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PMG Chapter 1939: Wu Shang’s Feelings

PMG Chapter 1939: Wu Shang’s Feelings
“Master Liu Yun,” said Yin Yue. She stood up, bowed, and smiled with effortless good manners.
“Princess Yin Clan, you’re too polite. You’re more polite than that little Pei Dong Qing,” Great Emperor Liu Yun smiled. He looked at Lin Feng and said, “A year ago, I saw you battle. Very nice, and you understand death Dao strength. At the same cultivation level, you would have won for sure.”
Lin Feng wasn’t surprised that Great Emperor Liu Yun had seen him battle. Ji Chang’s Champion ceremony had attracted strong cultivators from the whole Holy City. Many people knew who he was now.
“Thank you, Master. Please have a seat,” Lin Feng nodded at Great Emperor Liu Yun politely.
Great Emperor Liu Yun sat down and said, “But now your Qi seems to have disappeared, as if you hadn’t progressed at all. Actually, it even seems like you regressed.”
“Master.” said a voice from outside the restaurant at that moment. Then, everybody watched another Lin Feng come into the restaurant. His ordinary clone went back into his body and Lin Feng sat down where the clone had been seated.
“I see!” said Great Emperor Liu Yun, smiling in approval. “You’re a hero. In your generation, there are Ying Cheng, Ji Chang, Chu Chun Qiu, a few people who have king body types, and you, you are all outstanding.”
Yin Yue’s eyes twinkled. She looked at Lin Feng and smiled. “You’re Lin Feng?”
“Indeed. My brother is Lin Feng!” said Lin Wu Shang when he saw Yin Yue’s beautiful eyes were twinkling.
She looked at Wu Shang and said, “No wonder you got angry at Pei Dong Qing, silly boy.”
“I’ve heard that you were really strong and could compete with Ji Chang,” said Yin Yue. She was curious about Lin Feng. She smiled and said, “In my clan, the Yin Clan, there is someone called Yin Gu Tian, he’s seventh on the Imperial Ranking List. I wonder if you could compete with him.”
“I admire clans like yours. If there is an opportunity, I’d love to exchanges views on cultivation with cultivators of your clan,” said Lin Feng, smiling calmly. Then, he looked at Great Emperor Liu Yun and raised his glass, “Master, let’s toast.”
“Alright, it’s a pleasure to toast with a young genius,” grinned Great Emperor Liu Yun. They both clinked their glasses and drank.
But Lin Feng noticed that Lin Wu Shang looked impatient. He smiled at Lin Wu Shang and said, “Wu Shang, go and have a walk with Princess Yin Yue.”
When Lin Wu Shang heard Lin Feng, he was surprised. He looked at Yin Yue, but he didn’t know what to say. Yin Yue glanced at him and said, “Silly boy, what are you looking at? I’m tired of sitting all the time. Let’s go and have a walk.”
Yin Yue stood up and left. Lin Wu Shang was surprised, until Xiao Ya kicked him in the leg.
Lin Feng and Liu Yun continued chatting. After that, he left with Meng Qing. Xiao Ya left by herself and went to find Wu Shang.
In the following days, Lin Feng didn’t do too much. He normally studied a little bit every day, but this time he stopped his studying, and his life and death cultivation, for a few days.
Meng Qing’s progress was great too. Her celestial Qi was extraordinary, and becoming thicker and thicker. She was improving, too!
Tiantai now had great and vast buildings, and covered a large area. Lin Feng also chose a new palace for himself.

There was a waterfall there, and at that moment, Lin Feng and Meng Qing were underneath the waterfall. They gazed into the distance and enjoyed being together.
“Has Wu Shang come back?” asked Meng Qing, looking at the waterfall.
“He hasn’t come back for five or six days. He’s in love,” Lin Feng smiled.
Meng Qing looked at Lin Feng, as surprised as a little girl, “Aren’t you worried? After all, Yin Yue is princess from the Yin Clan!”
“Wu Shang is almost twenty years old. I can’t control his life. He’s like you and me back then. Back then, when I saw you, it was love at first sight. You looked like a celestial being back then, and you never left me,” said Lin Feng, caressing Meng Qing’s face. He sounded gentle as he remembered those beautiful times.
“I looked like a celestial being, and now?” inquired Meng Qing, smiling at Lin Feng.
“Now you’re a goddess!” declared Lin Feng, putting his arms around her and smiling broadly. They forgot about the cruelty of the cultivation world for a short time, staying happy and carefree.
They both stayed like that for a while. Meng Qing said gently, “Lin Feng, you changed again since you used the lotus. You also seem kinder when you face other people. I’ve never met Officer Uptala, but I’m sure he was a kind and warm person.”
“Indeed. He was a man of righteousness. Unfortunately, the cultivation world is cruel,” sighed Lin Feng. Officer Uptala was an incredible and extraordinary person. It was impossible to forget such people.
At that moment, some cosmic energies rose up into the air. Lin Feng turned his head around and looked at his palace. A light beam had appeared, and some cosmic energies were condensing.
“Someone broke through!” Lin Feng was pleasantly surprised. They both stood up and hurried over to the palace’s courtyard.
Xiao Chen was surrounded by cosmic energies. He had just broken through to the Huang Qi layer!
“Teacher, Madam, I broke through!” said Ye Chen to Lin Feng and Meng Qing, beaming at them. Finally, he had broken through to the Huang Qi layer with two sorts of cosmic energies!
“Good!” said Lin Feng approvingly. Xiao Chen was pure-hearted, with the heart and mind of a young child, otherwise he would have broken through to the Huang Qi layer much sooner, especially since Lin Feng provided him with lots of resources. After all, when he had recruited Xiao Chen as his disciple back then in Ba Huang, Xiao Chen had already reached the very top of the Zun Qi layer.

At that moment, Wu Shang was still in town, and back in the restaurant. He was with Yin Yue and Xiao Ya. There was also a young man with them wearing silver clothes. His robe was sparkling. He looked at Wu Shang unhappily.
“It’s my grandfather’s birthday, I’m off,” said Yin Yue to Wu Shang.
“Oh,” replied Wu Shang simply.
This moron, Xiao Ya thought angrily.
“I’m off,” said Yin Yue again.
“Oh.” replied Lin Wu Shang again. Xiao Ya ground her teeth. Yin Yue also looked angry. She glanced at Wu Shang angrily and stood up. But then she smiled, turned around and left with the young man.
“It’s your grandfather’s birthday, I’ll come and congratulate him then!” shouted Lin Wu Shang. He suddenly stood up and ran after Yin Yue. Yin Yue’s beautiful eyes finally twinkled. She looked happy and smiled. She said, “Alright, his birthday is in five days, don’t forget the date!”
“Alright, I’ll be there!” said Lin Wu Shang, nodding repeatedly.
“Hmph! Yin Yue, stop talking to that moron. And who does he think he is to come and congratulate our grandfather on his birthday?” said the young man. Then, he grabbed Yin Yue’s hand and walked away. Lin Wu Shang was stunned and furious.
“What are you looking at, you moron!” said Xiao Ya angrily. She was even angrier than Wu Shang.
“Hehe,” Lin Wu Shang scratched his head and giggled stupidly. “Sis, are you in love with Yin Yue?”
“When you’re in front of Yin Yue, you look really stupid. You’ve spent days with her, you don’t even hold hands. I feel ashamed to know you!” said Xiao Ya, rolling her eyes.
“That’s enough, sis!” said Wu Shang, he put his hands on her shoulders and smiled, “Go, let’s go and find my brother.”
“Hmph! You need your brother to help you, you’re such a baby!” said Xiao Ya, rolling her eyes again.
“Yin Yue is from the Yin Clan. Her grandfather must be an incredible person. If I go alone, he won’t pay attention to me. If my brother comes, he’ll recognize him!” said Lin Wu Shang like a show-off.
“You’re really shameless. You better prepare a great gift for him. Why would he follow you?” Xiao Ya stuck out her tongue. Since Lin Wu Shang liked Yin Yue, he wanted to bring Lin Feng to the Yin Clan to show he had power, but Lin Feng wasn’t strong enough yet. And she had a bad premonition …

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