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PMG Chapter 1959: Incredible Battle for the Imperial Ranking List

PMG Chapter 1959: Incredible Battle for the Imperial Ranking List
The crowd sighed. What an incredible battle! They weren’t disappointed in either fighter. The battles were beautiful! And Chu Chun Qiu was now the third cultivator!
Now, the top ten of the Imperial Ranking List was: Ying Cheng, Ji Chang, Chu Chun Qiu, Guili, the Buddhist warrior, Shi Yun Feng, Xue Shen Feng, Lin Feng, Yin Gu Tian, Wang Zhong.
Lin Feng had won twice. Wang Zhong couldn’t progress anymore because he had lost. Yin Gu Tian had been defeated, but couldn’t challenge anyone for the time being, unless Lin Feng continued rising in the list. He couldn’t challenge people who were above Lin Feng in the ranking list, and the same applied to Guili. If Chu Chun Qiu didn’t rise in the list, then Guili wouldn’t be able to challenge Ji Chang and Ying Cheng.
After that, it was Xue Shen Feng’s turn. There were fewer and fewer people to challenge at that level.
Pei Dong Lai looked at Xue Shen Feng and said, “Do you accept to fight against Ji Chang?”
Xue Shen Feng frowned. Ji Chang? If he lost, he wouldn’t be able to continue rising. He would be stuck in his current position, and other people would have the opportunity to challenge him. But if he refused, the Snow Clan would be furious, even if he became a Champion someday. He had to fight!
Xue Shen Feng jumped out and released ice and frost Qi, snowflakes appearing all around him as the temperature plummeted. Many people in the audience started shivering as a layer of ice appeared on their hair.
Ji Chang also jumped out. He was surrounded by destructive intent. When the snowflakes fell onto him, they were destroyed!
A snowy silhouette appeared behind Xue Shen Feng, looking like an ancient king of the Snow Clan. The air grew even colder. In response, nine Cyan Dragon Totems appeared behind Ji Chang, increasing in size quickly.
King Qi kept emerging from Ji Chang’s body, and his eyes were filled with destructive strength threatening to collapse the earth and sky. Ji Chang jumped forwards, the cyan dragon pulling a royal wagon behind him.
Xue Shen Feng didn’t flinch. He continued running forwards, releasing ice-cold energies which blotted out the sky, turning everything into an icy world. Suddenly, many Xue Shen Feng’s silhouettes appeared everywhere as ice Qi surrounded Ji Chang. It looked like he had ended up in an icy cage, but his king Qi remained and didn’t break. Dazzling cyan dragon lights glittered all around him. Nothing could get close to him.
Xue Shen Feng waved his hands, Ji Chang raised his, the frozen air cracked in protest as more destructive energy appeared. Many snow blades appeared around Shen Feng and shot towards Ji Chang. Xue Shen Feng also threw himself at Ji Chang.
Ji Chang’s Dao is better than Xue Shen Feng. Xue Shen Feng is going to lose, thought Lin Feng. He had said Destructive Dao was crappy at the Ji Clan, but of course it was just an exaggeration. He just wanted to humiliate them. He knew it was extremely powerful.
Unless a cultivator had a better understanding of Dao power than Ji Chang, it would be difficult to defeat him. There were some Dao powers which Destructive Dao couldn’t destroy that easily, however, such as Jian Mang’s Light Dao or Aoxu’s Aggressive Dao.
Ji Chang and Xue Shen Feng were getting closer and closer to each other and started fighting in close combat. Xue Shen Feng knew many spells, but Ji Chang’s destructive Dao could destroy almost anything. He looked motionless and indestructible, like a mountain.
Ji Chang was abruptly surrounded by a layer of ice. The watchers all frowned, wondering what was going on.
“Xue Shen Feng’s eyes…” They noticed that Xue Shen Feng’s eyes had changed, turning into ice. Xue Shen Feng moved forwards and a terrifying kind of strength crashed onto Ji Chang’s body. Everything started freezing around him.
The crowd was astonished. What was going to happen?
The ice around Ji Chang’s body condensed and he turned into a frozen statue. However, the nine Cyan Dragon Totem struggle and suddenly, destructive strength exploded out. Crackling sounds rose, and the statue shattered. The dragons merged into one and flew towards Xue Shen Feng, explosions destroying the ice floating in the air.
Multiple Xue Shen Feng’s silhouettes appeared again, but the dragon destroyed them. Crackling sounds spread through the freezing air, and the dragon started freezing for a moment, before breaking that ice, too.
The dragon roared and a silhouette emerged from his mouth, the furious Ji Chang! He instantly punched out towards Xue Shen Feng’s head. Xue Shen Feng’s soul was shaking violently before he was smashed away, hard. He landed on the stage, his white hair all messed up.
Ji Chang went back to the second pillar. Xue Shen Feng’s soul was injured, and he had to rest for a few seconds before he went back to the seventh pillar. More of the ten were stuck in their current positions. Lin Feng and Yin Gu Tian could still rise…
Lin Feng’s eyes twinkled thoughtfully. Chu Chun Qiu and Guili’s battle had been terrifying, Chu Chun Qiu could absorb people’s willpower with his ancient king. Guili could also release a Yaksa Ghost King. Now a silhouette had emerged out of Ji Chang’s body and injured Xue Shen Feng’s soul. Xue Shen Feng couldn’t even fight anymore, he had to heal.
“Understanding, soul, Dao.” Lin Feng sat down cross-legged and turned into two clones. The crowd was startled to see that Lin Feng knew a cloning technique. His actual body was seated cross-legged and his clone was studying something else.
Pei Dong Lai looked at Shi Yun Feng, the sixth cultivator. The pressure was getting worse. The five cultivators above Shi Yun Feng in the ranking list were terrifying, and extremely strong. There were two Champions, but Chu Chun Qiu and Guili were terrifying too. And there was the Buddhist warrior as well…
“Shi Yun Feng, you want to fight against Ying Cheng?” asked Pei Dong Lai.
Shi Yun Feng’s eyes twinkled and said, “Let me fight against the Buddhist warrior. If I win, I’ll be able to continue competing. If I lose, I won’t be able to rise anymore.”
“Alright, I’ll do as you wish,” nodded Pei Dong Lai. This was his second opportunity. Maybe after this battle, he wouldn’t rise anymore.
Shi Yun Feng and the Buddhist warrior’s battle didn’t disappoint the crowd. The Buddhist warrior was from Ancient University and the Canaan Buddhist Clan. His attacks were mighty, as he understood the holy Buddhist Dao. He could release Buddhist illusions which empowered him, making him much stronger.
Shi Yun Feng was also a terrifying cultivator. He knew stone spells, both offensive and defensive, and could also bury his opponents, while being strong enough to break their bones. In the end, even the Buddhist warrior’s defense was broken by Shi Yun Feng’s attacks.
The battle lasted for an hour before it ended, the Buddhist warrior winning in the end. Shi Yun Feng didn’t look disappointed at all, he’d had a lot of fun, even though he wouldn’t be able to rise anymore. Only Lin Feng and Yin Gu Tian seemed like they could rise.
However, people believed that Yin Gu Tian couldn’t progress anymore. He couldn’t compete with Shi Yun Feng and the Buddhist warrior. They also thought that Lin Feng wouldn’t rise anymore. He probably couldn’t defeat Xue Shen Feng. The crowd thought that the cultivators’ positions were all fixed now.

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