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PMG Chapter 1930: Battle To Death

PMG Chapter 1930: Battle To Death
“Having someone like you being revered like a deity and proclaimed as a Champion is humiliation for the university!” Lin Feng’s words resonated in the hearts of the crowd. They all stared at Lin Feng. That guy was insane. He dared talk to Ji Chang that way, a humiliation for the university?
“When we joined Champion University a few years ago, we were low-level emperors, and back then, we had already heard about Ji Chang, Ji Chang was maybe going to be the next Champion and blahblahblah. Back then you were also the second on the Imperial Ranking List. So many years have passed and only now you’re being proclaimed a Champion? And there’s a ceremony? You’re a crappy cultivator. You have no talent,” said Lin Feng icily. The strong cultivators of the Moon Group and the Stone Group started walking forwards and releasing terrifying energies at his words.
“Empty words!” said someone icily. Then, Shi Hao Tian said to Ancestor Xuan Tian, “Ancestor, since Tiantai wants to fight, please accept.”
“Ancestor, Tiantai’s people are insolent.”
Ancestor Xuan Tian looked calm and unmoved. He looked at the crowd and said, “Alright, I accept. How could I refuse? I’ll act as the referee. Tiantai vs. the Moon Group and the Stone Group. Battle to death.”
Zong Que looked at Lin Feng with murder in his eyes. How were Tiantai’s cultivators going to die?
Even though the Moon Group wasn’t as strong as the Sun Group, they had already fought against Tiantai, they had a similar strength. And the Stone Group had five high-level emperors, and many medium-level emperors. How could Lin Feng act so arrogantly?
Silhouettes rose up in the air and explosive energies invaded the atmosphere. Tiantai’s people looked weak. How could they compare themselves with the Moon Group and the Stone Group? They had only one high-level emperor!
“Aoxu, you’re not from Champion University, right?” said Ji Chang to Aoxu. Surprisingly, he remembered his name.
“What a great Champion!” Lin Feng said to Ji Chang mockingly.
Aoxu laughed loudly and moved back. He looked at Ji Chang and said, “I’m not participating.”
Ji Chang knew Lin Feng was making fun of him. Aoxu was too strong though. If he joined, everybody would die against him. And he had also seen how strong Lin Feng was in the Celestial Country. But without the help of the cultivators from Hell, what could he do? Zong Que could probably oppress him by himself!
And Jian Mang was there too. He couldn’t say much about Jian Mang, though. Jian Mang was only a medium-level emperor.
“Die!” said Zong Que, staring at them icily. A terrifying Qi drove towards Tiantai’s cultivators.
Tantai roared furiously. The earth and sky shook violently as he jumped forwards.
Wu also turned into a terrifying supernatural bird and streaked across the sky, surrounded by a sun. In front of Wu, a sun sword appeared, slicing through the air.
Hou Qing Lin‘s robe fluttered in the wind. Reincarnation strength appeared around him.
“Let’s join hands!” said Ruo Xie to Jian Mang. Jian Mang nodded and they turned into two light beams.
Lin Feng walked forwards, releasing Deva-Mara Kalpa strength. Life and death Kalpa sword energies appeared around him, the air shrieking at their conflict. The closest people to him withdrew quickly.
“Die!” Someone descended from the sky above Lin Feng and attacked. A gigantic golden cauldron slammed down with a rumble of power… and then the cauldron exploded. Lin Feng rose up into the air and stuck out with a single punch. The man exploded.
Lin Feng did some hand seals. A Purple Tank appeared, containing terrifying life and death strength. Everything died in its path as the air tore apart before it.
“How strong!,” thought the crowd. No wonder Lin Feng dared act that arrogantly. Tiantai’s people were really strong indeed! Hou Qing Lin understood reincarnation Dao, Lin Feng was also terrifying strong. His death strength was astonishing. Jian Mang and Ruo Xie were also terrifying when they joined hands. Nobody could stop them.
The strong cultivators of the Moon Group and the Stone Group kept falling from the sky one after another.
A high-level emperor threw himself at Lin Feng. He released a fearsome whistling Qi. Some ghosts moved towards Lin Feng, unleashed soul strength!
Lin Feng’s eyes glittered. He released a death sword and destroyed the soul attack. The high-level emperor was astonished. Then, a ghostly image appeared behind him and he turned into a Hell ghost, moving with the weightless speed of a specter.
Lin Feng released life and death lights. When the ghost lunged at Lin Feng, Lin Feng had the sensation his soul was going to explode.
“Die, die!” Death strength pierced that cultivator’s soul and penetrated into his brain, too!
Lin Feng raised his fist with a rumble of gathering thunder. He pounded his enemy’s soul and watched it explode. The high-level emperor died and turned into a real ghost.
He had been extremely strong. If Lin Feng didn’t have life and death Dao, he would have died against the man.
However, after that person died, another high-level emperor moved towards Lin Feng, a waterfall appearing behind him.
Lin Feng waved his hands and his death strength turned into a river. His opponent disappeared inside it and turned into a corpse.
“Dao power!”
The crowd was astonished. Lin Feng also controlled Dao strength! How powerful! He really was extremely strong!
Ancestor Xuan Tian’s eyes twinkled. The cultivators from Tiantai were really extremely strong and talented. They weren’t any less gifted than Ji Chang.
“Reincarnation Dao, Death Dao, Light Dao, all of them are really rare kinds of strength,” thought Ancestor Xuan Tian. He glanced at the law enforcement officer, who shivered. The law enforcement officer was also astonished by this display. Strength was the most important thing in that world. If they wanted the university to respect them, they had to prove how strong they really were. Their strength was precious!
The law enforcement officer had cold sweats now. He looked at Zong Que, Tiantai’s people had to die! Ancestor Xuan Tian had allowed them to fight, and a battle to death on top of that. The law enforcement officer understood that this battle was going to be tragic. If anyone died, it didn’t matter, it just meant they weren’t strong enough!
Zong Que stopped moving and released energies to pressure Lin Feng.
“You made it that far in this life, but now you’re going to die,” Zong Que said to Lin Feng. His voice resonated in Lin Feng’s brain.
Lin Feng smiled coldly. A mere brain attack?
Lin Feng moved forwards, ignoring the attack, and Zong Que remained silent.
A bell rang, and some ancient bells appeared. The air quivered with the sound. Lin Feng appeared in the middle of them.
“Zong Que is at the top of the Huang Qi layer and he understands Dao strength. Even though Lin Feng is really strong, he’s definitely going to die this time!” thought the crowd with a sigh. The bells made Lin Feng’s soul shake violently.
He released life strength throughout his body and released a death sword which moved towards the ancient bells.
Lin Feng charged forwards, a bell broke apart. Lin Feng’s death-filled eyes looked more and more terrifying.
Another bell rang and exploded. Lin Feng continued moving forwards and his death Qi gathered around him like a black cloak. The air around him was turning grey.
“Die!” shouted Zong Que explosively. His bells kept ringing in unison and exploding. Further in the distance, the crowd could even sense their own souls shaking. Even the most determined ones were affected. Zong Que was definitely going to kill Lin Feng!
The bells kept breaking one after another. Lin Feng was getting closer and closer to Zong Que. His death strength penetrated into Zong Que’s brain.
“Your Dao is so weak!” said Lin Feng. His voice carried death strength and resonated in Zong Que’s brain. He released a death sword which shot towards Zong Que. Zong Que’s expression changed drastically as he went white.
“You’re going to die!” promised Lin Feng. His voice echoed in Zong Que’s brain, and a death sword stamp stuck to his soul.
Zong Que screamed furiously. However, the crowd was astonished. Lin Feng was very close to Zong Que and releasing destructive death energies. It was like an ocean of death energy, and Zong Que disappeared inside!

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