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PMG Chapter 1936: Becoming Stronger

PMG Chapter 1936: Becoming Stronger
Inside his small world, apart from practicing cultivation, he also spent some time with his family. Lin Feng was annoyed because Wu Shang and Xiao Ya kept saying they wanted to travel in the great world. So Lin Feng allowed Meng Qing to go and travel with them a bit. Even though Xue Yue kept becoming bigger and stronger thanks to the cosmic energies, some people wanted to go to other places like Lin Feng. Some others had also started creating their own clans and sects.
That was a good thing for the empire. It meant it was powerful. Of course, the process was a slow one. Things couldn’t happen in the frame of dozens of years. A powerful tribe could be created in dozens of years, but a powerful country needed at least hundreds of years!
Time passed. In the imperial palace of Xue Yue, Lin Feng was seated cross-legged inside the Blue Uptala Lotus. Cosmic strength kept flowing throughout his body. He was absorbing the cosmic energy of the ten thousand things of creation.
Suddenly, Lin Feng opened his eyes. The Blue Uptala Lotus was humming and emitting dazzling lights. All sorts of cosmic energies surrounded him. He slowly stood up and jumped, landing down in front of the ebon Heavenly Grace Ancient Tree.
“Heavenly Grace Ancient Tree, it gives birth to the ten thousand things of creation. The previous owner was a demon emperor. Even though nobody or nothing submits to a demon, the tree’s cosmic strength hasn’t changed, it still gave birth to the ten thousand things of creation,” whispered Lin Feng. Then, he shook the tree, unrooting it and putting it inside of his body.
Suddenly, Lin Feng was surrounded by cosmic energies.
“Officer, this year, you’ll come with me to the great world. I wonder if I’ll understand the Path of Uptala!” murmured Lin Feng. He put Qing Qing inside another Blue Uptala Lotus and put Officer Uptala’s Blue Uptala Lotus inside his body before rising up into the air.
Many things had happened in the Holy City during this year as well. Everybody had become stronger, including Tiantai’s cultivators. Lin Feng was probably the only one who hadn’t progressed. He had done nothing in the small world. He had studied that Qi and that’s all. He knew that understanding energy wasn’t a waste of time, it could change everything. He didn’t mind spending time comprehending such things.
Above Champion University, a Blue Uptala Lotus appeared and moved away from the school. After leaving the university’s airspace, the Blue Uptala Lotus disappeared into the horizon.
After a short time, in a distant mountain range, the flower landed at the top of a mountain. A mysterious Qi filled the air. Standing on the Blue Uptala Lotus was a silhouette – Lin Feng!
Lin Feng was feeling the strength of the Lotus. Thanks to the Heavenly Grace Godly Wood inside his body, Lin Feng realized the connection between him and cosmic energies was getting deeper and deeper.
Lin Feng slowly closed his eyes. He was getting more and more familiar with those cosmic energies…
A black light appeared in front of Lin Feng. And then lights of many other colors started flashing all around him: yellow, red, grey… they turned into threads of lights and intertwined. However, Lin Feng had a strange sensation. He knew they existed, but he couldn’t control them.
I can break through as a demon!, thought Lin Feng. Many more black lights appeared, condensing into more and more black stars around him. They surrounded his body, and gradually drew closer…
At that moment, Lin Feng looked calm and composed. The Heavenly Grace Godly Wood in his body lit up brightly. Its roots grew and became bigger. The black demon lights turned into a big black ball of light.
“I don’t care if the gods have abandoned me. My cosmic energies are more powerful than the cosmic energies of the earth and sky. The cosmic energies of both worlds need to fuse together and become solely mine!” Lin Feng was determined. The cosmic energies of different types turned into a river of energies. After that, a strong wind started blowing and the river turned into an ocean of demonic strength.
An incredible strength shook Lin Feng violently. The demon energies began to rotate and form a vortex of extreme purity.
Lin Feng groaned with pain as the air around him flared with power. Lin Feng suddenly opened his eyes and sensed the demonic strength. Fire started burning, dust started rising, cursing strength started whistling. All sorts of cosmic energies appeared in the air.
In the sky, cosmic energies condensed. It was like a furious ocean had appeared in the sky. The cosmic energies condensed and turned into a strong wind as all the energies collided.
“I did it!” Lin Feng raised his head, and dazzling light beams shot up to the sky. Terrifying cosmic energies surrounded him as he shouted furiously, “Since the earth and sky don’t want to acknowledge me, I’ll control them myself!” He released more cosmic energies as his hair fluttered in the wind. He looked like a cosmic god.

Even though the mountain range was isolated, there were still some cultivators there. When they sensed that the sky was behaving strangely, they raised their heads in astonishment.
“What’s going on?” Those watching were puzzled, their hearts pounding violently. It looked like someone was breaking through to become an emperor, but the cosmic energies were much more terrifying than when a cultivator was breaking through to the Huang Qi layer. There were several sorts of cosmic energies too, which was extremely strange.
They saw fire, earth, and all other sorts of cosmic energies, all intertwining. There were many, many threads of cosmic energies. It was a spectacular display, like a rainbow of cosmic energies.
“The top of the mountain!” the cultivators rose up into the air and looked at the top of a certain mountain. The rainbow of cosmic energies covered its peak. However, they could see a blurry silhouette inside, and a lotus. A lotus was being cleansed by all these cosmic energies!
“What’s going on?” They were astonished, and didn’t understand. They had never seen anything like this before. Dozens of cosmic energies descending from the sky and cleansing a cultivator’s body? And those cosmic energies were much more powerful than when someone broke through to the Huang Qi layer, too! They had no idea what was going on.

Lin Feng was bathing in the cosmic energies and enjoying it even though it was painful. He felt powerful, felt the gods couldn’t stop him. From this moment on, he’d be able to use the cosmic energies of the outside world too. He would be able to use the cosmic energies of the earth and sky in addition to his own, and would become even more powerful. He would explode out, he was successfully defying the gods!
More and more people rushed over to watch this astonishing sight. Finally, the cosmic energies dispersed and a young man appeared in their field of vision, standing on a great blue lotus. The young man opened his eyes, his hair still fluttering in the wind. He was still assimilating the cosmic energies he had just absorbed.
“A medium-level emperor?” When the people saw him, they were stunned. People broke through to the Huang Qi layer when they became low-level emperors, not medium-level emperors! Had he skipped the low-level Huang Qi layer and broken straight through to the medium Huang Qi layer because his cosmic energies were too powerful?
Some people started flying towards Lin Feng to question him. However, at that moment, thunder rumbled, and a black cloud congealed out of nowhere, rising with breathtaking speed. It contained terrifying amounts of Kalpa strength.  Crackling and shattering sounds filled the air as the Kalpa strength pierced the sky.
Very quickly, the crowd saw the Deva-Mara Kalpa strength moving towards that young man on the lotus. They gulped despite themselves. What kind of strength was that?

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