring at him with an even sharper glare. It wasn’t an ordinary person from the crowd, it was their leader. He was sitting next to Duan Wu Ya.

“Duan Tian Lang.”

When Lin Feng saw that their leader Duan Tian Lang, was the one who was staring dagger at him, he was astonished.

Duan Tian Lang, apart from being a member of the Duan Clan, he was also now the commander in chief of the country.

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