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PMG Chapter 1940: Birthday Party

PMG Chapter 1940: Birthday Party
Lin Wu Shang and Xiao Ya went back to the university and found Lin Feng.
“Bro!” Lin Feng couldn’t even see his brother yet, but heard him even before Wu Shang arrived. Lin Feng looked at him sternly. “Xiao Chen has already broken through to the Huang Qi layer. When will you?”
“Xiao Chen broke through?” Lin Wu Shang looked over at Ye Chen, smiled and said, “Bro, I’m not in a rush. I need your help.”
Lin Feng looked at Lin Wu Shang’s silly smile, he could already guess what he wanted. He smiled and asked, “Is it related to Yin Yue?”
“Bro, Wu Shang is a little bastard. He spent days with Yin Yue, but he has failed miserably. He lost face,” said Xiao Ya, looking at Wu Shang disdainfully. Lin Feng was speechless. She could be really evil sometimes. But even if Wu Shang managed to go out with Yin Yue, would the Yin Clan accept their relationship?
“What do you need me to do?” asked Lin Feng with a smile yet not a smile, looking at Wu Shang.
Wu Shang scratched his head and said, “Bro, it will soon be the birthday of Yin Yue’s grandfather. I want to go and congratulate him. Can you come with me?”
“Yin Yue’s grandfather?” Lin Feng’s eyes twinkled. He remained silent for a few seconds. Yin Yue was the Princess of the Yin Clan. Her grandfather was probably an incredible cultivator. Wu Shang liked Yin Yue. And Lin Feng, as Wu Shang’s older brother, had to support and help him.
“Alright, I’ll come with you,” Lin Feng agreed with an internal sigh.
“Thank you, bro!” grinned Wu Shang, before running away excitedly. Lin Feng looked at his brother from behind and could only smile. Wu Shang was going to go through hardships in the future…
“Xiao Ya, what do you think about Yin Yue?” asked Lin Feng after Wu Shang left. Even though Xiao Ya played around with Wu Shang and bullied him, she was a loving and tender person.
“She’s cute. Don’t worry,” said Xiao Ya. She knew what Lin Feng was thinking. Lin Feng nodded. Xiao Ya ran off to Ye Xue. Lin Feng looked at them and smiled wryly. He said to Meng Qing, “I feel old. I don’t feel like playing around like them anymore.”
Meng Qing glanced at Lin Feng, rearranged his clothing and smiled gently. “You’ve been through a lot. You’re a mature man now, not a kid anymore.”
“Maybe!” said Lin Feng smiling and nodding, “By the way, I have a prisoner, I’ll release her now.”
Lin Feng suddenly remembered someone. He stretched his hand and waved it. A golden tower appeared and became gigantic. There was a woman inside it, but she didn’t look as proud as she had in the past. When he released her, she was astonished. She glanced around, not recognizing the place. Everything was different!
Qi Jiao Jiao didn’t look like a spoiled princess anymore, nor as happy and proud as in the past. She looked dispirited after being imprisoned for so many years.
“I’ll kill you!” After being stunned for a few seconds, Qi Jiao Jiao suddenly looked furious. She released some empty space abstruse energies, which turned into a sharp empty space sword that flashed towards Lin Feng.
The sharp sword crashed onto Lin Feng’s body… and broke apart instantly.
Lin Feng looked at her calmly and sighed. Poor girl. If the Qi Clan hadn’t done anything to him back then, he wouldn’t have imprisoned her for so many years.
“I destroyed the Qi Clan and the Celestial Qi Castle in the great world. You will never be able to get your revenge in this life. You should find a peaceful place to go live,” Lin Feng said calmly.
Qi Jiao Jiao was stupefied. The Qi Clan had been destroyed by Lin Feng?
Impossible, impossible!
“How long did you keep me imprisoned?”
“More than ten years. I don’t know exactly though,” replied Lin Feng calmly.
“You can’t have destroyed the Qi Clan in ten years!” said Qi Jiao Jiao. She didn’t believe it. She threw herself at Lin Feng, but Ye Chen’s silhouette flickered and he landed in front of Lin Feng. Qi Jiao Jiao sensed a terrifying strength constrict her  body. Ye Chen hadn’t even made a move on her.
“Emperors, cosmic strength!” Qi Jiao Jiao’s expression changed drastically. She stared at the young man, so young and already an emperor. What had happened to the world?
“My teacher isn’t lying. The Qi Clan has been destroyed. Now, my teacher can also destroy a clan like the Qi Clan with one finger. He’s not lying. Leave now,” said Ye Chen to Qi Jiao Jiao. Qi Jiao Jiao stepped backwards, her face deathly pale. Teacher?
That emperor was Lin Feng’s disciple? What had happened? What was going on? How come Lin Feng had a disciple who was an emperor?!
Qi Jiao Jiao looked at Meng Qing. Many people had stopped considering her one of the four most beautiful women of Ba Huang because of this woman…

Qi Jiao Jiao looked wan and sallow as she left. She walked around aimlessly. She realized that the place she had been released was completely unknown to her. There were so many young people who were astonishingly strong. Most of them were emperors!…
Five days later, it was the birthday of the old man of the Yin Clan.
Yin Rui had a high social status in the Yin Clan. A hundred years old and already a Celestial Emperor, it was incredible even in the Holy City. He was extremely strong. Many people, even in Ancient Holy Clans, needed more than twenty years to break through to the Huang Qi layer, thirty years to break through from low, to medium, to high-level emperor, and then more than ten years to become great emperors. Only geniuses managed to level up faster than that. But Yin Rui was already a Celestial Emperor, it was an incredible accomplishment.
People who weren’t talented had much lower social status than those who were.
Many people wanted to come and congratulate Yin Rui. There were nine flights of stairs leading up to the hall, and descendants of the Yin Clan were standing on them. At the bottom of the stairs, the guests were waiting.
“Ji Jiang, the Ji Clan congratulates you and wishes you a long life.” There were many people at the foot of the flights of stairs. In the crowd, there was a young man from the Ji Clan. All those young people looked valiant and heroic. In the Ji Clan, nobody could compete with Ji Chang, but it didn’t mean that they were weak. The young people of the Ji Clan were almost all geniuses. Two of them were in the Imperial Ranking List, both of them extremely strong. Of course, they were much weaker than Ji Chang!
“Brother Gu Tian, the Ji Clan and the Yin Clan have excellent relations. I’m happy to be here,” replied Ji Jiang politely. Ancient clans were powerful, and even if there were tensions, they respected one another.
“Brother Ji, you’re right. Our clans have good relations. It’s such a pity that Ji Chang didn’t come. We would have loved to see the Champion,” smiled Yin Gu Tian.
“Ji Chang is meditating in seclusion. After the Pathfinder Day of the Imperial Ranking List, he’ll try to become a great emperor. I’ve heard that Ying Cheng is about to become one,” Ji Jiang smiled back.
Yin Gu Tian nodded, “I wish Brother Ji Chang much success for the Pathfinder Day of the Imperial Ranking List.”
“Pei Dong Lai, I came to congratulate Yin Rui on his birthday!” said a voice in the distance. People turned around and saw Pei Dong Lai. He was wearing a purple robe and flying towards them. His famous purple Qi rolled in waves around him.
“Great Imperial Palace’s people are here. What an honor! I am very happy!” answered Yin Rui, who was at the top of a flight of stairs. He looked like a middle-aged man with a few silver hairs.
“You’re too polite, Master. My nephew, Pei Dong Qing, wanted to come too. I think he likes a princess of the Yin Clan,” Pei Dong Lai laughed loudly. He looked at Yin Yue on purpose.
“Dong Lai is outstanding,” Yin Rui said to Pei Dong Qing politely. Pei Dong Lai was incredibly talented and quite strong. He was also a great emperor from the Great Imperial Palace, a famous public figure.
Pei Dong Lai didn’t know many people from the Yin Clan, and he didn’t even care about them. He came because he had one goal. He gave meaningful glances to the members of the Yin Clan.
Yin Rui was experienced. He knew perfectly well what they wanted. He glanced at Yin Yue, but Yin Yue turned her head away and gazed into the distance. She looked impatient, and seemed to be waiting for something.
Lin Feng and Wu Shang were at the gate of the Yin Clan. At that moment, another group of people arrived. Lin Feng was surprised, because he recognized them. They were from the Yu Wen Clan! Yu Wen Jing was in the crowd, too! But she didn’t dare look at Lin Feng anymore. She knew he despised her.

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