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PMG Chapter 1946: Ancestor Shi Tian

PMG Chapter 1946: Ancestor Shi Tian
The great emperor’s face stiffened. He looked at the silhouette in the sky, “Master, you saw it, Lin Feng is extremely arrogant, he killed the people of my clan! We have to do something!”
“Lin Feng is a student here, you came here, it’s your offense! If you attack again, I’ll kill you!” said the cultivator in the sky icily. The strong cultivators of the Pei Clan and the Yin Clan realized they couldn’t do much now.
They couldn’t attack Lin Feng within the university. The university had realized Lin Feng was extremely strong back when he had fought against Ji Chang, and they didn’t want to lose him.
“Alright, fine, we’re leaving,” said the strong cultivator of the Yin Clan before he shouted, “Yin Yue, come out now!”
Yin Yue was frozen with indecision for a moment inside the palace. She looked at Lin Wu Shang and said, “Silly boy, I’m off.”
“Don’t go back with them. Stay here, they won’t do anything to you!” said Lin Wu Shang, grabbing her hand.
“Silly boy, you underestimate them. Do you think we can escape?” said Yin Yue, smiling and shaking her head, “Don’t worry, I won’t get married with Pei Dong Qing. I prefer dying over marrying him.”
Then, she let go off Lin Wu Shang’s hand and ran out. She said to those people, “I wanted to come here. It was my own decision. Now I’m going back with you.”
“Let’s go!” One of them grabbed her hand and pulled her after them as they left.
While flying away, Yin Yue turned her head around and smiled at Wu Shang. She said, “Silly boy, don’t be sad…”
“Little Yue!” shouted Lin Wu Shang. His face had turned deathly pale. He felt so powerless, and bit his lips so hard he almost bled.
Lin Feng slapped Lin Wu Shang’s shoulders. Lin Wu Shang turned around, his face going red, shouting “Bro!”
Lin Wu Shang felt so weak. Maybe that at that moment, he understood for the first time what it meant to be really powerless.
“Nothing will happen to Little Yue,” said Lin Feng firmly. For Lin Wu Shang, this was an experience. Lin Feng used to feel powerless all the time in the past, and he was the way he was thanks to his experiences. Lin Wu Shang couldn’t grow up in a gentle and docile environment. He had to go through hardships to become stronger.
“Lin Feng, come with me to the celestial mountain,” the cultivator in the sky said to him. Lin Feng nodded and followed the illusion towards the celestial mountains in the distance.
After a short time, Lin Feng arrived in the forbidden area of the university. They crossed a mysterious mist, and Lin Feng saw many celestial mountains around him. Finally, they arrived on one mountain with no palace or castle, just a strong cultivator seated cross-legged. The strong cultivator slowly opened his eyes. He was the same as the illusion which had appeared in the sky and led Lin Feng here.
“Greetings, Master,” said Lin Feng, bowing before the old man. Even though he looked old, he seemed as strong as a dragon or a tiger. His body kept absorbing Qi, and his vitality was incredible. This kind of people just had to shout and could kill entire cities.
“Lin Feng, using someone else’s memories, I watched your battle against Ji Chang on the day of his Champion ceremony. As a medium-level emperor, you already control the Dao of Life and Death, you are an incredible cultivator and can fight against entire groups of people, which indicates you are very talented too. Among the people of this generation, you are probably the only one who could surpass Ji Chang,” the old man smiled. It was an incredible compliment.
“Thank you, Master. Even though Ji Chang is the Champion, I will definitely surpass him,” said Lin Feng calmly.
The old man’s eyes were sharp, and he burst into laughter, “Alright, young people have to be ambitious and determined! I’m one of the ancestors of the university, Ancestor Shi Tian. Would you like to become my disciple?”
When Lin Feng heard him, he remained silent. Ancestor Shi Tian continued, “In Champion University, there are eight Ancestors. We all have different powers. I’ve heard that Zhu Tian missed his chance with you, and Xuan Tian and the others aren’t a good match for you. You should become my disciple, it would be the best thing for you.”
“Who’s criticizing me?” said a loud voice at that moment. Ancestor Xuan Tian flashed in and arrived in front of Ancestor Shi Tian. “Buddy, you’re being disrespectful. We said we would wait, and now you’re not keeping your promise. You’re a liar!”
“I’m just being an honest. I’m not a liar!” rebutted Ancestor Shi Tian loftily.
“You think I’m weaker than you? You want to try and fight?” challenged Ancestor Xuan Tian furiously.
“Let’s try then! You haven’t fought for dozens of years, let’s see how strong you’ve become!” said Ancestor Shi Tian, standing up. Suddenly, everything changed. The wind began to whistle, clouds appeared, and a strong wind started blowing as the heavens seemed to press down. It was incredible.
“Masters,” said Lin Feng, smiling wryly. The two ancestors looked at Lin Feng.
“Lin Feng, I noticed you a long time ago already, be my disciple. I’m not like him, I don’t criticize people behind their back!” said Ancestor Xuan Tian to Lin Feng.
“Masters, cultivators have to rely on themselves. Teachers are just guides, and my path is different from yours. I’m really grateful to both of you. If you both agree to give me some tips sometimes, I’d be extremely happy already,” said Lin Feng with a smile. The two ancestors were surprised.
“Lin Feng, this kind of opportunity is really rare. Many people have never seen us!” Ancestor Shi Tian said to Lin Feng.
“I understand,” nodded Lin Feng. The two ancestors remained silent for a few seconds. Then, Ancestor Xuan Tian laughed and said, “Alright, little boy. We can both guide you. But wanting two teachers, hey, you’re insatiably greedy!”
“You’re very wise, Masters!” laughed Lin Feng. The Ancestors were actually being nice.
“Lin Feng, go back. If you need anything, you can come and find me,” said Ancestor Shi Tian to Lin Feng. Lin Feng had many thoughts, but he left for now.
Lin Feng understood that he had influence in Champion University now. If he became one of the Ancestors’ disciples, they would do all they could to help him, but if only one person helped him, it wouldn’t be beneficial. Everybody was different on the path of cultivation. He understood different sorts of strength and so forth. He couldn’t blindly follow one person. He needed to learn from different people and walk on his own path.
Lin Feng spent some time in Champion University. Many influential groups in the Holy City started harboring evil intentions against him. The Ji Clan, the Yu Wen Clan, the Pei Clan, and some people of the Yin Clan predominately. They hated him even more after what had happened with the ancestors.
In the Ji Clan, the leader of the group and a few people were together. Someone asked, “Do you have any news from Ji Jiang?”
“No. Ji Jiang, Ji Zhan Yun, and some other strong cultivators of the Yu Wen Clan chased Lin Feng and never came back. I contacted the Yu Wen Clan. Some of their people died, but Ji Jiang’s talisman as well as the talismans of some other people haven’t broken, so they’re still alive. But they disappeared without leaving a trace. Only Lin Feng knows where they are, I guess.”
The leader of the group looked furious and snarled, “We have to destroy Lin Feng!”
On the day of Ji Chang’s Champion ceremony, Lin Feng had already stood out. Unless someone of the same cultivation level killed Lin Feng, the university would be furious. They couldn’t send strong cultivators to kill him!
The leader of the Ji Clan understood that perfectly. If someone of the same level killed Lin Feng, it would mean that Lin Feng wasn’t strong enough. Even if it infuriated Champion University, it wouldn’t matter, they wouldn’t be able to say much. But if strong cultivators killed Lin Feng, then the situation would be completely different.
“The Pei Clan hates Lin Feng. Contact Pei Dong Lai. The Great Imperial Palace is in charge of the Pathfinder Day of the Imperial Ranking List. He can find a way to kill Lin Feng,” the leader said icily.
The others nodded and one of them said, “I’ll go and contact the Pei Clan. They’ll inform Pei Dong Lai. Lin Feng is arrogant and considers everybody and everything beneath his notice, he must die!”
Back then, Lin Feng was unknown in Champion University and suddenly, he had become famous because of one battle. He kept getting stronger and stronger, and more famous. At that moment, he only focused on two things: what the Yin Clan was doing and cultivation. He had to get ready for the Pathfinder Day of the Imperial Ranking List.

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