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PMG Chapter 1951: Slaughtering

PMG Chapter 1951: Slaughtering
Xie Yue knocked the bell, and another dozen cultivators fell off the Celestial Imperial Pillars. The top fifty had already appeared!
“Lang Ye, Dugu the Winner, the blind guy, and the one who controls reincarnation strength are quite persistent and determined. They’re going to end up in the top fifty-something!” the crowd was saying as they watched the fighters. Hou Qing Lin was a little bit higher than fiftieth since many people had already been eliminated.
At that moment, another silhouette jumped forwards. This cultivator controlled snow energy, and snowflakes appeared around him, the temperature falling rapidly. Xue Shen Feng walked over to the Great Imperial Bell and said coldly, “Great Imperial Bell, let me find my Path and become stronger!”
His sleeves fluttered in the wind as ice and frost energies bombarded the bell. The bell rang and a layer of ice appeared around it with the sound of ice cracking. A few silhouettes were immediately frozen.
Dong, dong, dong!
Xue Shen Feng attacked the bell three times in a row. The space around him kept freezing. Two more cultivators turned into ice statues, their hearts beating slower and slower.
“Back!” shouted one of the frozen people furiously. He jumped away, the layer of ice around him cracked and he left the pillar. He instantly felt better, as he had almost died!
Xue Shen Feng’s face was covered with snow as his own Dao power kept bombarding him. He didn’t stop, though. He jumped forwards again, and the bell kept ringing. Some strong cultivators continued to leave their pillars. The last fifty cultivators were already determined, they wouldn’t be able to rise in the ranking list anymore. Some of them had even died and would never have an opportunity again.
Xue Shen Feng looked like an ice statue already. He could sense his own terrifying Dao power as he was being attacked by his own strength.
The Great Imperial Bell rang seven more times. There was a thick layer of snow Dao power on Xue Shen Feng’s body, and the whole stage was frozen. The cracking of frozen air kept creaking out. Some of the cultivators of the top fifty also started freezing. Maybe their rank would change… of course, it meant that those who were lower in the ranking list would also have an opportunity to rise.
At the foot of the stage, the crowd was getting cold even as they were amazed. Xue Shen Feng was astonishingly strong. Because of him, more than sixty people’s ranks were already fixed!
“Is he going to make the bell ring an eighth time?” The people looked at Xue Shen Feng, and were stunned as he slowly raised his arm and bombarded the Great Imperial Bell again.
Dao power bombarded Xue Shen Feng again, the pressure driving him backwards and down onto his butt. The ice energy turned into a destructive ice lake, covering the stage with ice. People descended from the Celestial Imperial Pillars one after another. The crowd realized that only thirty people were left on the pillars!
Lin Feng was still calmly seated on his pillar. His eyes were closed and he was surrounded by Death Dao intent and snow Dao power. He felt extremely cold too, but he started understanding what it meant to find one’s Path!
The stage was frozen over, and the ice remained for a very long time. The members of the Great Imperial Palace didn’t say anything and ignored the way it hindered the audience. After a while, the ice energies around Xue Shen Feng dispersed and he withdrew to his pillar.
Those on the pillars looked hesitant.
What would happen if those who were higher ranked than Xue Shen Feng bombarded the bell? Wouldn’t it be even more terrifying? Those watching didn’t even dare to imagine.
“If you don’t ask for your Path, how can you master Dao strength?” murmured someone to themselves before jumping off a pillar. Finding one’s own Path was extremely complicated. It was an incredible opportunity they had before them. There were many strong cultivators in the Imperial Ranking List, and now they had the opportunity to understand Dao strength even better, how could they miss that opportunity? It was dangerous, but it was also a great chance!
Those who were at the bottom of the Imperial Ranking List couldn’t even ask for their Path. They could only watch and learn.
The stone man finally moved, landing in front of the bell. The crowd was startled, as Shi Yun Feng had turned into a stone man again. He looked strange and monstrous.
And then he punched the bell!
He punched the bell four times in a row! The ice hadn’t completely dispersed, but when he punched the bell, it disappeared completely. The air was suddenly filled with stone energies. At the same time, many people started turning into stone statues, their arms starting to turn into stony matter. They couldn’t move anymore!
Those people’s faces turned deathly pale. The stone man punched the bell twice again. Some people turned into statues. His stone strength was terrifying!
The bell rang a seventh time, and the air seemed to groan and grind. Some stone statues immediately exploded as those people died. More people turned into stones and couldn’t move. Some others managed to leave the pillars using their full strength.
Lin Feng had turned into a stone statue. He had the sensation his body was going to explode, but at the same time, his physical strength was astonishing. Nobody there could compete with him in terms of physical strength.
More destructive strength oppressed him, and he condensed more cosmic energies, his entire body starting to glow. He looked like an indestructible ancient god. When he started bleeding, he controlled life and death Dao power. He couldn’t block the stone strength directly, he had to use his pure physical strength to block it. Yet at the same time, he could still study it!
“There are still so many people. How annoying!” Guili looked at the crowd with his pale white eyes. After Shi Yun Feng withdrew, Guili left his pillar floating in the air like a ghost. His eyes looked terrifying as two light beams emerged from them and stuck the bell. The space around him turned into Hell. Many ghosts appeared in people’s brains, baring fangs and brandishing claws. The ghosts wanted to kill everyone!
“Guili is the most evil cultivator of the Imperial Ranking List, he understands the Ghosts Sutra!” The crowd was shuddering with fear. Guili looked dreadful as he attacked into the bell. More ghosts appeared in people’s brains and wailed.
A terrifying Ghost King appeared in Lin Feng’s brain, his soul shook violently. The ghost wanted to kill him!
“Die…” His soul turned into a death sword and cut the ghost apart instantly. However, the sound of the bell ringing out, and more ghosts appeared in his brain. He had the sensation he was surrounded by ghosts.
Guili is the third cultivator on the Imperial Ranking List, he’s extremely strong, thought Lin Feng. At that moment, he didn’t know that several people had already died on top of the pillars, their souls destroyed. And Guili didn’t stop, more and more ghosts appeared in everybody’s brains. The ancient bell kept ringing!
He’s slaughtering people!, thought the crowd. They were astonished and shaking violently. Guili was killing the ranked cultivators. People who could escape did so, but those who couldn’t seemed to be dying one after another. Guili was very strong, and few people could compete with him. His Dao power was destroying them!
Only a dozen cultivators could resist Guili’s Dao power. The bell rang an eighth time, ghosts wailed furiously, their horrible shrieks spreading in the air. People’s faces stiffened. Some people in the distance looked furious, as among the people who were dying, some were from very prestigious clans, and Guili was slaughtering them!
None of the people who were on the Imperial Ranking List were weak, they were all geniuses of the Huang Qi layer. But the crowd was now reminded that there could be huge differences between cultivators of the Huang Qi layer, to the extent that one person could slaughter so many geniuses easily!

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