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PMG Chapter 1956: Celestial Stage Deployment Spell

PMG Chapter 1956: Celestial Stage Deployment Spell
“I give up,” said Wang Zhong finally. Guili was the third cultivator, and extremely strong. Nobody had managed to dethrone him from the third position. Wang Zhong was aware that there was a huge cultivation level difference between them.
“Alright, your second chance is Chu Chun Qiu, will you fight against him?” asked Pei Dong Lai. Wang Zhong was petrified and pulled a long face. Chu Chun Qiu was currently the seventh cultivator, everybody had just been stunned by his strength.
“Pei Dong Lai is sly. That’s tough for Wang Zhong,” muttered the audience. Wang Zhong sighed. It seemed that he would only be able to rank eighth, ninth or tenth. But it didn’t matter anymore, being in the top ten was already great after all. Of course, if he managed to rank eighth or ninth, it’d be better than tenth. He refused to fight again.
“Alright, last opportunity, Lin Feng,” Pei Dong Lai said calmly. Wang Zhong took a deep breath and nodded. He looked at Lin Feng who was the ninth cultivator. If he managed to win against Lin Feng, maybe he would have the opportunity to rank eighth later on?
Lin Feng’s eyes glittered. He glanced at Pei Dong Lai and jumped off his pillar, landing in the center of the battle stage. Wang Zhong also landed in front of him.
“Noble Fang Tian Clan, Wang Zhong, I am walking on the Path of Armor Defense. I control armor strength. I can create armors and attack with them,” Wang Zhong said to Lin Feng politely.
“Path of Life and Death. I control Life and Death strength,” replied Lin Feng calmly.
Many armors appeared around Wang Zhong. They were dazzling, and they were twinkling marks on them. Lin Feng studied the mysterious strength of the Noble Fang Tian Clan.
“We’ll see if my life, or death, is in your hands,” said Wang Zhong evenly. He waved his hands, and the armors flickered and moved towards Lin Feng. They turned into light beams as sharp as swords and moved deceptively fast.
Lin Feng flashed forwards, his life and death pattern appearing and transforming. Dazzling lights appeared in Lin Feng’s third eye. At the same time, he struck out with both hands, earth and demon cosmic energies condensed and turned into a shattering deployment spell. The marks it contained were perfect.
“Deployment spell!”
Two deployment spells appeared under Lin Feng’s feet, their marks intertwining. The life and death pattern and his deployment spell condensed. Those watching were astonished. Lin Feng was really an expert at casting deployment spells. He could condense deployment spells within a few seconds and he used his godly awareness to transform them!
Deployment spell casters were legendary, their power deep and potentially explosive. Even though Lin Feng couldn’t cast deployment spells instantly, he had been practicing for many years and he had also studied the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures!
With his physical strength and shattering deployment spell, the armors broke instantly. Wang Zhong didn’t stop moving, though. More armor lights moved towards Lin Feng. Lin Feng noticed that the armors contained the strength of different weapons such as blades, swords, axes, halberds, maces, or staves. It felt like those weapons wanted to strike out of the armors!
“Go!” ordered Wang Zhong, waving his hands. The armors shot through the air in Lin Feng’s direction and transformed into genuine weapons. The number of weapons blotted out the sky.
Lin Feng grunted icily, stamping down his deployment spell. The air rumbled as a gigantic ancient imprint appeared and slammed down. All the weapons vanished when they collided with the ancient imprint!
At the same time, the life and death pattern became even more terrifying as it arrived in front of Wang Zhong. Wang Zhong was startled, and a golden armor appeared around him. He started walking slowly towards Lin Feng, his armor floating around him.
His defense is incredible, thought the crowd when they saw that. Wang Zhong was, after all, an expert at defense.
Lin Feng still looked calm and unruffled as he also started towards Wang Zhong. His death energy turned into a river and flowed towards Wang Zhong, and his eyes were also filled with death intent. Wang Zhong felt as if that death intent was going to pierce through his eyes!
Wang Zhong waved his hand, and another armor appeared and transformed. Golden lights appeared in front of him and prevented the river made of death energy from reaching him.
Lin Feng continued moving forwards, and each time he made a step, his shattering lights transformed. Dazzling Deva-Mara Kalpa strength started rotating around Lin Feng’s body and began to condense.
What a powerful Qi. Lin Feng definitely belongs in the top ten, that’s incredible. He understands Dao strength but he’s also an incredible fighter!, thought the crowd. Wang Zhong was bathing in golden lights. Lin Feng was surrounded by demon lights and looked like an ancient demon god.
Lin Feng’s deployment spell kept transforming. Waves of multiple energies pulsed all around him.
“He’s condensing force. Wang Zhong is also condensing force. If he releases his armor, it’s going to explode!” the watchers deduced. The two cultivators were slowly walking towards each other, their demon and golden lights already colliding. Energies kept flaring, and the watchers couldn’t even open their eyes anymore because of the lights.
“How explosive will my attack be if my celestial stage deployment spell and my shattering deployment spell fuse together?” whispered Lin Feng. He condensed his demon Kalpa strength, which then fused together with his shattering deployment marks. It clearly became more explosive. The lights illuminated the whole area and emitted whistling sounds as they cut the air. It was like a celestial stage had appeared in front of Lin Feng: it had nine levels, and each level had more terrifying demon lights than the previous one.
“Such beautiful deployment lights!” the watchers gasped when they saw the soaring lights.
The celestial stage deployment spell was one of the three thousand deployment spells. Lin Feng only understood a few of them. The celestial stage deployment spell was a good deployment spell because it helped him improve his fighting and understanding abilities. It was excellent at helping attacks fuse together. Each of the nine levels of the celestial stage deployment spell was more explosive than the previous one.
When Wang Zhong saw that, he shouted furiously. He waved his hands, armor lights sang and shot towards Lin Feng. There were beautiful lights everywhere around both of them.
However, within those resplendent and beautiful lights there were also demon lights. They looked like dazzling yet terrifying stars, brilliant points of destruction. But there were so many lights that the crowd couldn’t see them clearly. They could only hear the rumbling and whistling sounds.
Explosions thundered out, and Wang Zhong’s armor shattered. The destructive lights pierced through his armor, reached him and smashed him away. He coughed out blood and crashed onto a pillar, heavily wounded.
I won’t need the life and death deployment spell in the air, mused Lin Feng. He recalled his life and death strength, and his life and death pattern dispersed.
Wang Zhong’s face was deathly pale as he stared at Lin Feng. They were there to exchange views on the Dao and in the end, he hadn’t even seen Lin Feng’s Life and Death Path, he could only rank tenth.
“You want to continue fighting?” Lin Feng asked Wang Zhong.
“No need. You’re too strong. You’ll probably continue rising,” sighed Wang Zhong. His dual deployment spells were just too terrifying and explosive. Maybe that Ji Chang’s Destructive Dao, Ying Cheng’s Chaotic Sky Dao, or the stone man’s Stone Transformation Dao could destroy Lin Feng’s Dao, but Wang Zhong couldn’t!
Wang Zhong and Lin Feng went back to their pillars. Wang Zhong’s name on the Imperial Ranking List lit up. It wouldn’t change anymore. He was the tenth cultivator!

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