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PMG Chapter 1941: Competition

PMG Chapter 1941: Competition
Lin Feng looked calm and serene, just glancing at Yu Wen Jing for a second. Yu Wen Jing didn’t know what Lin Feng was thinking.
Yu Wen Hou was there too. He looked at Lin Feng for a few seconds and sighed. How strong, how talented, he was progressing so fast! He wondered why Lin Feng was doing there at Yin Rui’s birthday party. Only people from influential families of the Holy City were there. Even though Lin Feng was from Champion University, he wasn’t from an ancient clan in the Holy City. He had nothing to do with the Yin Clan… did he?
At the top of the flights of stairs were buildings and palaces. The banquet was already ready. The Yin Clan was very rich, and had only the best liquors and culinary specialties. Everybody was there for Yin Rui’s birthday.
“Silly boy,” said Yin Yue giggling when she saw Lin Wu Shang next to Lin Feng. She looked very happy suddenly, pure, innocent, and honest. Wu Shang smiled fatuously. He really looked silly when he was next to Yin Yue.
“Eh?” Yin Rui frowned when he saw Yin Yue’s expression. He then glanced at Lin Feng coldly. He asked someone next to him using telepathy, “Who are those two?”
“I’ll go and ask,” replied the person next to Yin Rui, heading into the crowd. It was Yin Rui’s birthday, and even though it was a big event and many people were invited, people who didn’t have a high social status couldn’t come as they wished.
Lin Feng sensed that someone was looking at him coldly, and saw Ji Jiang and the others.
Apart from Ji Jiang, Pei Dong Qing also looked at him and Wu Shang icily. Surprisingly, they really had come!
Lin Feng ignored Ji Jiang and the others, glancing over at the crowd. There were some extraordinary cultivators here today. Even Huo Jiu Yang and Xie Yue, whom he had seen in the Ji Clan back then, were there too. Xie Yue’s Qi was evil. Huo Jiu Yang had a pure and scorching hot sun Qi.
There were many other people drinking all around them. One of them was in silver clothes, his eyes silver and looking sharp. That was the young man of the Yin Clan had mentioned in the restaurant: the seventh on the Imperial Ranking List, Yin Gu Tian. He was extremely strong.
Apart from him, there was a cultivator wearing a golden kasaya, a Buddhist monk. Lin Feng glanced at him a few times. Even though he was a Buddhist monk, he looked like a really strong fighter.
In the Holy City, there’s a Buddhist temple called the Canaan Buddhist Temple. They love fighting and are really good at it. The fourth cultivator on the Imperial Ranking List is a Buddhist monk, he must be from the Canaan Buddhist Temple. That guy must be a Buddhist Warrior, thought Lin Feng. He was right, that cultivator in a kasaya was from the Canaan Buddhist Temple and was really strong. He was also a student at the Ancient University. The Ancient University had a really good reputation. They had some students who had the potential to become Champions.
“The Yin Clan has existed for a very long in the Holy City. Today, it’s Yin Rui’s hundredth birthday, Pei Dong Qing came with his uncle to congratulate Yin Rui: Happy Birthday!” said someone at that moment. Everybody stopped talking and looked at Pei Dong Qing. That guy was a young man, and had no patience. Many elders hadn’t even spoken up, as taking the initiative to talk first wasn’t polite. But the Pei Clan was an ancient holy clan, powerful, and came from the Great Imperial Palace. Pei Dong Qing had come with Pei Dong Lai, so people couldn’t say much.
Pei Dong Qing raised a box and gave it to a servant at the bottom of the flight of stairs. The person walked up the stairs. Yin Rui smiled, “You are so kind to me, Dong Qing. It would be impolite to decline.”
It was normal to give presents on someone’s birthday, so the old man couldn’t refuse.
The servant walked up to Yin Rui and opened the box. A powerful bestial strength rose up in the air. There was a crystal inside, as dazzling as a heavenly turtle shell. It seemed alive!
“Turtle heart!” Yin Rui was surprised. Sharp lights flashed in his eyes. He looked at Pei Dong Qing and Pei Dong Lai and said, “This present is way too precious.”
“My uncle was traveling in the east sea and killed a ten thousand year-old dragon turtle. Today is your birthday, I feel like it’s not even enough,” smiled Pei Dong Qing. Everybody was shocked.
“That turtle heart seems alive. It belonged to a great imperial dragon turtle, it seems. Dong Lai is a really strong cultivator.” Yin Rui sighed and looked at Pei Dong Lai meaningfully. Back in the day, Pei Dong Lai was already considered as powerful and influential when he was only on the Imperial Ranking List. He was in the top three and had shaken the whole Holy City. Now he was a great emperor and could kill great imperial dragon turtles from the east sea!
Dragon turtles had an incredible defense, and controlled water and earth strength. It was extremely difficult to kill them. The deed proved how strong Pei Dong Lai was.
“The Pei Clan is powerful,” murmured the crowd. That heart was full of vitality, and could help cultivators increase their own. It was a precious treasure for a human cultivator that could help Yin Rui progress on the path of cultivation.
“Thank you very much, I’m moved,” smiled Yin Rui. The crowd was surprised. That was the most precious gift Yin Rui had received today. No wonder Pei Dong Qing dared act that way. Still, why did he offer Yin Rui such a precious treasure? After all, there were birthday parties everywhere and all the time. Giving a normal gift was enough, just enough to show one was happy to be there and knew the person. But offering such a valuable gift meant one had something else in mind.
“I don’t have such a priceless gift as a turtle heart, but I have a tome of the Ancient Heart Purifying Buddhist Scriptures. I hope you enjoy it,” said the smiling Buddhist warrior. He proferred a book with both hands.
“It would be impolite to decline, my boy. Thank you,” said Yin Rui, smiling happily.
. The atmosphere was lively as everybody gave their gifts. At that moment, Pei Dong Qing looked at Lin Feng and Lin Wu Shang and said indifferently, “Two strangers here, which ancient clan are you from? I’ve never seen you before.”
“It seems like you really care about people’s clans, you asked me the same question the first time we met,” said Lin Feng to Pei Dong Qing calmly.
“The strongest cultivators come from ancient holy clans in the Holy City,” Pei Dong Qing smiled back. Lin Feng smiled indifferently and shook his head, then turned around and ignored him.
“What are you laughing at?” Pei Dong Qing asked Lin Feng.
Lin Feng ignored Pei Dong Qing and continued walking away. He had met so many people like Pei Dong Qing in his life. That type of person wasn’t determined enough. Their determination could easily get crushed by people, and then they never recovered. On the other side of the scale, there were people like Jian Mang, where cultivation was their life, and nobody could crush their determination.
Pei Dong Qing was furious when he saw that Lin Feng ignored them, he said mockingly, “You’re just pretending you don’t care. Today is Yin Rui’s birthday party and surprisingly, people like you dared come. Ridiculous!”
Lin Wu Shang was furious and shouted back, “What the hell?!”
“Wu Shang, some people don’t deserve getting your attention. Don’t be furious because of them. Don’t even pay attention to them. You understand?” said Lin Feng mildly.
Wu Shang was surprised but he nodded, “Alright, brother.”
“Hihi!” Yin Yue giggled and smiled. She had thought Lin Feng would get angry, but he only despised people like Pei Dong Qing.
“Even though my nephew is a bit arrogant, you are being impolite. Are you saying you despise the Pei Clan?” spoke Pei Dong Lai slowly. Some purple Qi appeared around him.
Lin Feng turned around and looked at Pei Dong Lai. He said calmly, “Pei Dong Lai, from the Pei Clan in the Holy City, when you were at the top of the Huang Qi layer, you were third in the Imperial Ranking List, the two above you could oppress you. Now you’re a member of the Great Imperial Palace and you’re a great emperor.”
Pei Dong Lai wasn’t surprised that Lin Feng knew about him. He said calmly, “You know about me.”
“Indeed, I do. But when you were at the top of the Huang Qi layer, two people oppressed you really badly. You never did better than third in the ranking list. Even though it’s okay, it’s not amazing either,” said Lin Feng calmly.
The crowd was astonished and staring at Lin Feng now. That was insane, he was saying being third in the Imperial Ranking List was just okay?!
At that moment, someone spoke to Yin Rui using telepathy. Yin Rui looked over at Lin Feng, amused. So it was him?
“So you’re higher than me in the Imperial Ranking List?” Pei Dong Lai asked mockingly. Pei Dong Lai knew the third cultivator on the Imperial Ranking List, it couldn’t be Lin Feng. He was even sure that Lin Feng wasn’t in the top ten.
“He’s only a medium-level emperor. Back then you were at the top of the Huang Qi layer, and you’re from an ancient holy clan, what you mean is that at the same cultivation level, you were better than him, right? Master Pei Dong Lai, what was your rank when you were at the top of the medium Huang Qi layer?” asked Yin Yue with a smile.
“When I was at the top of the medium Huang Qi layer, I was in the top forty of the Imperial Ranking List.” said Pei Dong Lai.
“And did you compare yourself with the top three back then?”
“Of course I didn’t. I was a medium-level emperor,” said Pei Dong Lai.
“Oh, I see. So why do you compare yourself with a medium-level emperor now? Especially that one year ago, he wasn’t even at the top of the medium Huang Qi layer and was already better ranked than you back then when you were at the top of the medium Huang qi layer. He even fought against Ji Chang, second on the Imperial Ranking List!” giggled Yin Yue. Everybody frowned in astonishment at her words.

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