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PMG Chapter 1952: Death Funeral Bell

PMG Chapter 1952: Death Funeral Bell
When the bell rang an eighth time, a cultivator’s soul exploded instantly. A terrifying ghost had appeared in his brain and destroyed him instantly. How ferocious and cruel!
Guili looked like a terrifying ghost, his own soul was shaking violently as a demoniac ghost baring fangs and brandishing claws appeared there. The ghost was trying to kill its master!
“All things are of monad nature, but differ in form. In the end, nothing is indestructible!” swore Guili icily. His eyes were magnetic as more ghostly light beams pierced through the bell. Someone gave a horrible shriek and died, not having the time to react before a ghost killed him.
So many people had already left their pillars, including some people who were in the top twenty!
Lin Feng’s head was surrounded by terrifying death lights which kept rotating. He looked like a motionless and indestructible mountain.
Guili’s mouth was bleeding, drops of blood fell onto his sleeves as he went back to his pillar. At that moment, just over twenty people were left. Many of the people who were better ranked than Lin Feng had already left.
The members of the Great Imperial Palace continued modifying the list. Lin Feng’s rank increased. They also removed some people from the Imperial Ranking List and replaced them with other names. It was shocking in its heartlessness. So many people had died, this event was brutal and cruel.
Many people couldn’t ask for their Path anymore. Only a few people could compete with Guili.
The crowd looked at Ji Chang and Ying Cheng. What would happen if they knocked the bell? It would be terrifying. Would it be worse than Guili?
Ji Chang glanced at the others, and most especially at Lin Feng. Then, he jumped forwards and landed in front of the bell.
Dang, dang, dang, dang, dang!
The Great Imperial Bell rang shrilly a few times, and a terrifying destructive strength rolled out. The air shook violently, as did those left on the pillars. Their muscles twitched, and they had the impression their brains were going to explode. It was extremely painful!
“Dang, dang!” Ji Chang continued striking the bell. Some people were hurled away from the pillars, unable to withstand the pressure. They had to be careful, or they would die.
“Dang!” When the bell rang an eighth time, two people had no time to escape and exploded instantly. They wanted to escape from their physical body with their soul, but the waves from the bell also crushed their souls!
“Piss off!” shouted Ji Chang explosively, staring at Lin Feng. Destructive Dao continued rolling out. Lin Feng kept shaking. His muscles twitched, and even his bones felt sore.
Lin Feng’s eyes were closed. He let the strong wind brush against his body, but remained motionless. His cosmic energies intertwined and turned into strange ancient imprints surrounding his whole body. The air crackled as it was destroyed by the Dao power as well.
Ji Chang looked proud. He jumped forward again and released more Destructive Dao at the bell. The air started to explode as more destructive energies rolled out again, many of those left coughed up blood. One of the cultivators jumped off the pillar. Even the cultivators of the top ten looked anxious.
Lin Feng’s ancient imprints exploded, and his body crackled. He released more strength, the Dao power finally weakened, and Lin Feng recovered.
Ji Chang glared at Lin Feng ferociously and went back to the second pillar. He looked imposing and awe-inspiring.
“He made the Great Imperial Bell ring ten times, but he hasn’t used his full strength, otherwise, he could have made it ring more!” was the crowd’s assessment. Ji Chang was really terrifyingly strong, and Lin Feng was his main target. Everybody knew that Lin Feng had fought against him on the day of his Champion ceremony. Ji Chang was furious that he hadn’t managed to drive Lin Feng away.
When the Dao power dispersed, the remaining cultivators calmed down. Lin Feng looked aloof and serene. He was already thirteenth on the Imperial Ranking List!
The crowd looked at the list. Apart from those who were high up in the Imperial Ranking List, the other names had all changed. This Pathfinder Day really shook the whole city!
Ren Tian Xing remained silent for a few seconds and then said to the thirteen, “Who wants to use the bell?”
Many people looked at Ying Cheng, but Ying Cheng didn’t seem like he wanted to act. Some other people who were farther down in the ranking list knocked the bell, but their Dao wasn’t powerful enough to affect the other cultivators. The crowd kept thinking about Ji Chang and Guili.
The Great Imperial Bell is a bit like the Celestial Pathfinder Plates of the Milky Way battlefield. What kind of special power does it contain?, thought Lin Feng, as he finally jumped down to the bell. Many people were staring at him.
Lin Feng released death Dao determination. He stretched out his hand, his death lights rotated at full strength and then crashed onto the bell. The bell sounded just like a funeral bell ringing. It didn’t affect the crowd, however. They just sensed a few threads of death energy.
“Dang!” Lin Feng punched the bell again. A thread of death strength spread in every direction. He also sensed his own death strength.
A strong wind started blowing, Lin Feng continued punching the bell and sensing the strange and mysterious soundwaves. He didn’t realize but slowly, a strong death wind had started blowing. The crowd started feeling colder and colder, they slowly sensed the Death Dao power building higher and higher…
The bell rang six times. The Death Qi started whistling, the air was filled with more and more death energy. The death Dao power surrounded people and started penetrating into their souls. Some people started becoming grey as the death Qi corroded their bodies. They felt colder and colder as their very life was attacked.
It was a Funeral Bell. The Dao strength wasn’t evil like Guili’s Dao, and it wasn’t explosive like Ji Chang’s Dao, but it was slow and sly.
When the bell rang for the seventh time, the terrifying death wind became as sharp as blades. People’s faces turned deathly pale. Many people had the impression that they were dying!
The bell rang for the eighth time. Some people instantly died. Some others groaned with pain and collapsed softly. They had hesitated to leave, but now it was too late.
Some people were petrified and staring at Lin Feng, he had already made the bell ring eight times!…
Death Qi flew throughout Lin Feng’s body and penetrated into his soul. Lin Feng sensed that the death strength was corroding his body. However, he looked determined and steady. He took a step forwards again. Many of those remaining jumped away when they saw that. How scary would the ninth strike be?
The Funeral Bell rang again. A wave of death strength rolled out above the stage. Some people collapsed, dead. Some other people fell down on their knees and felt weak, furious at Lin Feng. What an insane guy!
“Death, death strength!” Lin Feng calmly sensed the death strength. He sensed the death Qi flowing throughout his body, but in the end, it turned into vitality. He was walking on the Path of Life and Death, not just death.
His life was his death, his death was his life, death made him alive, life made him dead.
The bell rang a tenth time. A tornado of death strength appeared. Ji Chang released terrifying amounts of Destructive Dao to protect himself and managed to destroy some death strength, but some threads of still managed to pierce through his skin. His face turned grey!
Lin Feng’s robe and hair wer fluttering violently. He struck the bell again and the soundwaves moved towards Ji Chang.
“Piss off!” said Lin Feng in a voice of the devil. His death Qi penetrated into Ji Chang’s body again, who became even greyer.

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