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PMG Chapter 1948: Imperial Ranking List’s Top Ten

PMG Chapter 1948: Imperial Ranking List’s Top Ten
In the distance, a group of people arrived, a strong wind blowing about them.
Someone darted ahead and landed on the stage. A young man descended from the sky and looked at the people of the Great Imperial Palace at the top of the flight of stairs. “Let’s begin!”
Ren Tian Xing looked at him and nodded. The nine cultivators started moving, and landed on the gigantic stage in nine different places. They did some hand seals and drove their power into the stage at the same time. The stage lit up, marks appearing everywhere. Light beams dashed to the skies, dragging pillars with many carvings on them up from the ground.
“Celestial Imperial Pillars!” The people’s eyes glittered. There were a hundred pillars, representing the hundred people of the Imperial Ranking List.
At this moment, the gigantic stage was dazzling everyone.
The nine cultivators rose up in the air and went back to the top of the flight of staurs. One of them said, “Everybody, please get onto the Celestial Imperial Pillars, your rank is already carved on them.”
When Lin Feng heard that, he gazed into the distance. Indeed, on the pillars, there were many names which corresponded to the hundred people who were on the Imperial Ranking List.
Silver lights shone. Yin Gu Tian jumped up, followed by many others. They all landed on the pillars.
“Yin Gu Tian, today, we’ll see if you progress!” said someone loudly. A strong cultivator wearing golden armor jumped and turned into a shining golden light beam. He immediately jumped onto the ninth Celestial Imperial Pillar as the ninth cultivator on the Imperial Ranking List. He was from the Huangjin Clan, their specialty was golden energy. The Yin Clan’s specialty was silver energy. They were thus nicknamed the Golden and Silver Clans, and were longtime rivals. The cultivator from the Golden Clan was Jin Xing Zi.
(Translator’s note: Yin means silver and Jin means gold).
“Wang Zhong is here, too.” The crowd saw the tenth cultivator of the Imperial Ranking List, Wang Zhong. He was from the Noble Fang Tian Clan. It was a powerful clan in the Holy City. They controlled various spells related to defense and armor, and were very powerful.
The crowd watched all those geniuses rise up in the air.
Lin Feng looked at all the strong cultivators. His eyes were twinkling in anticipation. When he had just arrived in the Holy City, he had spent most of his time at the university, and then he had gone to Hell. But the Holy City was one of the three main cities of the Dark Night Region. The sects and clans of the Holy City were much more powerful than those in the Vast Celestial Ancient City. There were a great number of powerful clans in the Holy City, and there were also many people from rich foreign families, too. But they weren’t more numerous than the strong cultivators of the Holy City.
At that moment, the temperature suddenly dropped as snowflakes appeared. A group of young people arrived in a slow and grandiose manner as the crowd sighed and looked on. The young men were extremely handsome and the young women were stunning and looked like celestial beings. They all looked extremely strong too! Many people admired them for their social background. too.
Their leader appeared and jumped onto the sixth Celestial Imperial Pillar.
“Xue Shen Feng from the Snow Clan, sixth cultivator on the Imperial Ranking List, he came back.” The crowd looked up at Xue Shen Feng, their eyes twinkling. A strong cultivator of the Snow Clan was behind him. He gazed into the distance and noticed Meng Qing and Lin Feng in the crowd.
“There!” said Xue Fan sharply. Xue Shen Feng’s eyes were snowy white, as if they were frozen. He was staring at Meng Qing and Lin Feng.
“Whether you’re from the Snow Clan or not, you’ll come with me after the Pathfinder Day of the Imperial Ranking List,” said Xue Shen Feng to Meng Qing indifferently yet firmly. He didn’t look at Lin Feng again. Even when these people were outside of the Snow Clan, few people dared go against them. Lin Feng had to behave before them!
“He’s extremely strong, much stronger than me,” whispered Lin Feng to himself. Xue Shen Feng was the sixth cultivator of the Imperial Ranking List. He was truly strong.
The first twenty-three people of the Imperial Ranking List were all at the top of the Huang Qi layer. They had almost no enemies at the same cultivation level.
And now it was the Pathfinder Day of the Imperial Ranking List, some things were going to change.
“I’m going,” said Lin Feng, nodding at the people who were with him. Lin Feng jumped onto the 25th pillar. He didn’t know why, but the Great Imperial Palace had changed his ranking in the previous days.
“That guy is Lin Feng. A year ago, he became famous because he fought against Ji Chang on the day of his Champion ceremony. And back then he had just become a medium-level emperor. He’s very talented.”
“He’s very talented but he can’t win against Ji Chang. The level difference between them is too big. His Dao strength is not as good as Ji Chang’s. I’ve heard that the Ji Clan wants to kill him today. I wonder if it will happen or not.”
Many people recognized Lin Feng, he was famous enough by now.
“Brother Lin Feng, long time no see. You look as dignified as before,” Chu Chun Qiu said to Lin Feng. Chu Chun Qiu was wearing fine clothes, he looked like a nobleman and nodded at Lin Feng.
“Brother Chu, you’re already a high-level emperor and you are the 20th cultivator on the Imperial Ranking List. I’m sure you’ll end up in the top five today,” Lin Feng replied to him.
Chu Chun Qiu’s eyes twinkled, he rolled up his sleeves and smiled happily. “We’ll see about that, Brother Lin.”
Chu Chun Qiu has changed!, thought some students of the Celestial Godly University. He looked more noble now. Many things are going to change drastically today…
Brilliant lights flared. Ren Tian Xing looked at the cultivators on the pillars and said, “Shi Yun Feng!”
Rumbling sounds spread in the air. The crowd gazed into the distance and saw gigantic monoliths moving towards the stage. The monoliths landed on the stage and fused together. A few seconds later, a gigantic stone man appeared. It looked almost alive as it took a few steps, the stage shook violently and crackled under its feet.
The stone man jumped onto the fifth Celestial Imperial Pillar, and started shaking violently, pieces of stones started falling off his body. In the end, he was only as tall as a normal human being, but still looked like a statue. The fifth cultivator of the Imperial Ranking List was Shi Yun Feng, a descendant of the Stone King.
“Buddhist Warrior!” proclaimed another voice. Holy lights blazed forth. The Buddhist warrior appeared, surrounded by dazzling golden lights and a terrifying battling Qi. He was from the Canaan Buddhist Clan, a clan which loved fighting. The Buddhist Warrior was the fourth cultivator of the Imperial Ranking List.
After him, an evil and cold wind started blowing. The crowd could feel the chill, it pierced right down to their bones and souls. A ferocious ghost appeared in the sky, baring fangs and brandishing claws. It turned into a young man in black clothes. He looked extremely pale, as if he had had no blood… like a ghost. He landed on the third Celestial Imperial Pillar.
“Hades Guili, he knows the Ghosts Sutra, he practices ghost cultivation. When he kills people, there’s no blood. He’s the third on the Imperial Ranking List. He’s the most evil cultivator in the top ten. Nobody wants to fight against him, he’s too dangerous, ”gossiped the crowd when they saw that young man. He looked like a real ghost, like a Death Reaper. The Ghosts Sutra was a terrifying book which contained evil skills and techniques, and this man had an innate Ghost King Body, allowing him to easily master the Ghosts Sutra. He only had a ghost Qi though, not a king Qi.
A strong wind started blowing in the sky, the earth and sky emitted whistling sounds and roared in a thundering rage. The crowd was delighted and gazed into the distance in anticipation. Clouds appeared and the strong wind howled above them. The clouds condensed and emitted whistling sounds. It looked like the earth and sky were going to collapse.
Thunder rang out, once, twice, shaking the earth and sky, roiling the clouds. Finally, two silhouettes appeared.
“Ying Cheng, Ji Chang!” The people’s eyes were shining. Those were the two Champions of the Holy City,  the two cultivators of the top of the Imperial Ranking List, the strongest cultivators of the Huang Qi layer in the Holy City. The event hadn’t even started, yet that they were fighting already.
The two cultivators seemed to be far in the distance, but when they moved, a gigantic ocean of energies appeared and they immediately appeared in front of the crowd before slowly descending from the sky.
“Ying Cheng, Ji Chang, I want to ask you about your Path on this Pathfinder Day!” Guili said in an evil way. Ji Chang and Ying Cheng both looked at him.
“You’re neither a ghost nor a human being,” said Ying Cheng, rolling up his sleeves and landing on the first Celestial Imperial Pillar. He looked imposing and awe-inspiring.
Ji Chang landed on the second pillar. Some people still hadn’t arrived. Maybe they were still traveling, maybe they had died abroad and nobody knew about it, so some other people would have to replace them.

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