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PMG Chapter 1953: Competition for the Path

PMG Chapter 1953: Competition for the Path
It was as if the bell had turned into an indestructible Funeral Bell. It kept resonating and death strength kept rolling out. People kept jumping off the pillars in terror. They hadn’t thought that Lin Feng would make the bell ring ten times, the death tornado was deadly. Ji Chang released even more Destructive Dao strength to counter it. He had to act quickly, the death strength was corroding his body!
At the same time, he also released his dazzling Cyan Dragon Totems. He looked like a dragon king at that moment.
“Empty words!” said Ji Chang after he heard Lin Feng.
Lin Feng closed his eyes. He was in the hurricane of death energy. The Dao intent gave him the impression that he was dead, as if he had lost his life and worldly affairs had nothing to do with him anymore.
However, there were still threads of indestructible vitality in his body, like candles protecting his life.
Some people rise, some people die. My Path is about death, but how could I die? Death is my Path!, thought Lin Feng. Everyone was staring at Lin Feng. He raised his hand again, people’s hearts were pounding furiously.
“Piss off!” shouted Lin Feng explosively again. It was the twelfth time the bell rang. The air groaned with the weight of ages. Death energy crashed out like ocean waves, and crashed onto Ji Chang’s body. He had the impression he was going to die, and immediately left the Celestial Imperial Pillar, his face deathly pale.
Ji Chang had had to leave or he would have died. He didn’t want to gamble with his life, but what a humiliation. He had tried to make Lin Feng get down off the pillar and failed, but Lin Feng had managed to force him off! He had failed utterly!
“The Path of Life and Death is difficult. It’s difficult for people to control life and death strength. But since it’s my Path, how could it kill me? Otherwise, what would be the purpose of Dao strength anyway?” Lin Feng murmured to himself. He released even more Death Dao determination and struck the bell again!
This time the air was howling with the end of times. An infinity of death lights illuminated the atmosphere and especially the hundred pillars. However, there was nobody there anymore. Everybody who could had left. They were all staring at Lin Feng.
“Thirteen time. Was he trying to commit suicide?” wondered the crowd. Lin Feng was already completely grey and motionless. He looked like a cadaver.
“Is he dead?” the crowd was astonished and staring at Lin Feng.
“I’ve heard that some some people sometimes died on the Pathfinder Day of the Imperial Ranking List while asking for their Path. I wouldn’t have thought I’d see it with my own eyes today. Poor guy.” some people sighed. Lin Feng had managed to knock the bell twelve times, that was already astonishing, showing great talent. His understanding of the Dao was incredible. But the bell could kill him with his own Dao!
However, at that moment, life strength rose up in the air. And then more and more life strength appeared and started rotating before turning into a strong wind. Green lights of Life Qi started twinkling all around Lin Feng. It was replacing the death strength!
The crowd frowned. Lin Feng wasn’t dead? He had knocked the bell thirteen times and he hadn’t died? He had even made everybody else leave the Celestial Imperial Pillars!
At that moment, Lin Feng suddenly opened his eyes, glowing with Life. The thick death Qi was all turning into life Qi. It kept rotating and penetrating into Lin Feng’s body.
Lin Feng returned to his pillar. Everybody remained silent.
The others hesitantly went back onto their pillars. Their hearts were pounding as they stared at Lin Feng. His Dao power was incredible. He wasn’t weaker than those in the top ten, he might even be stronger. He could definitely pose a threat to the cultivators who were in the top ten.
The eyes of the members of the Great Imperial Palace were glittering. Lin Feng had made the bell ring thirteen times, it was an incredible achievement!
Ren Tian Xing moved forward and asked those remainging, “Does anybody else want to try?”
They all remained silent. Nobody could do better than Guili, Ji Chang, and especially Lin Feng. He had made the bell ring thirteen times!
In the golden Imperial Ranking List, there were twenty gaps to fill, for all those who had died. It was shocking. This time, the Pathfinder Day had been cruel. But those who hadn’t died had the impression they had learned a lot. Their Dao had become much better, especially Lin Feng. He felt like he understood Death Dao much better. He also realized it could be even more terrifying than he had ever imagined!
The strong cultivators of the Great Imperial Palace flashed over to the bell and took it away. Then, Ren Tian Xing said, “Among those who haven’t died, the last fifty cultivators of the list can’t ask for their Path.”
Many people sighed. More than twenty people had died, and coupled with the fifty people who had failed, it meant that seventy people couldn’t ask for their Path. The crowd was humbled. Even some people who understood Dao strength had missed their opportunity!
“Brother Dong Lai, you’re in charge now,” said Ren Tian Xing to Pei Dong Lai.
Pei Dong Lai nodded and said to the list members, “The Pathfinder Day is about finding one’s own Path, about studying Dao strength. Now, if you force a cultivator off his pillar, the cultivator and all those under him will be downgraded consequently. And if you don’t manage to force anyone else off, then you’ll stay at the end of the list.”
“Now, the last one can ask for their Path,” said Pei Dong Lai, pointing at the 26th cultivator. That person jumped down in front of the others. If he didn’t manage to force anyone off, he would stay 26th in the list.
Lin Feng and the others remained at the top of the pillars. The emperor released his Qi, which surrounded the whole stage.
“What a powerful Intent. He must be from Ancient University.”
Suddenly, the crowd saw a figure getting attacked. The man groaned icily as golden lights appeared and both fighters’ energies collided.
“Destroy!” shouted the one who had been attacked. Instantly, the energies broke apart.
The man who had attacked was stupefied. He glanced at the others, including Lin Feng. Even though Lin Feng’s Dao intent was incredible, his cultivation level was low. He couldn’t leave the Celestial Imperial Pillar, otherwise he would lose.
The man jumped towards Lin Feng. Lin Feng had the sensation kings were attacking him.
Lin Feng smiled coldly. His cultivation level was too low, right?
Suddenly, Lin Feng’s eyes became grey and filled with death strength, death swords emerged from his eyes and pierced through the attacker. He also stamped the man’s soul. Instantly, the destructive energies broke apart.
“Die!” shouted Lin Feng explosively. Death energies condensed in his eyes. Death lights moved towards his opponent, and their energies collided. At the same time, Lin Feng also released a death sword. The man’s face changed drastically and he retreated quickly.
Grey death Qi pierced through his body and ate away at his life. Lin Feng raised his hands and an ocean of death strength surged out.
The cultivator released king fighters with a crash of imperial will, but they immediately disappeared in the face of the death energies. The death intent in Lin Feng’s eyes was terrifying. The attacker’s face turned grey, death swords kept impaling his head. He closed his eyes, his face started rotting, and he collapsed.
“Those who provoke me must die!” Lin Feng said icily. He was also warning other people that if they provoked him, he’d kill them!
When the crowd saw that, they were astonished and shook violently. That guy was strong and insane. He had just killed the 26th cultivator!
“Lin Feng!” shouted someone in the distance. Those people from the attacker’s clan, and they were all furious, they wanted to kill him!
However, Lin Feng was anything but worried. He still looked like a death god. This was a perpetual competition. Ji Chang had pissed Lin Feng off and he had forced him off the Celestial Imperial Pillar, it was even worse if weaklings provoked him!

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