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PMG Chapter 1932: Power and Influence

PMG Chapter 1932: Power and Influence
“How arrogant!” blurted out many of the younger people seated behind the leader of the Ji Clan. At that moment, their Qi was terrifying, pulsing and spreading towards Lin Feng like rolling thunder. Lin Feng’s hair fluttered in the wind.
However, Lin Feng remained motionless. He ignored them and as he silently stared at Shi Hao Tian.
Tantai took a disdainful step forwards, and jeered, “Shi Hao Tian, back then during the battle between Tiantai and the Moon Group, you attacked Lin Feng’s clone. You were very arrogant. What’s going on now? Lin Feng came back with his real body, you’re the fourth in the Celestial Champion Ranking List, and now you don’t dare accept Lin Feng’s challenge to a battle to death?”
“Is the second cultivator of Ji Chang’s Club a coward?” added Qin Wu icily. Shi Hao Tian’s expression changed drastically. His face even turned pale blue.
“No matter whether you accept or not, you can’t avoid a battle today!” declared Lin Feng icily. He raced forwards, a crazy smile on his face as he released his qi towards Shi Hao Tian.
Shi Hao Tian sensed the death energy surround him. Dazzling lights emerged from his eyes. Lin Feng was forcing him to fight!
“How arrogant!” interrupted someone at that moment. Nine Cyan Dragon Totems appeared behind Ji Chang as he jumped forwards to intercept Lin Feng. A terrifying destructive Qi invaded the air as the earth and sky started shaking. Ji Chang’s eyes were dazzling, he looked like an ancient dragon king!
“Hmph!” he groaned icily. A terrifying bestial Qi slammed into him, the crowd heard whistling sounds as the ground cracked. A red silhouette flashed to intercept him. That silhouette had dragon scales and looked extremely aggressive.
“Eh?” the crowd was stupefied. Aoxu was throwing himself at Ji Chang!
“What a powerful bestial Qi. He has a blood dragon body. He looks extremely aggressive. He’s a beast!” the onlookers swore. That person dared attack Ji Chang because he was extremely strong and aggressive!
Ji Chang’s eyes glittered. A terrifying Destructive Dao strength filled the air. Aoxu’s aggressive strength crackled as it ground against it.
“Ji Chang’s Dao determination is impressive. He’s stronger than that guy. He can oppress him!” the audience observed. Ji Chang and Aoxu had exchanged only a few attacks, and it seemed that the earth and sky were going to collapse.
“Die!” shouted Ji Chang furiously. Cyan Dragons shone, nine of them charging towards Aoxu.
Aoxu roared his defiance. His aggressive Qi continued pulsing and building. He looked nearly berserk. He punched out with his fists, and blood dragons kept roaring and colliding with the cyan dragon with violent explosions.
“A dragon!” the crowd was astonished. Aoxu’s arms had dragon scales. He looked even more ferocious and bloodthirsty.
Ji Chang jumped forwards. Each time he made a step, the ground cracked, and small craters appeared under his body. It was as if no amount of strength could stop him.
Aoxu appeared wild and crazy as his strength kept rising to the skies. Ji Chang’s Dao was brutal. He slowly turned into a dragon as his scales expanded, finally turning into a blood dragon. He looked astonishingly scary.
“A dragon, is he from the Dragon Clan?” the crowd asked in astonishment. Lin Feng’s friends were truly scary, He knew someone who had a World King Body, someone who had an Imperial immortal body, and now had a friend who was a bloodthirsty and aggressive blood dragon!
The two fighters got closer, their strength kept colliding, and the air around them kept exploding.
“Move!” demanded Ji Chang icily. Even if he was facing a dragon, he was fearless. His Cyan Dragon Totems were dazzling and pressuring Aoxu.
Aoxu’s gigantic eyes were ice-cold as he stared at Ji Chang. The Champion was extremely strong, as expected, but Aoxu didn’t flinch. Lights as red as blood shone and Aoxu moved forwards fearlessly.
On the other side, Lin Feng released death strength on Shi Hao Tian before landing in front of him, staring him in the eyes.
Shi Hao Tian retreated. Lin Feng was surrounded by life and death lights. Death strength penetrated into Shi Hao Tian’s body and started eating away his life painfully. His vitality was disappearing from his body!
Terrifying death lights glittered. Shi Hao Tian released even more Qi to counter, looking more and more terrifying. He also released soul strength to pressure Lin Feng.
Lin Feng punched out. His Purple Death Tank rumbled as he charged forwards. Marks appeared around him as he turned into a light beam and used some empty space strength too. His life and death lights grew more and more dazzling as he also released Deva-Mara Kalpa strength to rotate around his body.
Shi Hao Tian kept retreating quickly, releasing more and more Qi at the same time. He attacked the Tank, which started breaking.
Shi Hao Tian sensed death sword energy moving towards him. It contained some sword stamp strength, and his soul felt like it was going to explode. His Qi gathered and turned into a gigantic glyph, COURAGE, filled with strength. After that strength exploded, he stopped retreating and started running forwards, he looked very courageous suddenly.
The earth and sky were filled with death Kalpa sword strength shooting towards Shi Hao Tian. However, Shi Hao Tian still didn’t retreat. As he stepped forwards, he looked more and more courageous. Many “COURAGE” glyphs rained down and slowly destroyed the sword Kalpa strength.
Lin Feng just looked at him icily. It was as if he would never run out of death strength. His life and death pattern was growing bigger and bigger, blotting out the sky. More and more death swords appeared, containing an invisible sword intent. Lin Feng remained motionless, but death swords kept slicing through the sky.

He made a step forwards and his sword intent became even more terrifying, fusing together with the earth and sky, and shattering the Courage Qi!
“Die!” shouted Lin Feng explosively. His dazzling death strength pulsed out and crashed onto Shi Hao Tian, eating away his life. Shi Hao Tian groaned in pain, and suddenly felt much less courageous. He was walking on the Path of Courage, but Lin Feng was destroying his courage! The death strength pushed the Courage Qi back relentlessly.
Shi Hao Tian had the sensation that millions of swords were cutting apart his soul. His Courage Qi gradually disappeared. Thunder rumbled from nowhere as his courage broke apart, and his Qi disappeared. His life wasn’t in his hands anymore.
Lin Feng flashed forwards, in front of Shi Hao Tian. His eyes black and cold. Shi Hao Tian had the feeling he was going to collapse.
“You, you dared bark in front of me back then,” hissed Lin Feng. He stretched his hands out and grabbed Shi Hao Tian. Shi Hao Tian didn’t resist, his soul had been overwhelmed by death strength. Lin Feng just had to think about it and he could crush Shi Hao Tian’s soul and kill him.
“Try and dare!” shouted Ji Chang icily. He forced away Aoxu, who was blocking him, and raced towards Lin Feng, releasing Destructive Qi. Maybe he could kill Lin Feng from a distance?
What an incredible and scary battle. That’s how strong a cultivator of the top of the Huang Qi layer in Champion University is, thought the crowd sighing and staring at Ji Chang as he tried to crush Lin Feng.
The senior cultivators of Champion University looked surprised, although they remained silent and still looked above it all. They enjoyed watching such battles. There weren’t many opportunities to watch such fights in normal circumstances. This battle was between geniuses of Champion University!
Lin Feng slowly turned around and looked at Ji Chang. His eyes were still filled with death intent.
“Let him off!”ordered Ji Chang icily. His Cyan Dragon Totems were shining brightly. He looked like an ancient god as he bored down on Lin Feng.
“When I joined Champion University, I had been a low-level emperor for only a short time. I was as strong as Ji Wuyou back then. Back then, people already said that you were going to become a Champion. So many years have passed, and you are just being declared a Champion. You’re not talented. At least, in Hell, I saw many people who were much, much stronger than you,” replied Lin Feng indifferently.
Then he punched Shi Hao Tian, and bones shattered like porcelain. Shi Hao Tian was smashed away, his bones turned to mush. Lin Feng didn’t even look at him, he just stared back at Ji Chang. The hearts of the audience were pounding as they watched!

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