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PMG Chapter 1958: Chu Chun Qiu VS. Guili

PMG Chapter 1958: Chu Chun Qiu VS. Guili
Lin Feng and Yin Gu Tian had gone back to their respective pillars. Pei Dong Lai looked at Yin Gu Tian and said, “You lost, but if Lin Feng continues rising, you may have the opportunity to fight against the people who will stand between you and him.”
Yin Gu Tian remained silent. He had nothing to say. He had lost against Chu Chun Qiu, and now he had lost against Lin Feng. He was furious. Even if Lin Feng continued rising, would Yin Gu Tian be able to fight against those between him and Lin Feng? He was in the ninth position at that moment, it seemed he wouldn’t rise anymore. This time, he hadn’t risen in the ranking list. It was just the opposite, he was falling behind.
At that moment, the members of the Yin Clan looked at the ranking list. Yin Rui looked furious. Before the beginning of the event, he had recommended Yin Gu Tian to Ren Tian Xing, to help him enter the Great Imperial Palace. Now that Yin Gu Tian had failed miserably, Ren Tian Xing had nothing good to think about Yin Gu Tian.
Yin Yue clenched her small fists. Her face was a bit pale. Now that Lin Feng had defeated Yin Gu Tian, she would never be able to marry Lin Wu Shang!
“Grandpa, Lin Feng is extremely talented and strong. He’s only a medium-level emperor and he already understand Dao strength. He also controls deployment spells at a very high level. He’ll definitely become a Champion someday,” Yin Yue whispered to Yin Rui.
Yin Rui looked back at her icily, “He’s talented, he made a great show of his talents, but now everybody knows how strong he really is, that’s not so good. We’ll see how far he can go.”
Pei Dong Lai looked over at Chu Chun Qiu, everyone watching closely. Chu Chun Qiu was extremely strong, but the crowd really wanted to know how strong he could really be. What challenge would Pei Dong Lai propose? If Pei Dong Lai asked Chu Chun Qiu if he wanted to fight against Ying Cheng or Ji Chang, would Chu Chun Qiu refuse?
If Chu Chun Qiu fought against them and lost, maybe the ranking list wouldn’t change anymore.
Pei Dong Lai looked at the list and at Chu Chun Qiu again before saying, “I think you’ll be happy, my first proposition is Guili, will you fight against him?”
“Third cultivator on the Imperial Ranking List, Guili!” the crowd frowned. If Chu Chun Qiu accepted, the battle would be amazing.
Chu Chun Qiu’s robe fluttered, he jumped forwards without hesitation. The crowd was very excited, Chu Chun Qiu had accepted the challenge!
Guili was terrifyingly strong, he had astonished everyone when knocking the Great Imperial Bell, killing many people.
An evil wind started blowing. Guili jumped off his pillar. He looked extremely light and frail, like a ghost.
“I’ve heard that you had studied two mysterious sets of ancient scriptures, the Sky Absorbing Scriptures and the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures. I’ve heard that the Chu Clan in the Vast Celestial Ancient City considers you as the second king of the Chu Clan. I wonder how strong you are. I hope you won’t disappoint me,” whispered Guili. His face was still as pale as a ghost, and his sibilant voice sounded evil. The type of cultivation a person practiced influenced their personality, and since he had studied the Ghosts Sutra, he had become evil.
“You’ll see,” said Chu Chun Qiu, releasing Sky Absorbing intent. The terrifying Sky Absorbing strength condensed and turned into a strong wind. The people on the pillars sighed. Chu Chun Qiu’s Dao intent was already far more powerful than Yin Gu Tian’s. They definitely couldn’t be mentioned on equal terms.
“Sky Absorbing Dao, the Chu Clan raised you with ancient imperial intent. I wonder how many emperors’ wills you’ve absorbed,” mused Guili icily. A ghost started wailing, and more of them appeared in the sky and moved towards Chu Chun Qiu. Chu Chun Qiu suddenly saw ghosts in his mind.
“Dao intent competition!” the crowd frowned. They had seen Guili knock the Great Imperial Bell, they had sensed his Dao. His ghosts could appear in people’s minds suddenly, and destroy people’s souls instantly. Guili and Chu Chun Qiu’s battle already looked dangerous.
As the crowd had expected, Chu Chun Qiu was already fighting inside his head. His third eye started flashing. A dazzling light beam appeared, he felt dizzy. He released intent, which dashed to the skies.
A terrifying ancient imperial vitality intent moved towards Guili, unavoidably fast. Chu Chun Qiu then shouted, “One should return as good as one receives!”
The two cultivators remained motionless in the sky, a pitch-black cloud emerged from Guili’s body. Ghosts kept appearing, baring fangs and brandishing claws. When the audience saw the ghosts, they shuddered with dread.
At that moment, a silhouette appeared near Chu Chun Qiu. The silhouette was three zhang tall and looked like a terrifying king spirit, thick Sky Absorbing Dao intent around it. It could absorb anything!
“Ancient King Spirit, formed using intent. That’s his Dao!” The audience shook and had to resist the urge to prostrate themselves.
Lin Feng watched carefully. The battle wasn’t explosive, but he knew that those two people were infinitely stronger than Yin Gu Tian.
Is Chu Chun Qiu really talented though? He has the Sky Absorbing Scriptures and the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures, and he’s been raised using willpower, but those are resources. Lang Ye and Dugu the Winner have access to great resources, too. They can’t fully exploit their king bodies yet, but they’ll become stronger with time. But Chu Chun Qiu progressed faster than Lang Ye, who has a World King Body, and Dugu the Winner, who has a Godly Imprint King Body. Does he have a mysterious body type?, wondered Lin Feng. Chu Chun Qiu had progressed really quickly. Maybe he really was that talented, he had progressed even faster than Lin Feng. Lin Feng was impressed!
A silhouette also appeared in Guili’s mind and emerged from his body. It was a terrifying Yaksa Ghost King, his Qi awe-inspiring. He was holding a terrifying scepter as he ran forwards.
Chu Chun Qiu’s Ancient King and the Yaksa Ghost King collided,and the earth and sky shook at their meeting. Sky Absorbing strength pulsed out, but the Ghost Qi didn’t disappear
“How strong!” The crowd was just too stunned after each attack. They would never forget this battle of spirits!
Amid rumbles and explosions, the Yaksa Ghost King’s body cracked. Chu Chun Qiu’s Ancient King also exploded, he had lost his lower body. However, he opened his mouth and absorbed air, including the Qi of the Ghost King. The Ancient King continued towards Guili, starting to absorb Guili’s willpower.
Guili’s face somehow turned even paler as he shouted furiously. Lights flew back to his head and he ran away.
“Come back!” shouted Chu Chun Qiu icily. His Ancient King slowly stopped and disappeared. Chu Chun Qiu was furious. He looked like the Ancient King he had just released, appearing even taller and more imposing then before.
Chu Chun Qiu had won the battle, he had defeated the third cultivator, Guili!
“You didn’t disappoint me,” said Guili icily. “I hope that you continue progressing at that pace, otherwise, I will kill you.”
Guili moved to the fourth pillar. The Buddhist warrior also moved down. Chu Chun Qiu was now the third cultivator!

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