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PMG Chapter 1960: Soon Going To Become a Great Emperor!

PMG Chapter 1960: Soon Going To Become a Great Emperor!
“Three people’s positions are already fixed for sure. Shi Yun Feng, Xue Shen Feng, Lin Feng, Yin Gu Tian and Wang Zhong should stay in the second half of the top ten. Ying Cheng, Ji Chang, Chu Chun Qiu, Guili and the Buddhist warrior will probably stay in the top five. The only one who could rise is Chu Chun Qiu, then Shi Yun Feng would rank fifth,” was the general opinion of the audience. They all thought the Buddhist warrior couldn’t defeat Guili no matter what. Chu Chun Qiu might be able to defeat Ji Chang or Ying Cheng.
“Buddhist warrior, it’s your turn,” said Pei Dong Lai. The Buddhist warrior could choose his opponent since he was in the top five.
“Guili!” said the Buddhist warrior, clenching his fists. He sounded calm and composed. As the crowd had expected, Chu Chun Qiu had defeated Guili, so he was probably harder to defeat. Guili was the best choice. If the Buddhist warrior managed to defeat him, then he’d be able to try again. If he lost, then he wouldn’t be able to, but it didn’t matter because he wouldn’t be able to defeat Chu Chun Qiu, Ying Cheng, or Ji Chang anyway. Guili had been in third position for many years. The top three cultivators weren’t easy to dethrone.
Therefore, the Buddhist warrior chose Guili.
“The Buddhist warrior Dou Zhan Seng is from a Buddhist Clan. He knows Buddhist attacks. Guili knows the Ghosts Sutra and controls ghost spells. Their cultivation types are completely antagonist!” The audience was expecting a good show.
The two fighters were already on the battle stage. A loud wailing spread out as ghosts appeared, while brilliant lights rose to illuminate all. If the Great Imperial Palace’s people hadn’t used a special kind of power to stop those energies from spilling over, the two fighters’ energies would have invaded a much wider territory.
A strange shrieking spread out, black lights invaded the atmosphere and blotted out the sky, deadly and ice-cold. It was as if Hell had appeared.
Lin Feng’s clone was watching the battle and sensed their Dao strength. But Lin Feng perfectly understood that he couldn’t assess their strength by just watching. He had to fight to understand someone properly.
Lin Feng’s real body was still seated on the pillar, his eyes closed and Qi emerging from his third eye. He was condensing life and death intent. He remembered a few battles: Chu Chun Qiu had summoned a proud looking three zhang-tall ancient king, creating that ancient king using the will he had absorbed from past victims. Of course, he also had to use his soul strength. Guili and Ji Chang were different from Chu Chun Qiu, but they had similar kinds of strength. Lin Feng was walking on the Path of Life and Death, his soul was growing stronger and stronger. He could also create an ancient king using his soul strength if he wanted!
At that moment, in Lin Feng’s mind, there were many dazzling lights that kept transforming. Gradually, a gigantic demon appeared in Lin Feng’s mind, a demon king. It was the demon he had seen back then in the bronze mirror! He looked proud, aggressive, and brutal. He was robed in darkness, a prince of darkness!
“That’s the form!” whispered the demon. He stretched out his hand and a gigantic death sword appeared.
“Gigantic black sword, gigantic death sword,” murmured the demon king. It was his former sword spirit!
Something is missing in my left hand, thought Lin Feng. He stretched out his hand and condensed a black flame, which turned into a demon lotus. He could condense a demon lotus with death fire!
Lin Feng had studied the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures, and was much more creative. Of course, this was only the first step. He didn’t know if he could summon this demon to help him battle.
Dou Zhan Seng and Guili continued battling like madmen. Guili used his ghost spells, his attacks were very powerful. Ghosts kept wailing and clawing at everything, demonic and evil. At the same time, he used Dao intent and his soul strength to corrode his enemy’s soul.
At this moment, the two cultivators stopped moving, but a demonic ghost moved towards Dou Zhan Seng. Dou Zhan Seng was seated cross-legged in the air, like a Buddha. Millions of Buddhas appeared around him. Golden energies moved towards Guili, but first collided with the demonic ghosts.
“Buddha’s halo illuminate all things and is purifying.” Buddha’s lights filled the air and the black lights slowly dispersed. People raised their heads and looked at the Buddhas in awe. Dou Zhan Seng was a really terrifying warrior. It was even getting dangerous for Guili. Was he going to fall in the rankings?
Guili released more Qi. He wanted to destroy Buddha’s halo, but he couldn’t, and in the end, he was bombarded by the Buddha’s halo. Guili, third cultivator on the Imperial Ranking List, had lost twice. He was now fifth.
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Everybody was astonished, stunned, nobody could believe it. Dou Zhan Seng had won twice! He had defeated both Shi Yun Feng and Guili!
The audience was astonished. Now, Dou Zhan Seng was fourth, and in the top three, there were Ying Cheng, Ji Chang, and Chu Chun Qiu.
“Chu Chun Qiu, don’t fight for now, let Ji Chang fight first. What do you think?” Pei Dong Lai asked everyone. Ying Cheng and Ji Chang were Champions, ranked first and second. They had to fight first. But he needed to ask Chu Chun Qiu, too.
“No problem,” said Ji Chang. He had wanted to fight against Ying Cheng for a very long time. They were both Champions, it would be the battle of the Champions.
Chu Chun Qiu nodded. He had won against Guili, he was now third. If Ji Chang and Ying Cheng fought first, it was even better for him!
At that moment, everybody looked at the two of them. In the whole city, there were only two Champions, one controlled Chaotic Sky Dao and the other one controlled Destructive Dao.
Both Champions jumped onto the stage. Nine Cyan Dragon Totems appeared behind Ji Chang, cyan lights glittering about him. He looked like a king. A spectacular map appeared behind Ying Cheng, an image of several countries with mountains and rivers and their altars to the gods of earth and grain, filling Heaven and Earth. The sky there looked wild and chaotic.
Ji Chang and Ying Cheng moved at the same time, terrifying explosions starting instantly as they closed in on one another. Qi swirled chaotically around them. Cracking and shattering explosions sounds filled the air as destructive energies and Chaotic Sky energies kept colliding. A white vortex appeared between them, the atmosphere became oppressive.
If anyone went between them, they’d die instantly!
The earth and sky shook violently. Both of them moved faster and faster. Dragons roared, and the map of several countries and their altars to the gods of earth and grain turned into a proper space, the air churning wildly there.
Their battle was amazing, and everybody was staring at the two fighters. Finally, in the end, the atmosphere calmed down again. The remaining Qi flowed in the air. The battle was finally over!
In the end, Ji Chang lost!
“I lost against you in the end,” Ji Chang sighed. Ying Cheng was surrounded by a terrifying Qi which kept rising to the skies.
The audience’s hearts were pounding. In the end, Ying Cheng smiled at Ji Chang and said, “You’re going to rank first soon!”
When Ji Chang heard Ying Cheng, he wasn’t happy at all, he was astonished. But then when he saw Ying Cheng’s expression, he smiled and said, “I hope you’ll soon become a great emperor!”
“Soon!” Ying Cheng sighed. Finally, he was going to become a great emperor, he had been waiting for so long…
“When I become a great emperor, we’ll fight again!” Ji Chang smiled.
“I’ll wait for you!” Ying Cheng nodded. They looked like friends, not like people who had just fought furiously. They both went back to their pillars. Ying Cheng was still the first, Ji Chang the second, maybe things wouldn’t change that much…

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