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PMG Chapter 1935: Meditating in Seclusion

PMG Chapter 1935: Meditating in Seclusion
Lin Feng looked at the trio and frowned. He had already seen Xue Fan at the Ji Clan. These people were from the Snow Clan.
Meng Qing looked at Xue Fan and sensed that they had a similar Qi. She understood where these people were from.
“No,” replied Meng Qing calmly. Xue Fan’s eyes glittered. He had seen the battle between Tiantai and the Stone Group and the Moon Group. Meng Qing had to be from the Snow Clan!
“Let me see,” said Xue Fan, reaching for Meng Qing. Lin Feng interposed himself and looked at Xue Fan coldly.
“She said she isn’t, so she isn’t!” stated Lin Feng icily.
Xue Fan stared at Lin Feng aloofly. Lin Feng had the sensation his soul was going to freeze. The temperature in the courtyard kept decreasing, and Tiantai’s people started shivering.
Lin Feng was rapidly surrounded by a layer of ice. Xue Fan said coldly, “Even though you are strong, it doesn’t mean that you can act arrogantly in front of people from the Snow Clan. Move now!”
Xue Fan sounded cold and detached. People from the Snow Clan were very respected in the Holy City. They were also very strong. These three people had come to the Holy City to study, which meant they had a very high social status within their clan. And Meng Qing seemed to be from the Snow Clan, so he had to make sure of her heritage.
Lin Feng felt colder and colder. Suddenly, death strength appeared in his eyes and pierced through Xue Fan’s brain. Xue Fan was astonished as he tried to freeze the death strength.
“Are we in the Snow Clan or Tiantai?” Lin Feng asked. A million Nihility Swords whistled and moved towards Xue Fan’s head. Xue Fan had the sensation he was going to die, even as some threads of death sword strength started freezing.
However, Lin Feng continued walking towards him and releasing death Kalpa sword strength in waves.
“Insolent!” Xue Fan was astonished. Lin Feng dared attack him? Snowflakes started floating around, and everything started freezing. Lin Feng felt so cold he started slowing down.
The ice layer on Lin Feng’s body suddenly broke apart and a river of death strength started flowing through the air.
Xue Fan retreated quickly. At that moment, Tiantai’s people also rushed over and surrounded Xue Fan and the two others. The three hurriedly flashed back outside of Tiantai’s territory.
“Piss off!” said Lin Feng, glaring at those three people with his death eyes. Xue Fan and the two others sensed the death energy surround them. How scary, the atmosphere around them was freezing from more than ice!
“How audacious!” swore Xue Fan, glancing back at them. He turned around and said, “Let’s go!”
Then, the three people rose up in the air and left. Snowflakes kept falling from the sky. It was beautiful.
“The Snow Clan.” Aoxu stared after them in astonishment. Then, he looked at Meng Qing, Lin Feng’s wife. Her Qi did look like the Qi of the Snow Clan…
Lin Feng walked over to Meng Qing, grabbed her arm, and smiled, “The Snow Clan can’t take you away from me!”
“Alright,” replied Meng Qing, smiling gently.
“Lin Feng, we won this time. But we have to be careful, it’s going to be more and more difficult. As we become stronger, our enemies also become stronger and stronger,” Hou Qing Lin said to Lin Feng. Lin Feng could feel the pressure.
Ji Chang wasn’t ordinary, and the Ji Clan was an ancient clan. Now, the Snow Clan was also causing trouble. Lin Feng and Tiantai were becoming famous, so they would only gain more enemies with time.
“I know, brother. Sorry for getting you guys involved in all of this. Each time someone becomes a core disciple in Tiantai, don’t forget to give them the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures, that’s the only way we can become stronger,” Lin Feng said to Hou Qing Lin.
Hou Qing Lin nodded agreement. The Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures were extraordinary Ancient Holy Scriptures. They would contribute to making Tiantai extremely strong.
“I need some time to meditate in seclusion. I will leave an ordinary clone outside, and leave the rest to you for now,” said Lin Feng to everyone.
“Don’t worry, Lin Feng. Do your own thing, you’re talented. You’re almost as strong as Ji Chang, the only reason you’re weaker is one cultivation level. When you reach his level, you’ll easily be able to kill him and you’ll become the Champion,” said Tantai happily. Everybody nodded. Lin Feng had helped them a lot. They all needed to become stronger, and they couldn’t waste time.
“Brother, you also understand Dao strength. We all need to keep it up,” said Ruo Xie, smiling thinly. Everybody nodded again. Dao power was incredible. Lin Feng’s Dao strength was greater than Zong Que’s, it was how he had been defeated despite the level difference. Lin Feng had killed Zong Que and Shi Hao Tian thanks to his Dao strength.
Lin Feng glanced around at them all and smiled. Tiantai’s people were great. They knew what they had to do!
“Aoxu, what do you intend to do?” asked Lin Feng to Aoxu.
“Haha, I don’t know either. Chill for a while and then leave,” replied Aoxu, laughing easily.
“Alright, Aoxu. I want to ask you something.”
“About the demon dragon?” asked Aoxu.
Lin Feng nodded, “Aomo grew up in my blood, he can’t be less talented than me. He has many of my powers, if he could study in the Dragon Clan, he would progress much faster. After all, he is a dragon.”
“Alright, give him to me.” Aoxu nodded.
After that, Lin Feng looked at Jian Mang and said, “Jian Mang, you can leave whenever you want. I won’t force you to do anything anymore.”
Jian Mang said nothing. He just remained silent as Lin Feng took Meng Qing away to a hidden chamber…
There, he began improving his small world, making it even better. The population of Xue Yue would increase with time. Then Lin Feng went to the imperial palace of Xue Yue, and the Heavenly Grace Ancient Tree. Many Blue Uptala Lotuses had started growing there, there was a beautiful Qi all around. The surrounding area had turned into an Uptala world. The Qi kept dispersing and flowing with the wind all around Xue Yue.
In the middle of all those Blue Uptala Lotuses, there was a gigantic lotus with nine petals. They kept dancing in the wind, and contained powerful cosmic energies. The Heavenly Grace Ancient Tree’s energy kept intertwining with the Blue Uptala Lotuses. It was incredibly beautiful!
What a beautiful scene!, thought Lin Feng. The Heavenly Grace Ancient Tree and the lotuses were fusing together. The Heavenly Grace Ancient Tree gave birth to the ten thousand things of creation while the lotuses contained them all.
Lin Feng jumped onto the Blue Uptala Lotus. There was a beautiful silhouette inside, a frozen statue. Lin Feng caressed her.
“Lin Feng, is that Blue Uptala Lotus alive? And who’s that girl?” asked Meng Qing. Lin Feng sensed the Qi flowing throughout his body. He was sat down quietly.
“Meng Qing, this flower is a teacher I had in Hell. That frozen girl is his daughter.” Meng Qing was shocked.
Lin Feng told her what he had gone through in Hell. Meng Qing was astounded and touched the frozen statue. “Officer Uptala and Qing Qing were very good people. Poor them.”
“Officer Uptala did that to protect Qing Qing, it’s a good thing. I am sure he is still alive. I can feel it.” Meng Qing looked at Lin Feng and smiled gently.
“I think so too. Officer Uptala is definitely alive. That flower is his life,” whispered Lin Feng. He sat down cross-legged and bathed in the energy of the ten thousand things of creation. The flower Officer Uptala had made with his life, it was like a Mark of the Path. Being next to the Heavenly Grace Ancient Tree was a perfect place to practice cultivation.

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