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PMG Chapter 1950: Understanding the Dao and its Principles

PMG Chapter 1950: Understanding the Dao and its Principles
“Zhu Wu Ji is walking on the Path of Violent Soundwaves. He understands thunderous soundwaves strength, he can shout and kill people. The Great Imperial Bell emits an explosive strength. The last fifty people on the Imperial Ranking List can’t ask for their Path,” the watchers told one another. They understood the rules of the event. Some people were going to progress on their Path, some others not.
At that moment, Lin Feng was shaking violently. His muscles twitched. He had the impression he was going to die. The weaker people would be eliminated immediately!
Someone exploded, blood gushed out and he fell from the top of the pillar.
“Argh, argh, argh…” People roared furiously with pain. Many people were hurled away, they couldn’t stand the Dao power. Hou Qing Lin released Reincarnation Dao to surround his body. The Dao power couldn’t pierce through.
Dugu the Winner was surrounded by lights. Thunder rang out, and Dao power bombarded his imprints, but couldn’t pierce through.
Lang Ye was surrounded by world lights. He was in another world, the attack didn’t affect him.
Jian Mang was surrounded by light swords, the Dao power couldn’t affect him either.
The strong cultivators at the top of the Celestial Imperial Pillars resisted the Dao power. The weakest ones were struck relentlessly, injured or killed.
At that moment, Zhu Wu Ji shouted furiously. He kept attacking the bell, which kept counterattacking. Zhu Wu Ji was suddenly hurled backwards, coughing up blood. He landed back on his pillar. He sat down cross-legged, injured and trying to recover.
The terrifying Dao power disappeared.
Silhouettes rose up in the air. The pillars of those who had been smashed away were now free, they were too weak to resist against Dao power. Their fate had already been determined, they couldn’t ask for their Path anymore. Of course, they could ask their counterparts from the ranking list for pieces of advice.
It was the Pathfinder Day of the Imperial Ranking List. People could ask for their Path, understand Dao principles, and comprehend how to progress on the Path.
The strong cultivators of the Great Imperial Palace kept writing. People looked at the cultivators at the bottom of the list, who wouldn’t be able to rise up in the list anymore unless they displayed extraordinary performances after the event.
That Great Imperial Bell is so strange. Its Dao power counterattacks are powerful, Zhu Wu Ji was even injured, thought Lin Feng. That bell was indeed a precious treasure.
“Who else wants to try and ask for their Path?” asked Ren Tian Xing. Someone new rose up in the air. It was Jin Xing Zi. People frowned. He was in the top ten, and controlled Destructive Gold Dao power. His Dao was terrifying. How many people would resist his Dao on the Celestial Imperial Pillars?
“Let’s see how many people will resist, and how strange the Great Imperial Bell is?” Jin Xing Zi proclaimed. His robe fluttered violently as he turned into a dazzling golden figure.
The crowd stared at him. Some people sat down cross-legged again and released Qi. They were getting ready to resist Jin Xing Zi’s golden Dao. Jin Xing Zi was extremely strong and had an explosive strength. If anyone was careless, they could die!
Jin Xing Zi was surrounded by golden armor. He walked to the bell, waving his hands. His Dao power emitted whistling sounds as he hammered the bell. A mysterious Dao power rolled out from the impact.
Lin Feng’s expression changed drastically. His arm started turning into gold before he released Qi and broke it.
“Disperse!” Lin Feng released Deva-Mara Kalpa strength to protect himself. He also used his physical strength.
Jin Xing Zi had turned into a statue of gold. He didn’t look like a human being anymore. He attacked the bell three times and three times, golden light beams shot out. Explosion and rumbling sounds spread in the air. A strong cultivator turned into a golden statue and exploded, dead.
“Back!…” Some people knew they would die so they ran away and jumped off the pillar.
“Some people rise, some people die,” said someone in a solemn and respectful way. However, that cultivator remained motionless and let the golden energy surround him. He was gambling with his life. He was there to progress on the Path.
The bell rang again. Jin Xing Zi’s silhouette became distorted, like he could explode at any time. However, he looked determined and stood there steadily. His Qi rolled in waves furiously and dashed to the skies. Everyone was astonished. His Dao power had just broken through!
Jin Xing Zi was suffering though, and his figure was also distorted. It looked like he could explode too. The Dao power there was more violent then when it arrived at the pillars, and he was at the front of it.
He attacked the bell again. The bell counterattacked. Jin Xing Zi’s golden armor broke, his arm crackled. It was getting very dangerous…
“That’s enough!” shouted someone loudly. A dozen cultivators at the top of the pillars were suffering too much. Some people thought Jin Xing Zi was going insane. They wanted him to stop!
However, the explosive shout didn’t prevent Jin Xing Zi from continuing. He continued as if he hadn’t heard anything. His body kept crackling as he continued his insane attack. Someone else’s body started crackling, and they died.
Jin Xing Zi raised his arm again. The crowd started suffocating. However, at that moment, he finally stopped. It was too dangerous, even for him.
“Today, I’m not here only to ask for my Path. I’m also here to watch and learn from others,” said Jin Xing Zi sighing. Many people took a deep breath with relief. However, thirty-two people had already been blown away and two had died. How cruel! Those people were strong cultivators from the Imperial Ranking List, all of them were talented, but they had died because of the Dao power. The cultivators who were in the top ten were terrifying. In a one-on-one battle, they could kill those at the bottom of the list in one strike.
At that moment, Lin Feng closed his eyes, Kalpa strength twinkled around him, and a golden Qi appeared. He opened his eyes and took a deep breath. He understood that today wasn’t about fighting. It was about something that went beyond a simple fight.
A strong wind started blowing. Xie Yue landed in front of the bell and punched it violently. A terrifying evil energy rolled outs and corroded people’s bodies, trying to rot them away.
After Jin Xing Zi’s turn, it was difficult to resist him. Xie Yue’s decaying Qi made them start rotting. A vile stench filled the air. Evil decaying Dao power was terrifying!
Ji Chang released Destructive Dao. All those cultivators’ Dao couldn’t affect him. He seemed indestructible.
Ying Cheng released chaotic Dao power, a vortex appeared around him and the decaying Dao strength disappeared into the vortex.
The stone cultivator seemed invincible too, Xue Shen Feng was surrounded by snowflakes, the Dao power kept freezing. Someone else drew people’s attention: Chu Chun Qiu. He didn’t do anything, he just absorbed the Dao power and made it flow throughout his body.
“The top ten are terrifying. The Dao power of the Great Imperial Bell doesn’t affect them at all. Who would win in one-on-ones?” speculated the audience Very quickly, even more people were forced away from the pillars. After such a short time, only fifty people were left!

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