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PMG Chapter 1931: Arrogance

PMG Chapter 1931: Arrogance
The death stamps moved along the black river. Zong Que was drowned inside and the water ate away his life. People’s hearts pounded as they watched.
“You’re going to die,” declared Lin Feng, using his most powerful voice. He also stamped the soundwaves produced by his voice. Zong Que was still buried in the black death river. The crowd was staring at the black water, whispering among themselves. Was Zong Que dead or alive?
Waves rumbled and the black water swirled around. It turned into death intent and gradually dispersed. A body appeared in the air and fell, already a corpse.
Zong Que, fifth on the Celestial Champion Ranking List, leader of the Stone Group, was dead.
Lin Feng, a cultivator ranked on the lower ranking list, had killed him.
At that moment, the place became completely silent. Zong Que wasn’t the only one who had died; most of the cultivators of the Stone Group and the Moon Group had died, too. Tiantai was rising again, after having been oppressed and humiliated by the Moon Group and the Stone Group for so long. Lin Feng had come back furious and Tiantai had had their revenge, and on top of that during Ji Chang’s Champion ceremony, right next to the Champion stage! This day was supposed to be one of Ji Chang’s happiest days, and it had turned into a nightmare because of Lin Feng and his group, Tiantai!
The members of Ji Chang’s Club had all pulled long faces. Ji Chang’s Club had lost its two junior groups, the Moon Group and the Star Group. The Stone Group had also almost completely disappeared from Champion University. It was a terrible humiliation for Ji Chang.
Many people turned to look at Ancestor Xuan Tian. On the Champion battle stage, the senior cultivators looked calm and lofty. The Stone Group and the Moon Group had been destroyed, but it didn’t affect them. Since the Moon Group and the Stone Group had provoked, oppressed, and humiliated Tiantai, it was their fault. Tiantai had relied on their own strength to get their revenge. The cultivation world was that cruel. If Lin Feng and Tiantai had been weak, they would have disappeared. The elders probably respected them more now than they had before, after their enemies had suffered a crushing defeat.
Even though the elders looked rather placid, their hearts were beating faster. That low-level emperor was probably a medium-level emperor, and his Dao was more powerful than Zong Que’s. That’s how he had killed Zong Que, the fifth cultivator on the Celestial Champion Ranking List.
Lin Feng understood the hidden rules of the cultivation world. Therefore, he had chosen to battle on the day of Ji Chang’s Champion ceremony, one of the best days in Ji Chang’s life. It was the only way to be respected by the university. If they had fought on another day, the university wouldn’t have paid attention to them!
Zong Que’s corpse finally reached the ground, bouncing once and rolling over limply. Lin Feng looked at the corpse coldly with his black eyes and said calmly, “Shi Hao Tian, on that day, weren’t you a little bit arrogant?”
The crowd frowned and looked over to the strong cultivators of Ji Chang’s Club.
Shi Hao Tian, the second most important cultivator of Ji Chang’s Club, fourth on the Celestial Champion Ranking List!
On that day, Shi Hao Tian and Zong Que had had a conversation. Shi Hao Tian had asked Zong Que for help. Shi Hao Tian was the leader of the Moon Group.
Shi Hao Tian looked at Lin Feng’s eyes, petrified, before looking at Zong Que’s corpse. His heart started pounding violently. He hadn’t expected all this. He hadn’t thought Lin Feng would come back, and would be so strong. He had even less expected Tiantai would provoke them on the day of the Champion ceremony!
A dazzling light appeared. A stamp emerged from Lin Feng’s hand and rose up in the air. Gigantic golden letters appeared in the air: BATTLE TO DEATH. A contract for a battle to death!
Lin Feng was challenging Shi Hao Tian to a battle to death!
“Shi Hao Tian is fourth on the Celestial Champion Ranking List, but Zong Que understands Dao strength, Shi Hao Tian and Zong Que were about equal in strength, but Lin Feng killed Zong Que. He’s very strong. He can probably kill Shi Hao Tian too!” was the consensus of the crowd.
Lin Feng had shown how strong he was when killing Zong Que. He definitely was strong enough to fight against the top three cultivators of the Celestial Champion Ranking List. Ji Chang was probably the only one who could defeat Lin Feng.
“Today is Ji Chang’s Champion ceremony. It’s supposed to be a happy day for all the students. Aren’t you violating the rules by doing that?” a cultivator of the Ji Clan shouted out icily. Many people present today were from the Ji Clan, since it was Ji Chang’s Champion ceremony.
The leader of the Ji Clan was present, too. He looked at Lin Feng icily. He knew perfectly well who Lin Feng was. He had brought Aoxu and Jian Mang to the Ji Clan. Because of him, Ji Wuyou had almost been turned into a cripple. He was blind and had completely lost his confidence. He would never be as energetic and confident as before. If he didn’t regain his confidence, he would never practice cultivation again.
Now Lin Feng was back, and he was humiliating the Ji Clan again, this time during Ji Chang’s Champion ceremony!
“There are rules in the Ji Clan and there are rules at university. Champion University doesn’t need the Ji Clan to tell them what the rules of the university are!” retorted a young man provocatively and coldly: it was Lang Ye from the World Clan!
“And the university doesn’t need the World Clan to tell them anything, either!” said the leader of the Ji Clan furiously. Lang Ye was throwing in his two cents, and the leader of the Ji Clan didn’t appreciate that at all.
“I am not getting involved. I am just voicing my opinion. Besides, Lin Feng is like a brother to me. Ji Chang and Lin Feng are competing at university, which is normal and acceptable, but Ji Chang’s Club keeps getting involved and bullying him and his friends. That’s despicable. How can the Ji Clan get involved in young people’s affairs? I thought too highly of the Ji Clan before.”
There were many strong cultivators in the Holy City. Competitions between people of the same generation were normal and expected, but older people couldn’t get involved. Therefore, Jian Mang had blinded Ji Wuyou and nobody could say anything about it. It was cruel, but nothing could be done. The Clan could support young people, but if those young people’s efforts didn’t suffice, then the clan couldn’t do much for them. Spending one’s life relying on one’s clan wasn’t a life, and it was impossible to become a peerless cultivator that way.
Therefore, Lang Ye was traveling alone, relying solely on himself. He had chosen his own path!
“Ji Chang’s Club killed Lin Feng’s clone, and now Lin Feng is back and he’s challenging that little buffoon, the Ji Clan has nothing to say,” agreed Jun Mo Xi. Lang Ye and Jun Mo Xi were having fun at Ji Chang’s Champion ceremony!
“Jun Mo Xi and Lang Ye are heartless!” thought the amused crowd.
“I wouldn’t have thought that Lin Feng would have so many powerful friends. It’s been a long time since they’ve had someone with the World King Body in the World Clan. Jun Mo Xi also has a very rare body type, and they’re both Lin Feng’s friends. Lin Feng is extremely strong and talented, he has no need to envy people who have king body types.”
The member of the Ji Clan were surprised and perplexed. Ji Ping groaned icily and said, “The Ji Clan won’t get involved, of course. However, the Ji Clan is at the head of Ji Chang’s Club, and today is Ji Chang’s Champion ceremony. Some people are humiliating him and ruining this great event. Ji Chang can solve the issue himself. I’m not getting involved.”
“He means he wants Ji Chang to fight against Lin Feng.”
“If Ji Chang fights against Lin Feng, he will definitely crush him. After all, he’s the Champion. Apart from Ying Cheng, nobody can compete with him, including Lin Feng.”
The murmurs raced through the crowd. Lin Feng’s eyes were still black, but he looked at the members of the Ji Clan mockingly.
“The Ji Clan is an ancient clan, it has existed for a long time, and is really strong. You invited many people to talk about cultivation because you wanted to show how strong you were. However, the only young emperor of the Ji Clan who can be considered strong is Ji Chang. I don’t understand something though, how come you are so proud? I am a medium-level emperor, and at the same cultivation level, how many of your people can compete with me?”
Lin Feng sounded calm and indifferent. The strong cultivators of the Ji Clan were furious. Lin Feng was talking loudly, and didn’t sound provocative, he sounded like he was just stating facts. To the Ji Clan, it was a horrible humiliation. The Ji Clan was an ancient clan, they had great power, and many of their young people studied at the four different universities. Lin Feng was saying that at the same cultivation level, nobody in the Ji Clan could defeat him. Everybody thought Lin Feng was right, it was a fact. At the same cultivation level, he could destroy anyone from the Ji Clan.

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