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PMG Chapter 1961: Fighting Against the Genius of the Snow Clan

PMG Chapter 1961: Fighting Against the Genius of the Snow Clan
On the dazzling golden Imperial Ranking List, the order was now as such: Ying Cheng, Ji Chang, Chu Chun Qiu, Dou Zhan Seng, Guili, Shi Yun Feng, Xue Shen Feng, Lin Feng, Yin Gu Tian, Wang Zhong.
Wang Zhong, Xue Shen Feng, Shi Yun Feng and Ji Chang couldn’t rise in the rankings anymore. If someone defeated them, then they could surpass them. And regarding Ying Cheng, he was the first one, he didn’t need to ask for his Path, he just had to wait. Therefore, those five people’s positions were already fixed.
Chu Chun Qiu, Dou Zhan Seng, Guili, Lin Feng and Yin Gu Tian could still rise in the rankings. Guili and Yin Gu Tian had already lost battles. If Lin Feng didn’t rise, Yin Gu Tian would remain stuck. Only Chu Chun Qiu, Dou Zhan Seng, and Lin Feng could ask for their Path for the time being.
Pei Dong Lai looked at Lin Feng, his eyes twinkling. “You want to ask for your Path again?”
Lin Feng’s clone nodded at Pei Dong Lai.
“Your position doesn’t matter anymore. I don’t want you to suffer a crushing defeat, so you can fight against Xue Shen Feng,” said Pei Dong Lai calmly. Xue Shen Feng was just above Lin Feng in the rankings, the sixth cultivator. Xue Shen Feng was pissed off, because he had fought against Ji Chang in the first round, and there were many people between him and Ji Chang. But he had chosen to fight against Ji Chang and now he couldn’t rise in the ranking list anymore. Even worse, people who were under him could still challenge him. If he lost again, it would be a real humiliation.
Xue Shen Feng looked at Pei Dong Lai in icy fury. Pei Dong Lai had just said to Lin Feng that he didn’t want him to suffer too much of a crushing defeat, so he was proposing he fight against Xue Shen Feng. That was a humiliation too, he was saying that Xue Shen Feng was the weakest person Lin Feng could fight against…
“Alright,” agreed Lin Feng. His real body still had his eyes closed.
Pei Dong Lai frowned, “If you don’t want to fight, just say it. What is that supposed to mean?”
“Please wait,” said Lin Feng’s clone.
Xue Shen Feng groaned coldly and demanded, “Will you fight or not?”
“Shen Feng, don’t be merciful!” said someone in the crowd at that moment. It was Xue Fan! Xue Shen Feng’s eyes glittered. He had noticed Meng Qing in the crowd, and glanced at her icily.
“Wake up!” shouted Xue Shen Feng icily. He released cold energies which instantly surrounded Lin Feng’s real body. Lin Feng’s real body opened his eyes and clenched his fists, emitting crackling sounds. Lin Feng slowly turned around and looked at Xue Shen Feng icily.
Xue Shen Feng didn’t bother looking back at Lin Feng. He just headed towards the battle stage while releasing more freezing energy.
Lin Feng also walked towards the battle stage, his eyes grim and cold. An ordinary clone couldn’t do much. However, Xue Shen Feng was acting recklessly, Lin Feng studied his snowy-white face icily. Xue Shen Feng looked arrogant.
“Deployment spells are one thing, strength is another thing,” Xue Shen Feng said to Lin Feng indifferently. His eyes looked like they contained whole icy worlds.
“Deployment spells are a type of strength. You don’t understand deployment spells, so how can you talk about them?” said Lin Feng flippantly, even disdainfully. He even looked amused, he was making fun of Xue Shen Feng.
There were many proud and arrogant people in the cultivation world. Maybe every genius was a bit arrogant and proud, but it was also dependent on whom they faced. For example, those who were at the bottom of the Imperial Ranking List despised ordinary emperors and were still considered real geniuses. Of course, some people were genuinely proud and arrogant, no matter whom they faced.
Lin Feng was proud and arrogant when he faced proud and arrogant people. He was proud because he had started from nothing and now he was stronger than those people!
“We’ll see how useful your deployment spells are when it comes to real cultivation,” sneered Xue Shen Feng. Then, he waved his hands and snowflakes started falling from the sky. He stretched his hand out and an icy world moved towards Lin Feng, bringing a wave of bone-chilling cold with it.
Lin Feng released his godly awareness through his eyes, and his body flickered. Deployment lights started intertwining. He waved his hands and a curtain of lights appeared, containing shattering energies which rose to the skies.
He waved his hands, a Purple Tank appeared. It contained many sorts of cosmic energies, and smashed into and destroyed the ice world!
However, Xue Shen Feng had landed in front of Lin Feng at that moment. He was extremely fast and didn’t want to give Lin Feng time to cast a deployment spell. Xue Shen Feng didn’t believe in deployment spells; for him, cultivation was about punching and striking directly with energies.
The Purple Tank started freezing. The space around Xue Shen Feng was solidifying as he stared at Lin Feng with his snowy white eyes, Lin Feng felt like he was falling into a world of ice.
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Lin Feng looked back at him grimly, ignoring the sensation his soul was going to freeze. He knew perfectly well what Xue Shen Feng wanted to do: he wanted to oppress Lin Feng as fast as possible to prevent him from using a deployment spell. Xue Shen Feng was convinced that he could oppress Lin Feng quickly with direct strength since Lin Feng’s cultivation level was lower than his.
Death lights illuminated the atmosphere and pierced through his brain. Suddenly, Xue Shen Fang had the feeling millions of swords were moving to impale him!
Lin Feng jumped forwards and released some mysterious strength, it wasn’t of any known type. Its Qi wasn’t powerful, either.
Xue Shen Feng put his hands in front of him and razor-sharp snowflakes moved towards Lin Feng again, surrounded him with a layer of ice. However, Lin Feng released demon Kalpa strength and tore through the ice. At the same time, he punched out with his fists, ancient imprints appearing and shooting out. Millions of ancient imprints appeared in front of Xue Shen Feng.
His ice was destroyed by the World of the Living Imprints, shocking him. He continued moving his hands and more snow appeared, like the onset of an ice age.
Golden lights suddenly appeared everywhere and started evolving rapidly. Lin Feng ran forwards, a World of the Living Imprint appearing in a rumble of power.
Xue Shen Feng was driven backwards as the golden deployment spell slowly starting taking shape. He pulled a long face.
“You’re a bit too arrogant,” said Lin Feng coldly.
Xue Shen Feng grunted icily as he retreated, and rebutted “Do you think your opinion matters?”
Xue Shen Feng turned into a shadow in the snow, and the world turned into an ice world.
“You’re not the only one who understands illusions!” Lin Feng smiled icily. He turned into three clones, who turned into nine, who turned into ten thousand! They jumped onto the deployment spell and disappeared one after another before a Lin Feng appeared behind Xue Shen Feng. He waved his hands and millions of death Kalpa swords filled the air, and at the same time a river made of death energy appeared. His power rapidly wore away Xue Shen Feng’s illusion.
Lin Feng’s real body used the deployment spell to disappear. It was impossible to see him.
“There!” When Lin Feng saw that Xue Shen Feng was attacking his clone, he blocked him with Qi and ran towards him. A Death Nihility Sword shot towards Xue Shen Feng. When Xue Shen Feng saw him, snowy white ice and frost energies emerged from his eyes and collided with Lin Feng’s death lights.
The death Kalpa lights destroyed the illusions. Lin Feng’s clones drew closer and closer to Xue Shen Feng, but all of them froze.
A silhouette in white clothes appeared behind Xue Shen Feng. There were more and more snowflakes on Lin Feng’s body, and the ice Qi kept penetrating into his body. At the same time, his death strength kept penetrating into Xue Shen Feng’s body, and Shen Feng was slowly turning grey.
Two deployment spells appeared, and Lin Feng’s demonic eyes flared. He looked at Xue Shen Feng in a disdainful way and released enough World of the Living Imprints to fill the sky.
“Die!” said Xue Shen Feng, punching out. An ice world appeared, and the two fighters’ energies collided. However, at that moment, the gurgle of ancient waters surged, and the death river drove down on Xue Shen Feng, and he disappeared inside.
“How is this possible?” Xue Shen Feng’s face stiffened. Clones could also release strength?
He waved his hands and forced his power out, a curtain of ice energy appearing to protect him. However, a terrifying amount of strength was moving towards him. Xue Shen Feng’s face stiffened even more.
One of Lin Feng’s clones was attacking, the one who had released the river made of death energy. On the other side, Lin Feng was casting two deployment spells and releasing World of the Living imprints.
The crowd was stunned at this display. Xue Fan and the other strong cultivators of the Snow Clan were all astonished.

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