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PMG Chapter 1944: Demon Puppets

PMG Chapter 1944: Demon Puppets
“He’s dead!” Lin Feng’s gaze was terrifying. He had killed a cultivator from the Yu Wen Clan, a high-level emperor!
“You dared kill a cultivator from the Yu Wen Clan?” shouted someone explosively.
Lin Feng turned around and looked at that person mockingly, “You came here to kill me? Don’t you think you’re ridiculous? Get ready to die!”
Golden lights flashed, and marks intertwined. Those people were stunned as they watched Lin Feng release cosmic energies to carve an empty space deployment spell.
A terrifying wind started blowing. Lin Feng charged someone.
“Nihility Sword.” Pitch-black lights emerged from Lin Feng’s eyes, his Nihility Sword pierced through that person’s soul, and as the death strength spread throughout his body, the person was slammed backwards violently. He still managed to make some hand seals with his hands. His soul turned into a gigantic Cyan Dragon and bestial Qi swelled.
Lin Feng jumped onto his golden marks and disappeared. He punched out, and a terrifying Deva-Mara Kalpa death sword streaked across the sky. A terrifying death wind brushed against the cultivator’s body, and the space around him exploded.
“What’s that?” The cultivator in front of Lin Feng sensed the pressure, his face turned deathly pale as his soul shook violently and his heart started pounding. Destructive Dao, Lin Feng understood Destructive Dao?
A terrifying dragon started roaring and flew towards Lin Feng. However, the death Kalpa sword pierced through the dragon and started corroding the cultivator’s life. He couldn’t do much else.
There weren’t only destructive energies, there was also a strange and oppressive strength. It was as if a whole world were pressing down on that cultivator. There were rumbles of air compressing, and his skull crackled. His Cyan Dragon exploded, and a moment later, so did the cultivator himself!
However, at that moment, terrifying threads of energies pierced through Lin Feng’s head, his soul shook violently, and his silhouette became distorted.
Suddenly, illusions appeared in his brain. Ancient kings attacked his soul. He had the sensation he was going to die.
“Die!” Lin Feng was incredibly determined, he used the strength of his godly awareness to protect himself, a palace appeared and protected his soul. His willpower was indestructible. At the same time, he released even more death strength, which turned into sharp blades and attacked the illusion. The kings all exploded and disappeared. It was as if he had destroyed a mirage.
More oppressive strength appeared around Lin Feng. Dragon claws slashed towards his head.
Suddenly, Lin Feng’s third eye flared, and they could hear waves crashing. Black water emerged from his third eye and rolled out towards them. His enemy were aghast. That death black water was terrifying! He had seen it with his own eyes in the past, Lin Feng could easily kill people with it! He retreated as fast as he could, but the black water washed over him, and death Qi penetrated into his body. To his astonishment, he didn’t die!?…
At that moment, a Celestial Death Curtain appeared and blotted out the sky. It enveloped him, he vanished inside and disappeared.
Lin Feng looked at someone who wasn’t far from him, the person with evil eyes. He also had a special power, he could attack people’s will and soul with his eyes.
At that moment, millions of lights dazzled, and unseen waters seemed to be splashing around them. One of the strong cultivators released a golden water fork, containing great imperial strength.
Ji Jiang took out a gigantic dragon axe, which looked like a real cyan dragon as it roared furiously, The last cultivator took out a terrifying demon zither, and deadly soundwaves spread out in the air. Those three people were really dangerous, they all had Great Imperial Weapons.
Lin Feng looked at those three people, his eyes twinkling. He flashed forwards and landed on his Celestial Evolution Chessboard, an illusionary mist appearing around him. The three cultivators were startled as the Celestial Evolution Chessboard disappeared. Lin Feng reappeared on a boat… and left!
“He’s leaving!” Ji Jiang looked at Lin Feng with murder in his eyes. The three cultivators started chasing Lin Feng at the same time as fast as they could move.
Lin Feng was on his boat, and moving incredibly fast. He headed towards a mountain range, and immediately collided with it, the chosen mountain exploding at the impact. The stone groaned, and a tunnel appeared. The three others followed him inside. When they entered the hole, the walls around them kept exploding.
Ji Jiang was furious. As they moved through the corridor, Qi surged towards him powerfully. It was moving even faster than Lin Feng, and made him hesitate. He raised his Great Imperial Weapon, but the air shrieked as the Qi surrounded him.
The two others arrived but very quickly, Qi surrounded them just like it had Ji Jiang. A mysterious Qi enveloped them rapidly. They continued moving forwards, but only collided with one another. They didn’t have time to react.
Suddenly, there was no sound anymore. Some weapon Qi still rose up in the air, but nobody knew what was going on inside…
Seven days later, Qi was still rising in the hole. Lin Feng was bathing in the demon pond in his small world, his Celestial Evolution Chessboard nearby. The three others were there too, seated on the Chessboard, their eyes closed. A black fire was burning their souls, and their faces were pitch-black. They looked horrible. At that moment, they were safe and sound, but they didn’t dare resist, Lin Feng had stamped their souls with death stamps. He could kill them as he wished!
“Ah…!” the three cultivators kept shrieking horribly. Their souls were burning, but they were still alive. It was so painful that they would have preferred dying. They were all terrified.
“What do you intend to do to us?” demanded Ji Jiang aggressively.
“I won’t kill you, but if you do anything fishy, you will die,” said Lin Feng, his voice making them shudder in dread. They had no doubt that Lin Feng wasn’t lying.
“You dare do that to us, the Ji Clan and the Yu Wen Clan won’t let you off! They will kill you!” swore Ji Jiang, sounding as evil as a snake.
“Ah…” Right after saying that, he gave out a horrible shriek. He closed his eyes and stopped talking.
The pain was unbearable. When Lin Feng finished stamping their souls properly, he stopped. He used the power of the demon pond to do it. Each of them had eighty-one demon stamps on their soul, from head to foot.
Lin Feng tortured them for nine days. After so many days in the pond, their eyes turned black in despair. The demon strength kept corroding their bodies!
“If my soul was strong enough, I could pierce through their souls with my Nine Netherworlds Demonic Song. I wouldn’t need to waste so much time,” murmured Lin Feng. He stood up and stopped torturing the trio.
He wanted to turn them into demon puppets, but it took eighty-one days. He had been doing it for only nine days. Ji Jiang and the two others were extremely strong, at the top of the Huang Qi layer, and only people who understood Dao strength could deal with them. Therefore, killing them would have been a pity. That’s why Lin Feng wanted to use them as demon puppets!
The Ancient Demon Clan’s Demon Puppet Technique was extremely complex and it was very difficult to use extremely strong cultivators, especially since the technique had to be used on cultivators who were fit, otherwise, the puppets were deficient. People who turned into Demon Puppets were the same as before, except that they listened to orders. If they were incredibly strong, they remained extremely strong.
People slowly learned about what had happened at the Yin Clan. Many people learned that Pei Dong Qing had gone to the Yin Clan with his brother Pei Dong Lai to propose a marriage alliance to the Yin Clan. The most amusing thing in that story was that Lin Feng, a cultivator of Champion University who had fought against Ji Chang, also proposed a marriage alliance for his younger brother. Many people were excited and couldn’t wait to know who the Yin Clan would choose.
People were excited even in Champion University. Lin Feng was already extremely famous in Champion University. Many people thought that Lin Feng’s brother didn’t stand a chance though, especially since there were more and more movements between the Yin Clan and the Pei Clan.
Otherwise, the crowd was also excited about another event: the Pathfinder Day of the Imperial Ranking List. The strong cultivators of the Imperial Ranking List were going to rise and fall!

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