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PMG Chapter 1937: Great Progress

PMG Chapter 1937: Great Progress
The demon cloud in the sky dispersed. The crowd swallowed again at the incredible show Who was this young man? His body had been cleansed by so many sorts of cosmic energies, and then by Deva-Mara Kalpa strength. They had never seen anything like that before.
Some people moved up closer to Lin Feng. One of them asked cautiously, “Who are you?”
Lin Feng looked back at him. His eyes were terrifying, he made the man’s soul shiver. The man thought, This guy is a medium-level emperor, why does he look so scary?
Lin Feng’s lotus rose up into the air and emitted whistling sounds. People’s eyes glittered. They wanted to chase him, but they had a bad premonition, so they gave up the idea. Lin Feng looked extraordinary. Offending him probably wasn’t a good idea…

Lin Feng had chosen that place because he had hoped he wouldn’t draw too many people’s attention. He headed back to Champion University and went to a secret room to re-enter his own small world.
The Heavenly Grace Ancient Tree appeared in the Imperial Palace once again. Lin Feng jumped up on the Blue Uptala Lotus, and all sorts of cosmic energies rose up in the air for Lin Feng to bathe in.
Afterwards, Lin Feng put the Heavenly Grace Ancient Tree in his body once again. He absorbed the Blue Uptala Lotus intent. The cosmic energies of the earth and sky and his own world fused together. Finally, he had managed to completely control the cosmic energies of the outside world!
He stretched his hand and looked at the mysterious cosmic energies fusing together. He had the sensation they couldn’t really fuse together though, they were just intertwined.
“I understand the intent of the Blue Uptala Lotus. Maybe I can just borrow Dao strength from it since I haven’t understood it for too long a time!” murmured Lin Feng. His silhouette flickered, and he left that area, stopping at the demon pond next.
He dove into it, sensing the Deva-Mara strength cleanse his body. It was painful, but he was becoming stronger. He didn’t mind the pain if he could become stronger.
After enduring a great deal of pain, Lin Feng could feel that his physical strength had improved again. He rose up in the air, and clenched his fists which crackled as he smiled happily. His physical body improved faster than his cultivation, and he now had the physical strength of a high-level emperor. It meant that medium-level emperors’ physical attacks couldn’t affect him anymore, and if ordinary high-level emperors attacked him using physical strength, it wouldn’t be very efficient either. He could easily crush them using just his physical strength!
Lin Feng now understood the cosmic energies of the outside world, and his physical strength had improved. Now, he needed to improve his control of Dao strength, and he also needed to fuse his cosmic energies together better.
His silhouette flickered again, and he landed in front of an ancient mountain. There was a cliff in front of him, shiny moss growing all over it. Lin Feng could sense ancient imprints moving towards him, all of them quite powerful. Those were World of the Living Imprints. They were just as strong as before.
Lin Feng was pushed hard and slid backwards. He studied the World of the Living Imprints, his eyes dark and solemn. He could sense that the World of the Living strength was mysterious.
“World of the Living Imprints, World of the Living Imprints.” Lin Feng slid backwards and then walked forwards again, slowly comprehending the ancient imprints. Lin Feng forgot about time, remaining focused. Whistling sounds spread out as he visualized the imprints in his brain.

An endless amount of ancient imprints moved towards Lin Feng from every direction. Each time, Lin Feng didn’t picture ancient imprints, he visualized the strength of a world, the kind of strength that contained every kind of strength of that world. It was as if all sorts of strength could fuse together in a perfect way, and didn’t belong to any kind of Qi.
“I can’t really understand World of the Living Imprints,” murmured Lin Feng. He finally stopped and left to go back to the real world.

Lin Feng returned to the courtyard of Tiantai and Yun Qing Yan went out to him. She looked at him, her beautiful eyes twinkling. She smiled and said, “You finally came out. Now you finally look like a medium-level emperor. You made great progress!”
“You’re quite strong too. Your Qi is stable and you’re at the top of the medium Huang Qi layer. You’ll soon be a high-level emperor!” Lin Feng smiled back. Yun Qing Yan was already a medium-level emperor when Lin Feng had first met her, and now she was at the top of the medium Huang Qi layer.
“So what? I’m far from being as strong as you,” Yun Qing Yan pouted. A year before, Lin Feng had killed Zong Que, defeated Shi Hao Tian, and replaced him on the Celestial Champion Ranking List, becoming the fourth student there. However, considering his battle against Ji Chang, many people considered that he should been the third student. Now that a year had passed, how strong had he become?
“What about Hou Qing Lin?” asked Lin Feng.
“He’s traveling with Tiantai’s disciples. Each time they come back, they only stay for a few days. They don’t waste time,” Yun Qing Yan informed him.
“I wonder how fast they can progress by practicing cultivation like that,” Lin Feng smiled. He glanced at someone who was seated there. It was Jian Mang!
“You haven’t left?” Lin Feng asked him, surprised he was still around.
“The atmosphere in Champion University is good. Why would I leave?” replied Jian Mang indifferently. He always sounded indifferent and detached. He was always the same, even when facing danger.
“Alright. You’re determined and you understand light strength, you probably enjoy being here,” grinned Lin Feng.
There was a luxurious restaurant in the Holy City where many people were gathered. Lin Feng’s ordinary clone was there, too. Next to him, were Meng Qing, Xiao Ya, and Wu Shang.
“Brother, they’re talking about you,” Wu Shang said to Lin Feng. Some people were chatting and talking about Lin Feng nearby.
“Back then, at Ji Chang’s Champion ceremony, Lin Feng, that arrogant guy, fought against the Moon Group and the Stone Group. It was a great battle. He looked crazy! He even fought against Ji Chang! He wasn’t as strong as Ji Chang, but he didn’t flinch. A year has passed now. Lin Feng is thirtieth on the Imperial Ranking List, that’s not fair. We will see how many people he can defeat on the Pathfinder Day of the Imperial Ranking List!”
“On the Pathfinder Day of the Imperial Ranking List, I’m sure Ji Chang will settle accounts with Lin Feng. People who are on the Imperial Ranking List are terrifyingly strong, especially the top thirty. They all understand Dao strength and they are almost all at the top of the Huang Qi layer. Even if they aren’t, like Chu Chun Qiu, they’re still terrifying. Even though Lin Feng had one great battle, he’s lucky to be in the top thirty.”
They were comparing the cultivators of the Imperial Ranking List!
“Chu Chun Qiu is extremely strong indeed. He is already in the top twenty of the Imperial Ranking List. His cultivation speed is impressive and his Sky Absorbing Dao power is incredible. Some people say he can absorb people’s willpower and use it. But he’s very discreet.”
“Maybe, but Chu Chun Qiu isn’t the only strong cultivator. There is an incredibly strong cultivator from the Snow Clan, too. They were put in the Imperial Ranking List directly. You probably know that already, though.”
Lin Feng was stupefied. A strong cultivator from the Snow Clan? He didn’t know that. Was it Meng Qing?

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