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PMG Chapter 195: The Song

Special thanks to Rosalio C for sponsoring this chapter. We are going to make it to 200 with these releases. I have a confession, I know I have said it before, but this novel is actually about Lin Feng starting a one man mariachi band. I am sorry to break the news this way.
Edited by Fluphy
Editors’s note: My colleagues will hate this i promise ๐Ÿ˜€

Enjoy xoxo

Everybody was looking at Tu Fu. Even though he was pushed back by the last war drum attempt, nobody was going to look down on him. Being able to emit a cracking noise from the sixth drum was already a great performance.

The people of the Holy Courtyard of Xue Yue were looking at Ba Dao with cold smiles on their faces. They wanted to see how the man, who was wearing a bronze mask, was supposed to compete with Tu Fu.

At that moment, Ba Dao moved in front of a war drum. He looked calm and mystical. An incredible blade energy rose from his body.

The crowd was stupefied. Immediately after, they only saw Ba Dao’s fist move towards the first war drum.


A clear sound spread in the air. However, it didn’t sound brutal and explosive at all. The war drum looked like a bean curd that had been split open by a blade.

Immediately after, he struck the second, then the third and the fourth one. He had easily made them beat. From the beginning, Ba Dao had done this in a single breath.

He moved straight towards the fifth one, slightly raised his hand and immediately after cut it into two distinct parts which flew away. As before, he looked relaxed and detached.

The scariest part was that Ba Dao looked like a blade that would cut through anything, even before arriving at the sixth drum.

“Ka cha.”

Looking like a terrifying blade, Ba Dao cut the sixth war drum. As before, it looked easy for him to emit the beat and it seemed like he had destroyed those six drums in a single fluid movement, without taking a second breath.

At that moment, Ba Dao stopped. He didn’t move towards the seventh war drum and no longer looked interested. He calmly turned around and walked back towards the people of the Celestial Academy.

“A piece of trash dares to act so arrogantly.” said Ba Dao indifferently. Everybody was astonished. That guy surprisingly dared to call Tu Fu a piece of trash. However in comparison with Ba Dao, Tu Fu was extremely weak indeed.

Tu Fu pulled a long face and the color drained from his cheeks. In the past, he used to be considered as a genius within the Yun Hai Sect. He used to consider himself as an amazing cultivator. At the Holy Courtyard of Xue Yue, he was considered as an important student but at that moment, he was being humiliated and had no way to refute Ba Dao.

He had needed his maximal strength to make a crack appear in the sixth war drum but Ba Dao had easily been able to make it beat as he split it in two. The difference between the two of them was gigantic.

“Not bad.” said Duan Wu Ya while smiling. He then continued: “Are there any stronger ones out there?”

The people in the crowd were looking at each other in dismay. After that, many others stood up to test their strength. They all tried but eventually, they all failed, unable to even reach the sixth war drum.

“Ling Hu, you are one the strongest here, why don’t you go and destroy their honor?”

At that moment, on the side of the Holy Courtyard of Xue Yue, Tu Fu said while looking at Ling Hu He Shan. Ling Hu He Shan used to be a disciple of the Yun Hai Sect so he and Tu Fu had a good relationship.

Ling Hu He Shan slightly shook his head and looked at the crowd on the other side: “That guy in white clothes, his name is Wen Ao Xue. He is ranked third at the Celestial Academy. He’s discreet and his strength is unfathomable. I hadn’t thought that he would come as well so now I am not entirely sure that I can win.”

Ling Hu He Shan’s words stupefied Tu Fu. Immediately after, he walked towards Wen Ao Xue, who was as beautiful as woman and saw that these two enigmatic eyes were also looking towards him. They looked like dazzling diamonds. Tu Fu didn’t dare look at them anymore.

Amongst those who came to the battlefield, the strongest student of the Holy Courtyard of Xue Yue was Ling Hu He Shan. If Ling Hu He Shan took action, Wen Ao Xue would inevitably get involved and if Lin Hu He Shan was defeated, the Holy Courtyard of Xue Yue would lose face. Therefore, Ling Hu He Shan wasn’t absolutely certain about the result of a potential confrontation and preferred not to get involved.

“I will help gain back our prestige.” said someone on the side of the Holy Courtyard of Xue Yue. That young man was Yue Tian Chen.

Yu Tian Chen stood up, looked at Duan Wu Ya and Duan Xin Ye and said: “Your Highness, I am obviously the one who should protect the princess. Nobody else can even pretend to be better suited than Me.” said Yue Tian Chen in an extremely arrogant tone. Everybody could see that Yue Tian Chen believed the logic of his words.

Yue Tian Chen was a member of the Yue Clan and he had an extremely high social status. Besides, he was also extremely strong, already reaching the seventh Ling Qi layer and possessed a terrifying spirit to match. Many people, who were stronger than him, didn’t dare to provoke him while those who were weaker than him were only there to be bullied.

Duan Xin Ye lowered her head without saying anything whereas Duan Wu Ya faintly smiled and said: “Well, let’s see how many war drums you can handle, brother.”

Yu Tian Chen slightly nodded but didn’t walk towards the drums. Instead, he looked at the students of the Celestial Academy, in particular in Lin Feng’s direction and said: “In order to be in a relationship with a princess, no matter if you’re a cultivation genius or if you were born from a noble family, you need to stand at the absolute peak. Those who have a low social status and an overrated strength are just nobodies. When they think that they have a chance to win the heart of the princess, it truly is the funniest thing in the world. Those types of people can keep dreaming.”

When he finished, he walked towards the drums.

The crowd was looking at Lin Feng with a strange look. Even though Yue Tian Chen hadn’t mentioned any names, he was clearly talking about Lin Feng.

Lin Feng was trying to gain relations with the princess?

At that moment, Lin Feng was dumbstruck. His facial expression looked slightly cold.

Lin Feng had an exaggerated strength and was interested in the princess?

At that moment, Yue Tian Chen said: “Today, I would like to sing a song for the princess.”

When he finished talking, Tian Yue Chen’s deep and low voice spread through the air.

“Men and officers of the vast and boundless Xue Yue, beat the drums and sound the gongs!”


An explosion followed Yue Tian Chen’s song as the first war drum beat.

“Lords and nobles wearing armor and inspiring ambitions.”


With a single explosive beat he destroyed two war drums.

“A hot-blooded man surrounded by lakes and mountains…..”

Yue Tian Chen’s voice was deep. The energy he was releasing matched the feeling of hot-blooded behavior. He continued to punch the next drums. The fourth and the fifth war drums exploded into pieces.

Not only was it Yue Tian Chen’s first breath but he still had plenty of air in his lungs.

“Achieving a thousand heroic merits.”

Yue Tian Chen continued walking forwards. It seemed like his entire body was defying the laws of space and time and that his strength could annihilate everything in his path. An incredibly loud explosion sound spread filled the atmosphere and the sixth war drum exploded.

At that moment, Yue Tian Chen stamped on the ground like a mad man. The yellow muddy ground seemed to create a terrible wave of earth as it rippled away from his foot.

Yue Tian Chen’s fist crashed onto the seventh war drum.

“Just to be welcomed back as a hero by a beautiful woman.” continued Yue Tian Chen in his deep singing voice. Finally, he had run out of air from his first breath. A cracking sound emerged in the atmosphere as the seventh war drum was smashed into five pieces.

“Lords and nobles wearing armor and inspiring ambitions.”

“A hot-blooded man surrounded by lakes and mountains…..”

The people in the crowd were listening to these words while looking at that handsome young man. Their hearts were pounding and it seemed like the blood in their veins had been ignited with the passion for battle.

The officers and soldiers were especially enthusiastic and excited. Each and every single one of them had excitement in their eyes as if they were seeing themselves as the man from the song.


All the people of the Holy Courtyard were supporting Yue Tian Chen. On his seat, Duan Tian Lang was slightly smiling as well and said: “Yue Tian Chen deserves to be a member of the Yue Clan. His heart is filled with great aspirations. Relying on a single breathe, he was able to chant and at the same time make seven drums beat. Such people are a rarity. He would be a perfect match for the princess.”

He had required only one breath to sing his song and make seven war drums beat. Yue Tian Chen hadn’t paused for even a moment, he had been singing heartily as he attacked the war drums. It required much more energy than just attacking. After all, he only had a single breath.

Yue Tian Chen turned around and slightly nodded towards Duan Tian Lang. Immediately after, he walked towards Duan Xin Ye and warmly smiled at her. Duan Xin Ye also smiled in response while remaining as silent as before.

“Not bad.” said Duan Wu Ya while smiling and nodding. “I wouldn’t have thought that Brother Yue was as talented as he was creative. That is indeed, very rare.”

“I am just some nobody. Your Highness, you’re flattering Me.” said Yue Tian Chen with a proud smile on his face. He then immediately glanced towards Lin Feng. In his eyes, perhaps Lin Feng had already become a potential rival.

“To be more accurate, you are not even some nobody, you are even lower, you are a piece of shit.” said a loud voice with a cold and indifferent tone. The crowd was astonished, a piece of shit?

Then everybody turned towards the person who was speaking, it was precisely Lin Feng.

“That guy, how audacious!” thought the crowd.

When he heard those words, Yue Tian Chen narrowed his eyes and coldly looked at Lin Feng. He smiled coldly and said: “Alright, if I’m a piece of shit, would you want to try?”

“That’s exactly what I was planning.” said Lin Feng while smiling indifferently. In the Continent of the Nine Clouds, many people were much stronger than him but Lin Feng was probably one of the most creative people.

Lin Feng stood up and started walking slowly towards the drums. He arrived in front of the war drums. The crowd was stupefied. Lin Feng was serious about trying to beat seven drums.

The crowd was already growing impatient. They wanted to see how strong and talented Lin Feng was. However being stronger than Yue Tian Chen wasn’t very likely.

Duan Wu Ya and Duan Xin Ye were impatiently looking at Lin Feng wondering what his plan was.

“I want to see if you can make seven drums beat while singing.” said Yue Tian Chen while smiling coldly. He was fixedly staring at Lin Feng. It was impossible for Lin Feng to beat him, he would just end up humiliating himself.

Lin Feng closed his eyes and took a deep breath. A beautiful melody suddenly came from his mouth. The crowd was shocked as their hearts started to race with excitement.

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