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PMG Chapter 1945: Insolent

PMG Chapter 1945: Insolent
Lin Feng headed back to Champion University. He entered his palace and practiced cultivation at the waterfall. He spent nine days there, the water crashing onto his body but not bothering him.
The Pathfinder Day of the Imperial Ranking List was approaching. He needed to study a lot.
Today, there were many guests in Lin Feng’s palace. Yin Yue was there. She had run away from the Yin Clan, and wanted to see Lin Wu Shang.
Yin Yue looked sad and dispirited. She looked at Lin Wu Shang and said, “Silly boy, what are you going to do if my clan wants me to get married with Pei Dong Qing?”
Yin Yue burst into tears. Luckily, Champion University had let her come in. She knew that her clan preferred the Pei Clan. Lin Feng was strong and talented, but so what? He wasn’t from a strong clan. In the Holy City, ancient clans preferred making alliances with one another.
“I’ll take you away.” said Lin Wu Shang, clenching his fists. His nails pierced through the skin of his palms.
“But the Yin Clan is so powerful, you can’t imagine,” said Yin Yue. She was very happy on the inside when she heard Lin Wu Shang. This silly boy loved her. But a few seconds later, she was depressed and dispirited again. There was no solution. And Champion University was a university, not Lin Feng’s clan. It wouldn’t get involved in such things.
“We’ll escape!” declared Lin Wu Shang.
“If the Yin Clan doesn’t let you get married to who you choose, then escape,” said Xiao Ya, completely unruly.
“Yes, don’t go back, stay here!” Lin Wu Shang said to Yin Yue, not hiding his anger.
Yin Yue was overwhelmed. She remained silent for a few seconds, and then smiled and nodded, “Alright, I’m not going back for now.”
The following days, Lin Wu Shang was really happy. Yin Yue was always with him. They spent lots of time at the waterfall. Meng Qing was with Lin Feng and watched them. They were a perfect match. Meng Qing smiled resplendently and sighed, she had a premonition. Yin Yue didn’t think like Wu Shang. Maybe in her eyes, they were spending their last days together.
“Silly boy, if you never see me again, you’ll have to forget about me and lead the same life as you did before,” said Yin Yue sadly. When Meng Qing heard that, she smiled, she remembered how hard it had been for her and Lin Feng to be together. Much more difficult than it was for these two.
“No, we will always be together. How could I live without you?” said Wu Shang, shaking his head.
“You silly boy, I’m saying ‘if’.” said Yin Yue doing a cute face. She gazed into the distance, stretched her arm and said, “The landscape is so nice here. If we could stay here forever, that would be great. Life would be like a dream. Unfortunately, my life will never be that peaceful.”
Water from the waterfall splashed around Lin Feng. He stretched his hand out and grabbed a drop of water, putting it between his fingers. Surprisingly, it didn’t drip down, staying there between his two fingers, glittering and translucent
“One flower, one world. One Sutra, one Bodhi. One drop of water… why couldn’t a drop of water contain a world with its own rules?” Lin Feng released the drop of water and it continued falling. However, Lin Feng continued looking pensive.
The World of the Living was like a dream, World of the Living, World of the Living, World of the Living Imprints…
Lin Feng smiled indifferently. World of the Living Imprints, a world, a world contained everything. A world could also contain nothing at all. Thinking too much was useless anyway…
Lin Feng slowly stood up and stretched out his hand, imprint strength appeared in his hand and began to whistle. There was absolutely no cosmic energy inside. The waterfall even stopped flowing halfway. The atmosphere became empty where the waterfall stopped, really empty, it contained no energy at all. The waterfall just ceased to move.
Meng Qing and the others heard the whistling sounds. They turned around and looked at Lin Feng, frowning in surprise.
Cultivators could easily attain an explosive strength. Lin Feng could easily destroy mountain ranges, rivers, lakes, and so on, cultivators had that power using cosmic energies, Qi, strength, intent, anything. But they couldn’t do it just like that, without using any kind of strength, even great emperors couldn’t do that! But now Lin Feng had put his hand into the waterfall and made it stop, what kind of strength was that?
When Lin Feng saw them, he laughed. After a short time, the waterfall started flowing again as if nothing had happened. Meng Qing’s silhouette flickered up next to him and asked, “Lin Feng, have you broken through?”
“I understood a mysterious thing!” said Lin Feng, smiling at Meng Qing. He was astonished on the inside though. It felt like that mysterious World of the Living Imprint could bring him to another world, and only people like him could go to that mysterious territory. Maybe he could create his own world, and his own Dao, maybe his Dao could surpass the Dao of the Blue Uptala Lotus.
Of course, Lin Feng didn’t really understand what was going on. It was too mysterious, for now…
Meng Qing beamed, she grabbed Lin Feng’s hand and looked at the waterfall. “Lin Feng, you have to help Wu Shang and Yin Yue stay together.”
Lin Feng was surprised, but he smiled and said, “Of course, Wu Shang and Yin Yue are in love with one another. I hope they can stay together. If the Yin Clan doesn’t accept their union, I’ll just make them disappear.”
“Good,” said Meng Qing nodding. However, at that moment, terrifying threads of Qi emerged. The temperature went down. Lin Feng frowned. Nobody dared attack his people these days in Champion University!
“Lin Feng, get the hell out here!” a voice shouted furiously. Lin Feng was amused.
“They’re looking for me.” said Yin Yue, looking terrified suddenly. Lin Feng flew up and left Tiantai’s territory. There was a group of people outside, clearly sent on a punitive expedition.
“What do you want?” asked Lin Feng indifferently, glancing over the crowd.
“Lin Feng, you’re audacious! You dared kidnap Yin Yue!” said Pei Dong Qing icily. Flames of fury were burning in his eyes. He was in love with Yin Yue, how could those people kidnap his woman and let her live with Wu Shang? What a humiliation!
“Lin Feng, let the Princess come out,” said a strong cultivator of the Yin Clan. Yin Yue had ran away and come to this place, it was very irritating.
Lin Feng glanced at them coldly and said, “Princess Yin Yue is free to go wherever she wants. If she comes here, I won’t kick her out. Saying I kidnapped her and telling me to release her as if she were my prisoner is insolent, fuck off now!”
His Qi picked up, radiating out at them as they gaped at him. Lin Feng was insane!
In the distance, many people rushed over to watch. They were all astonished, what were the strong cultivators of the Yin Clan and the Pei Clan doing there?
“I knew that Lin Feng was insane! Ji Jiang disappeared, and some strong cultivators from the Ji Clan and the Yu Wen Clan have been killed. You’re the one who did it, right?” demanded a strong cultivator from the Pei Clan icily. “Let me see if you are strong enough to act that insanely!”
The strong cultivator of the Pei Clan darted forwards, a strong wind started brushing against Lin Feng’s body as his strength pressed at Lin Feng.
Lin Feng also flashed ahead, his robe fluttering about him. His Qi was incredible. He stretched out his hand, and ancient imprints appeared to envelop the whole area. Very quickly, the cultivator was surrounded by the imprint strength.
He was stunned, and shouted furiously, a tornado appearing behind him and howling forwards. But the ancient imprints blotted out the sky and immediately absorbed the wind. The imprints then continued moving towards that cultivator. His face turned deathly pale and thunder groaned as the ancient imprints drove into him. His muscles, flesh, and soul crackled and exploded, and he died on the spot!
The onlookers all swallowed. What a terrifying imprint technique! Lin Feng was really strong, much stronger than a year before. What kind of imprint technique was that? They didn’t understand. Lin Feng had just crushed a really strong cultivator like he was nothing!
Another strong cultivator had started moving towards Lin Feng, but when he saw that, he was stunned, and stopped and blankly stared at Lin Feng, “Lin Feng, you’re a bastard!”
Then, he released an explosive strength which drove down on Lin Feng. He was a great emperor!
“You’re the bastard!” A new silhouette appeared. That person’s strength was extremely oppressive, and he immediately grabbed that cultivator. The great emperor’s face turned deathly pale. Overwhlming strength bombarded him and he coughed up blood.
“It’s Champion University here, piss off!” said that person icily. The strong cultivators of the Yin Clan and the Pei Clan all pulled long faces. They had managed to infuriate Champion University. They were definitely being insolent!

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