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PMG Chapter 1934: Xue Fan

PMG Chapter 1934: Xue Fan
When the crowd heard Yun Qing Yan and Tantai’s words, they sighed. Indeed, even though Ji Chang had the advantage, Lin Feng had displayed an incredible strength. In their eyes, Ji Chang was even the loser. After all, three years before, he was still going to become the Champion, and back then, Lin Feng was only a low-level emperor.
Of course, nobody thought that Ji Chang was weak. Before knowing about Lin Feng, everybody considered him as a peerless cultivator within the university, and knew they would never be able to catch up with him. That had changed now. Now they considered Lin Feng a second Ji Chang, a second true genius.
Lin Feng had already caught up with Ji Chang. From this moment on, everybody would respect him and admire him. Maybe he would surpass Ji Chang someday!
“They’re of the same generation, they could both be proclaimed as Champions,” observed Ancestor Xuan Tian. To Ancestor Xuan Tian, both were Champions. It was something incredible for the university too!
Among the four universities, it was already rare to see a Champion in one generation. For example, the Ancient University and the Four Seasons University had never had a Champion.
“Two Champions!?” The crowd was stupefied. This was a flourishing era for the Celestial Godly University and Champion University. Ying Cheng was already a Champion. Chu Chun Qiu had the potential to become a Champion, and might reach that limit soon as well!
In the two other universities, those who had special bodies all had the potential to become Champions. After all, having a special body was something momentous. Those who did were usually incredibly strong.
“The ceremony is over. Thank you, everyone, for your contributions and your participation,” said Ancestor Xuan Tian to the crowd politely. He looked at Lin Feng and said, “We’re done for today. From now on, don’t try to kill one another within the university. Tiantai has their revenge. Now let bygones be bygones.”
“Let bygones be bygones?” The audience was astonished. Thanks to his strength, Lin Feng had managed to protect Tiantai. Ji Chang looked at Ancestor Xuan Tian and then turned around. He knew why the university was doing this. It was because Lin Feng was strong!
“Lin Feng, I’ll see you on the Pathfinder Day of the Imperial Ranking List!” he shouted loudly.
Pathfinder Day of the Imperial Ranking List? Lin Feng didn’t understand. He had never heard of it before.
The crowd looked at Lin Feng. Naturally, after a battle like that, Lin Feng was going to be on the Imperial Ranking List. He would definitely make the top thirty!
There were many geniuses in the Holy City, and many of them were students in the four universities. However, those who were acknowledged in the entire city were on two lists: the Imperial Ranking List and the Great Imperial Ranking List. The Great Imperial Ranking List was symbolic, it was a list of the strongest great emperors. The Imperial Ranking List was also symbolic because people on it were the future of the Holy City.
The most influential groups all hoped their young members could be ranked in the Imperial Ranking List. Those who were at the top of the Imperial Ranking List often had incredible abilities, or special inheritances, such as king body types.
Lin Feng had shone on the day of Ji Chang’s Champion ceremony. From this day forward, he would be famous.
“Ancestor,” Lin Feng said to Ancestor Xuan Tian.
“Yes, Lin Feng, what do you want?” Ancestor Xuan Tian answered calmly.
“I still need an explanation,” Lin Feng declared. He sounded calm and serene, “My people explained everything. Now, I need an explanation.”
Lin Feng turned and looked at the law enforcement officer, his eyes still filled with death strength. The law enforcement officer suddenly felt a bit cold, and a bit lost. Lin Feng was evil! The university had acknowledged him, and now he was using that influence against others!
The cultivation world wasn’t fair. Back then, Lin Feng was weak, and nobody had cared about him. Now he had just proven he was extremely strong, and in doing so proved he was important. The university wanted to protect him now!
Ancestor Xuan Tian looked at the law enforcement officer coldly. The man was suddenly soaked with cold sweat. A potential Champion was mad at him, it wasn’t good!…
“You’re a law enforcement officer, you violated the rules of the university. You know you committed an offense, right?” Ancestor Xuan Tian asked calmly. The law enforcement officer felt dizzy, his bones were ice-cold.
“Ancestor, please forgive me,” replied the officer, kneeling down. He didn’t look furious, only rather desperate.
“You’re a member of this university. I’ll cut off one of your arms and I will expel you from the university. Do you have anything to say?” Ancestor Xuan Tian asked, as if inquiring about the weather.
The officer was relieved. Even though he was going to lose an arm, he knew the sentence wasn’t too severe. If Ancestor Xuan Tian had chosen to cripple his cultivation, then his whole life would have been over.
“Thank you, Ancestor!” answered the officer, prostrating himself. There was a cracking sound, and his left arm disappeared.
“Go now,” Ancestor Xuan Tian said indifferently. The officer stood up, bowed before Ancestor Xuan Tian once more, and left. He glanced at Lin Feng when leaving, but there was no hatred in his gaze. He was just stunned. Lin Feng was an incredible cultivator, and he had offended Lin Feng, so now he had paid the price for his mistake.
After he left, Ancestor Xuan Tian looked back at Lin Feng and asked, “Lin Feng, are you satisfied now?”
“Thank you very much, Ancestor,” Lin Feng bowed before Ancestor Xuan Tian. He had nothing more to say, everything had turned out quite good already. Now, Lin Feng needed to make Tiantai rise. Nobody would dare offend them, at least, for a few years.
Tiantai’s disciples were all strong and talented: Tantai, Wu, Qing Feng, and many others. They had all studied the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures, and were all incredibly talented. Hou Qing Lin understood Reincarnation Dao, and was incredible. He would become like Ji Chang in the future.
“You can go back too,” Ancestor Xuan Tian waved off Lin Feng. Lin Feng nodded to Tantai and Jun Mo Xi, and they left with the other cultivators from Tiantai.
They all clenched their fists excitedly. They had been humiliated and bullied a lot, but now they were going back happy. All of them were also pleasantly surprised by Lin Feng’s strength. Nobody would dare offend them after this!
The action and ceremony over, the crowd also dispersed.
In Tiantai’s buildings, Tantai kept laughing wholeheartedly.
Three people arrived outside of Tiantai. They were all wearing white clothes. There were a very handsome young man and two beautiful women.
“Who are you?” some disciples from Tiantai blocked them off. Their leader frowned. What was going on?
“We want to see someone,” stated Xue Fan indifferently, continuing to walk forwards. Two cultivators from Tiantai wanted to block them, but Xue Fan released old strength and blocked them off. Everything around them froze.
The two cultivators from Tiantai looked at them icily as the three cultivators continued walking forwards.

In Tiantai’s inner courtyard, people started feeling a chill, and couldn’t help but turn around. Who were those three good-looking people?
The three cultivators walked forwards, staring at Meng Qing.
“You’re from the Snow Clan?” asked Xue Fan, frowning. He had never seen Meng Qing in the Snow Clan. With her Qi and beauty, she would have stood out even in the Snow Clan as well.

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