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PMG Chapter 1962: Chu Chun Qiu VS. Ji Chang

PMG Chapter 1962: Chu Chun Qiu VS. Ji Chang
Xue Shen Feng was astonished. He continued making hand seals. He released more ice energies into the form of an ice armor.
Terrifying ancient imprints kept bombarding the armor, which started cracking. Xue Shen Feng was hammered brutally, and his armor broke apart. The energies pounded his physical body. He coughed up blood and his face became even paler.
A strong wind started blowing as Lin Feng arrived in front of Xue Shen Feng. He looked proud and aloof as he said calmly, “You are ignorant and miserable.”
Lin Feng went back to the pillars. This time, he jumped onto Xue Shen Feng’s pillar, the seventh one.
The members of the Snow Clan and Xue Shen Feng’s cheeks felt as if they were burning. What a humiliation! Lin Feng had just humiliated the Snow Clan!
Pei Dong Lai looked at Yin Gu Tian and said, “Lin Feng is now seventh. You have the opportunity to continue now. Do you want to fight?”
“Of course,” Yin Gu Tian nodded.
Pei Dong Lai looked at Xue Shen Feng, “Do you need to rest, or do you want to fight now?”
Xue Shen Feng’s eyes were ice-cold as he looked at Yin Gu Tian. What if he lost three times in a row?
“Come!” said Xue Shen Feng in a low voice. Yin Gu Tian looked at him in an even colder way with his silver eyes.
Yin Gu Tian jumped onto the battle stage and they started fighting. Xue Shen Feng looked even more insane than when he was fighting against Lin Feng. It was a big battle. The members of the Yin Clan were worried about Yin Gu Tian. Xue Shen Feng was furious!
Finally, Yin Gu Tian lost as Xue Shen Feng froze him inside solid ice.
“Be merciful!” shouted Yin Rui loudly when he saw that Xue Shen Feng didn’t seem to want to stop. Xue Shen Feng looked at him and grunted coldly. He slapped the ice statue, which flew away helplessly.
Yin Rui took a deep breath with relief but was quickly furious again. Lin Feng had defeated Xue Shen Feng, and Xue Shen Feng had released his anger on Yin Gu Tian. Now, Yin Gu Tian couldn’t rise in the Imperial Ranking List anymore.
“Lin Feng!” Yin Rui glared at Lin Feng in icy hate.
After that battle, the eighth, ninth and tenth cultivators were already determined: Xue Shen Feng was eighth, Yin Gu Tian ninth, and Wang Zhong tenth.
Now, everybody had a different opinion of Lin Feng. He controlled mysterious and strange ancient imprints, and he was an expert at casting deployment spells. He had even defeated Xue Shen Feng! The sixth cultivator was the stone man. He had lost against the Buddhist warrior, so he couldn’t rise anymore. But if Lin Feng defeated him, so Shi Yun Feng could still fall behind in the rankings.
“Xue Shen Feng and the stone man haven’t fought against one another. I wonder if they’re similarly strong. But Shi Yun Feng fought against Dou Zhan Seng, their battle was amazing. He must be must stronger than Xue Shen Feng. Lin Feng can’t defeat him. And then those above him, Guili and Dou Zhan Seng are even stronger, so Lin Feng can’t defeat them either,” was the eventual consensus of the audience. Lin Feng couldn’t rank better than seventh. Chu Chun Qiu and Lin Feng were the two cultivators who stood out the most, especially Chu Chun Qiu. He was incredibly in the top three!
Of course, Dou Zhan Seng could still fight against Chu Chun Qiu. They had both risen in the ranking list thanks to Guili, as both of them had defeated him.
Guili had been defeated by Chu Chun Qiu and Dou Zhan Seng, so he would have the opportunity to fight against Ji Chang only if Chu Chun Qiu and Dou Zhan Seng both defeated Ji Chang and made him fall behind.
Pei Dong Lai looked at both Dou Zhan Seng and Chu Chun Qiu. Finally, he looked at Chu Chun Qiu and said, “Dou Zhan Seng can fight first. If Chu Chun Qiu fights against Ji Chang first, against whom could Dou Zhan Seng fight? What do you think, Chu Chun Qiu, Dou Zhan Seng?”
They both nodded. They had no objection.
“Ji Chang, Champion, against Chu Chun Qiu!” People’s eyes were twinkling eagerly. They couldn’t wait to watch this battle. Chu Chun Qiu was astonishing. Would he manage to dethrone the second Champion?
Ji Chang and Chu Chun Qiu jumped forwards. They floated in the air above the battle stage and stared at one another, both releasing a terrifying Qi. They both looked like ancient kings.
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A dazzling cyan dragon appeared behind Ji Chang. Chu Chun Qiu released intent through his third eye, and his Qi surged out. He really looked like a king.
“Champion University is famous for its great skills and techniques, he looks like someone who could have studied at both universities. His Qi, vitality, and determination are all incredible. He looks like a Champion and ancient king!” someone blurted out excitedly.
A dragon roared. A cyan dragon appeared in Ji Chang’s hand and shot towards Chu Chun Qiu. However, Chu Chun Qiu punched out, shaking earth and sky, and the cyan dragon was immediately destroyed.
Ji Chang continued forwards, releasing Destructive Dao. It surrounded Chu Chun Qiu, and at the same time, Ji Chang also stared at him. He was trying to understand him and destroy his intent.
“Do you think you can destroy an ancient king’s will?” asked Chu Chun Qiu. He looked extremely conceited. He released ancient king vitality and intent in domineering waves. A sky absorbing strength emerged, and his intent started absorbing Ji Chang’s Dao intent.
“He can also absorb Dao determination?” The crowd was awed. Even the other cultivators of the top ten were astonished. It was hard to know who would emerge victorious.
Behind Chu Chun Qiu, an ancient king appeared, proud and arrogant, and then many other ancient kings also appeared. Chu Chun Qiu was suddenly surrounded by many ancient kings!
“Die!” shouted Chu Chun Qiu explosively as he flashed forwards. The ancient kings followed him and threw themselves at Ji Chang. His vitality intent bombarded Ji Chang’s soul.
Ji Chang shouted furiously. His cyan dragons dashed to the skies. He waved his hands and released even more Destructive Dao to bombard the ancient kings.
However, at that moment, Chu Chun Qiu stretched out his hands, and his terrifying Sky Absorbing strength turned into a vortex. He was trying to absorb Ji Chang’s Destructive Dao. At the same time, Ji Chang’s vitality and will were shaking violently, and his muscles kept twitching.
“What a beast!” At that moment, clouds were rolling in the sky. Some old men looked at Chu Chun Qiu, appraising his strength. He was a true cultivator!

“Congratulations. Ying Cheng is going to become a great emperor, and Chu Chun Qiu is going to surpass him, too.” Above the clouds, there was a gigantic chessboard. On each of its sides was an old man. One of the old men was talking to the others, he sounded envious. The Celestial Godly University was truly lucky.
“It’s a flourishing period. The competition for the Imperial Ranking List hasn’t been this intense for a hundred years at least,” said the old man of the Celestial Godly University, smiling happily. “It seems that the Chu Clan has put all their hopes on Chu Chun Qiu. However, I still have doubts. Did the Chu Clan really manage to find so many ancient king’s wills to feed Chu Chun Qiu, or did the old dude leave some vestiges?”
“Chu Chun Qiu and the old dude are really similar. I wonder if Chu Chun Qiu will be like the insane King Chu. Will he go insane because of cultivation, and then get controlled by the Moon Palace?”
The battle was astonishing and intense. However, the old men sounded calm and detached.
Two incredible cultivators had emerged in the history of the Chu Clan. One of them was King Chu, who had founded the Chu Clan. He had been a terrifying cultivator. Then, the Chu Clan had fallen and another insane cultivator had emerged and brought the Chu Clan back to life. Unfortunately, he had died young because of the Sky Absorbing Ancient Holy Scriptures. The Sky Absorbing Ancient Holy Scriptures were terrifyingly powerful, and everybody wanted to kill the insane cultivator of the Chu Clan because his Sky Absorbing skills and techniques were just too powerful. But Chu Chun Qiu was more discreet than the insane cultivator of the Chu Clan. He rarely drew people’s attention. He could have, his elders would have protected him, but remaining discreet was still better.

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