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PMG Chapter 1933: Changes At University

PMG Chapter 1933: Changes At University
Lin Feng was right! Relying on his own strength, he had risen within Champion University. A few years before, he was a low-level emperor. He had fought against Puyang, Yu Wen Jing, and Ji Wuyou, who were on the ranking list. He had defeated Ji Wuyou, and become famous. It was also why Tiantai had become famous.
However, after that, Lin Feng had disappeared, and was rarely seen, only leaving his clone at the university. Tiantai’s strong cultivators had risen step by step relying on their own strength too, until they fought back against the Moon Group. But then a nightmare had started. Ji Chang’s Club and the Stone Group had started oppressing them together. They had disappeared for three years, and then Lin Feng’s real body had come back.
Lin Feng was still in the lower ranking list, but now he had destroyed the Moon Group and the Stone Group. He had also killed the leader of the Stone Group, Zong Que! He had also defeated the fourth student of the Celestial Champion Ranking List, Shi Hao Tian! He had become terrifyingly strong. Very few people progressed as fast as Lin Feng!
Even Ji Chang hadn’t progressed as quickly as Lin Feng. Lin Feng even dared fight against Ji Chang!
Lin Feng had said that he had seen many people who were much stronger than Ji Chang in Hell, of course at the same cultivation level. Lin Feng knew a great emperor couldn’t be compared with someone like Ji Chang. But in Hell, at the same cultivation level, many people were much stronger than Ji Chang.
Ji Chang wasn’t furious. He just looked at Lin Feng coldly. His eyes were shining with light. When people looked at his eyes, they had the impression their souls were going to break apart.
Ji Chang charged ahead. Cyan Dragons shone, the air around seemed like it was going to collapse. Lin Feng sensed the Destructive Qi surround and press down on him.
Lin Feng condensed both life and death Qi, evading quickly, and his life and death pattern appeared under his feet. His life and death pattern looked like a yin-yang symbol with the parts being replaced by life and death energies, with Lin Feng was in the middle of the pattern. The earth and sky were suddenly filled with death strength.
Dragons chanted. Ji Chang kept charging for Lin Feng as the ground kept shaking unceasingly. His Destructive strength pulsed and built up. As Ji Chang ran, his strength was becoming more and more terrifying.
A death sword whistled across the sky. A Cyan Dragon appeared above Ji Chang’s body, dazzling destructive lights appeared and collided with the death sword. Competing strengths kept exploding and dispersing. Ji Chang understood Dao better than Lin Feng, and his Destructive Dao was indeed powerful.
Ji Chang landed in front of Lin Feng, giving Lin Feng the sensation he was going to be destroyed utterly.
“Annihilate!” An endless amount of death strength emerged from Lin Feng’s life and death pattern and attacked Ji Chang’s face. His face turned grey as the death strength corroded his life. Ji Chang used the destructive strength in his body to wipe out the death stamps in his body. After a few seconds, Ji Chang’s face returned to normal again.
An illusionary dragon punch appeared and shot out at Lin Feng. Ji Chang kept punching out and dragons kept appearing. The weaker members of the audience started suffocating and their hearts pounded at the pressure!
Lin Feng flashed away and more dazzling lights appeared as he suddenly vanished, the dragon punches striking nothing. He reappeared behind Ji Chang as his Kalpa strength materialized and turned into an endless array of death Kalpa swords.
Ji Chang grunted coldly. A gigantic hand appeared, and in a flash, the death Kalpa sword strength exploded uselessly.
The crowd was astonished. Ji Chang’s Destructive Dao was truly incredible. Lin Feng’s attacks were scary enough, he could kill many people instantly, but Ji Chang was simply too strong.
However, Lin Feng didn’t look hesitant or scared. More intertwining death marks appeared. His body turned into shadows as more sword energies whistled. Death Qi descended from the sky.
Ji Chang ran towards the life and death pattern, every step like thunder. He stomped on the life and death pattern, which started cracking!
Lin Feng released more death strength. Ji Chang wasn’t as strong as Juzi, but Lin Feng wasn’t in his small world, so Ji Chang could attack his deployment spell directly. Besides, Ji Chang’s Destructive Dao was impressive. There was quite a difference between Lin Feng and Ji Chang, an entire cultivation level.
However, Lin Feng had already reached his goal. Of course, he wouldn’t surrender so easily.
Suddenly, clones appeared everywhere. At the same time, silver wings appeared on those clones’ backs, blotting out the sky.
Ji Chang raised his head and smiled coldly. He shook his head, dragon tanks appeared and opened a path. He started destroying the clones.
However, the remaining clones continued flying towards Ji Chang, breaking one after another.
A strong wind started blowing as the last few clones arrived in front of Ji Chang. He smiled coldly and glanced at the clone in front of him. He punched it and then the other, shattering all of them. However, he sensed a sudden wave of death strength. Death strength penetrated into his body and the dragon above his head.
Whistling sounds heralded the arrival of an almost invisible clone. It was Lin Feng’s real body, moving so fast he seemed invisible.
“Die!” shouted Lin Feng explosively. He released demon Kalpa strength into his life and death pattern. Ji Chang shouted furiously in defiance. Cyan Dragons appeared and moved towards Lin Feng’s energies. Destructive strength kept destroying Lin Feng’s attacks. At the same time, Lin Feng withdrew and put some distance between him and Ji Chang.
Lin Feng struck out with his fists again, and a terrifying strength moved towards Ji Chang’s head. However, Ji Chang simply turned to face him A destructive strength emerged from his eyes as death strength emerged from Lin Feng’s eyes, and the four threads of strength collided. Lin Feng sensed a dangerous strength pressing down on his soul.
A dragon roared as they both collided again, explosions ringing out. A strong wind started blowing as Lin Feng used his Nihility Death Sword, slicing away at Ji Chang’s soul. Without his Cyan Dragon and his Destructive Dao, Ji Chang would have already been stamped to death by Lin Feng.
There was another explosion, and Ji Chang and Lin Feng moved away from one another again. Both cultivators’ faces had turned deathly pale.
Lin Feng shook his hands and released life energy to heal his arms. Destructive Strength had already almost destroyed his muscles and bones. He was staring at Ji Chang, his eyes still filled with death strength.
Ji Chang also destroyed the death Qi that had infiltrated his body. His face, which had started turning grey, returned to normal again. He flexed his hands… Lin Feng was a good fighter, and his physical strength was also incredible. Even though Ji Chang could pressure Lin Feng with his Destructive Dao, he had to be very careful, or the consequences could be disastrous!
Ji Chang released even more Qi, and turned into a dazzling light beam. His Qi was even more terrifying than before.
Waves of energies pulsed loudly Lin Feng released even more death strength, which turned into a river. His face was filled with demonic resolve: no matter how strong Ji Chang was, Lin Feng wouldn’t flinch!
“That’s enough!” shouted someone at that moment. The crowd looked at the speaker -it was Ancestor Xuan Tian!
“It was great to see such a battle. You don’t need to fight anymore,” Ancestor Xuan Tian said calmly. The crowd sighed. Champion University had acknowledged Lin Feng. Ji Chang couldn’t kill Lin Feng anymore.
Champion University didn’t want to lose Lin Feng!
“Ancestor Xuan Tian, the battle between those two young men is not over. Let them battle happily,” the leader of the Ji Clan disagreed. His eyes were glittering. Even though Lin Feng and Ji Chang had proved that they had a similar strength, he had noticed that Ji Chang had the advantage, so he wanted to see Ji Chang win. But even he was amazed by Lin Feng’s talent.
“Back then, he defeated Ji Wuyou. Three years later, he’s able to fight against Ji Chang. The result of the battle doesn’t matter anymore,” said Yun Qing Yan calmly.
Tantai laughed and said, “Three years, and soon Lin Feng will become a Champion! I won’t be a Champion any time near as quickly!”

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