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PMG Chapter 1942: Propose A Marriage Alliance

PMG Chapter 1942: Propose A Marriage Alliance
Pei Dong Lai frowned. He was from the Great Imperial Palace, so he knew perfectly well who was in the Imperial Ranking List and so on. When Yin Yue said that, he immediately thought of one person: Lin Feng!
A year before, Lin Feng had just become a medium-level emperor and he had fought against Ji Chang on the day of his Champion ceremony. Unfortunately, they hadn’t finished the battle. This young man was Lin Feng!
Yin Yue looked at Pei Dong Qing and smiled, “Pei Dong Qing, so you’re saying people from ancient clans are more talented that other people. So your uncle wasn’t as strong as him back then at the same cultivation level, does it mean the Pei Clan is too weak, or does it mean your uncle is too weak?”
“Little Yue, that’s enough!” shouted Yin Rui furiously. Pei Dong Lai was an extraordinary person from the Great Imperial Palace and the Pei Clan, and they had just given him a turtle heart. Yin Yue was disgracing him.
Pei Dong Qing was frozen. Yin Yue was humiliating him!
Yin Yue looked over at Lin Wu Shang, her beautiful eyes twinkling. Many people understood that Lin Wu Shang had come with his brother because he had hidden thoughts.
“Princess Yin Yue is not wrong but at the same time, a cultivation level is subjective. It isn’t everything. And we belong to two different worlds, different generations, different contexts. No need to compare us,” said Pei Dong Lai indifferently. Everybody looked amused.
“Anyway, congratulations, you’re lucky you were born many years before him,” laughed Yin Yue. Everybody understood she was trying to get closer to Lin Feng and his brother.
Yin Yue was unhappy because Pei Dong Qing had offered a turtle heart to her grandfather. She knew what he wanted. She was doing her best to reject him!
“Princess Yin Yue, you’re wrong,” intervened Ji Jiang slowly, “Back then, on the day of Ji Chang’s Champion ceremony, Lin Feng and Ji Chang fought. Ji Chang didn’t use his full strength because he despises Lin Feng, so Lin Feng was lucky. Then, when Ji Chang really wanted to battle and use his full strength, the university made him stop. Otherwise, Lin Feng wouldn’t have been able to compete with Ji Chang.”
“You’re from the Ji Clan, you’re on his side of course,” rebutted Yin Yue dismissively.
“I’m just stating facts. Back then, Pei Dong Lai was the third cultivator on the Imperial Ranking List, you know perfectly well who the second and first were. They were incredible. You know that you’re wrong,” continued Ji Jiang.
Some members of the Yu Wen Clan laughed, “Pei Dong Lai has always been amazing. Comparing him with Lin Feng is a humiliation for him.”
Many people understood that Lin Feng had offended many people. Everybody knew there were tensions between the Ji Clan and Lin Feng. He had offended Ji Chang, but he had also offended Ji Wuyou many times, and Yu Wen Jing was in a relationship with him. So the Yu Wen Clan supported the Ji Clan as well. Nobody seemed to support Lin Feng.
“What kind of nonsense is that? You’re saying that the new generation of cultivators who is on the Imperial Ranking List isn’t as strong as the previous one? So you’re saying that Ying Cheng, Ji Chang, the Buddhist Warrior, Xie Yue, and Yin Gu Tian aren’t as talented as the previous generation of cultivators who was on the Imperial Ranking List?” Yin Yue retorted scathingly. Those people were ridiculous, their arguments groundless. They were ready to say anything to discredit Lin Feng.
“Yin Yue, no need to reply to those people’s nonsense,” said Lin Feng calmly. Those people suddenly looked even more furious. Lin Feng looked at Yin Rui. “Master, those people are much stronger than me. I have a few good things, but they’re probably not good enough for you. I’d like to offer a lotus to Yin Yue. It is made of Dao intent.”
A Blue Uptala Lotus appeared in Lin Feng’s hand. It contained a mysterious Dao intent, and slowly flew towards Yin Yue.
“I love this Blue Uptala Lotus!” said Yin Rui, taking it. Yin Rui smiled and nodded, “It’s a precious treasure for Yin Yue, thank you very much.”
“Master, Pei Dong Lai came here for another reason.” said Pei Dong Lai at that moment. He initially didn’t intend to act this quickly, but he had no choice anymore.
“There is no harm in saying what one thinks, Dong Lai.” said Yin Rui politely.
“Princess Yin Yue is now eighteen years old. Many men want to get married to her. My nephew Dong Qing is in love with Princess Yin Yue. We came to congratulate you for your birthday and also to propose a marriage alliance between our two clans. If you accept, the Pei Clan and the Great Imperial Palace will be extremely happy,” said Pei Dong Lai, smiling cheerfully.
Lin Wu Shang looked at Lin Feng and swore, “Bro!”
He had come here to get to know the Yin Clan, he hadn’t thought the Pei Clan would propose a marriage alliance.
“No!” shouted Yin Yue hastily.
“Little Yue!” spoke up another strong cultivator of the Yin Clan; it was her father. He didn’t want her to say anything insensitive. “Shut up now. Let your grandpa talk.” Yin Yue looked dispirited, she looked at Lin Wu Shang in despair.
Even though Yin Rui had guessed that Pei Dong Lai had come for that reason, he looked solemn and respectful. The Pei Clan and the Yin Clan were ancient clans. There were invisible connections between such clans, it was all about the palace of power. The relations between the different clans also influenced the whole city. The Pei Clan was proposing a marriage alliance, that way they would never be enemies.
“Master,” said Lin Feng at that moment. Yin Rui looked turned around and looked at Lin Feng.
“My brother Lin Wu Shang and Yin Yue are already going out. I’d like to propose a marriage alliance,” said Lin Feng to Yin Rui calmly.
“Ridiculous!” A member of the Ji Clan didn’t even give Yin Rui time to reply and laughed coldly. “Your brother Lin Wu Shang wants to get married with Yin Yue?! Did I hear what you said properly? Who are you? What is your social status? Does Lin Wu Shang deserve someone like Yin Yue?”
Lin Feng turned around, his eyes were filled with death energies. He looked at the member of the Ji Clan. Death intent emerged from his eyes and pierced through that person’s pupils. His face suddenly turned grey.
“Bastard!” shouted Ji Jiang and the others furiously. They all started moving towards Lin Feng and released Qi towards Lin Feng. Lin Feng’s robe started fluttering in the wind.
“I just glanced at you. Why act that aggressively? Is that the social status you’re talking about? Being too weak to withstand a gust of wind?” said Lin Feng, recalling his death intent. He looked calm and aloof, in contrast to the furious Ji Clan members.
“Master Yin Rui, if you give your consent for Pei Dong Qing and Yin Yue’s union, the Pei Clan will use their full strength to raise Pei Dong Qing and Princess Yin Yue. The Great Imperial Palace will also do their best,” said Pei Dong Lai. Yin Rui’s eyes were twinkling, but he looked expressionless.
“I came from very, very far away. I have just one brother. Whenever I obtain ancient scriptures, skills, techniques and other resources, I give them to my brother, and I will also give them to his wife when he has one.”
“You dare compare your resources with the Pei Clan’s?” said Pei Dong Qing to Lin Feng.
Lin Feng looked at him in a disdainful way and countered, “Can you compare the resources of the Pei Clan with the resources of Champion University?”
Pei Dong Qing looked stunned and said, “The Pei Clan is my clan, you, you’re just a student at Champion University, it’s not yours.”
“You’re just a descendant of the Pei Clan, you’re not the leader. My social status within Champion University will be higher than your social status in the Pei Clan, sooner or later. And regarding resources, I have the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures, does the Pei Clan have them?”
“Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures?” Pei Dong Qing was astonished. Some other people had heard about the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures. Lin Feng had already studied them? And now Lin Feng was proposing a marriage alliance, which meant that he definitely had them.
When Lin Feng saw Pei Dong Qing remaining silent, he smiled coldly and took out a tree. Suddenly, the strength of the the ten thousand things of creation appeared around him, and there was a strong attraction between Lin Feng and that strength. It was an incredible sight, making people shiver with desire.
“That’s…” Yin Rui was astonished.
“Does the Pei Clan have a Heavenly Grace Ancient Tree?” asked Lin Feng again. The crowd was astonished and swallowed. Lin Feng surprisingly had a Heavenly Grace Ancient Tree of Godly Wood Valley!
Lin Feng perfectly understood that he couldn’t rely on his reputation or social status to impress the Yin Clan. He was talented, but he was just a strong yet random cultivator.
“I have many other things, but I don’t need to show you everything I have. I have books, skills, techniques, items, weapons. I probably have as many good resources as the Pei Clan. I even have Marks of the Path, more than enough,” said Lin Feng indifferently. He was talking to Pei Dong Qing, but actually he just wanted the Yin Clan to hear him.

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