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PMG Chapter 1964: Bye bye Guili

PMG Chapter 1964: Bye bye Guili
Ghost Kings kept attacking Lin Feng’s mind. They were all holding blades or scepters. Guili’s Dao intent could attack people’s souls.
However, at that moment, in Lin Feng’s mind, a demon king appeared, aggressive and with terrifying Qi, like an ancient king. He was holding a gigantic sword, with which he immediately started cutting apart the Ghost Kings. A terrifying death blade strength kept emerging from the black sword and destroying the Ghost Kings. Whistling sounds resonated in Lin Feng’s mind as he cut down another Ghost King with his death sword, and the Ghost King vanished.
“Argh…” more Ghost Kings rushed over to Lin Feng. However, the demon king raised his gigantic sword and raced forwards to meet them. Death sword energies filled the air. Lin Feng’s Death Dao was truly fearsome!
In the outside world, Guili looked furious as he stared at Lin Feng. However, more death energy was emerging. It glittered, and then the demon king penetrated into his mind. Guili was shocked as he started fighting in his thoughts. The demon king’s death sword was terrifying. It could cut apart his Ghost Kings in one strike! Even his Ghost Dao was being oppressed! It felt like he couldn’t escape from death.
Guili’s choice to fight against Lin Feng using soul attacks wasn’t a good choice, after all…
The demon king was a slayer. Guili kept groaning with pain as he turned into a ghost. Lin Feng shot towards him.
Sharp claws appeared and descended from the sky, black shadows ripped towards Lin Feng in blurs of darkness.
“Die!” shouted Lin Feng explosively. His death sword streaked across the sky as he punched out, releasing more World of the Living Imprints. The earth and the sky kept shaking violently, thunder from the depths rumbled all about. Guili disappeared, but Lin Feng continued running and jumping, marks appearing and intertwining as they transformed.
The pitch-black shadows continued moving towards Lin Feng, slicing the air on their way. Lin Feng grunted grimly, standing there like an indestructible mountain. He raised both hands and a Purple River Tank emitted whistling sounds and oppressed the earth and the sky. At the same time, dazzling swords streaked across the sky and collided with the claws, emitting metallic sounds.
Threads of Qi penetrated into Lin Feng’s body. He suddenly felt ice-cold.
“Die!” snarled Lin Feng icily. At the same time, the deployment lights under his feet were flared with light. His gigantic life and death pattern blotted out the sky. The life and death strength was becoming denser and denser.
“He’s almost done carving a great deployment spell!” some people blurted out. They were astonished and staring at Lin Feng. He was so fast at casting deployment spells, and his deployment spells were so powerful…
Guili’s ghost attacks were sly and dangerous, but his Dao strength was less powerful than Lin Feng’s, and Lin Feng’s demon king was still attacking his soul. Guili had the sensation he was going to die.
Guili noticed that he didn’t have the advantage, suddenly, ghosts started wailing furiously. The earth and the sky as well as Lin Feng’s godly awareness were shaking violently. At that moment, Lin Feng realized that his soul was shaking and that many demonic demons were rushing over towards him, wanting to devour his soul.
At that moment, Lin Feng closed his eyes, and perceived everything clearly. Suddenly, he was surrounded by blinding lights as a Boddhisatva appeared, golden and indestructible. Anything that was evil disappeared around it!
“Acalanatha Curse!”
Dou Zhan Seng was astonished and staring at Lin Feng, his golden eyes wide and shining. The Acalanatha Curse was an incredible curse that could oppress evil!
“Lin Feng isn’t a Buddhist and he knows the Acalanatha Curse!” Dou Zhan Seng’s eyes kept shining. Lin Feng’s Acalanatha body emitted crackled and hummed. At the same time, terrifying evil energies rolled in waves towards Lin Feng.
“Die!” shouted Lin Feng explosively. His Nihility Death Sword streaked across the sky, carrying some demon curse strength along with it. Even though he could not curse Guili to death, he could at least make his soul shake violently and easily injure him!
Lin Feng flashed away. His life and death deployment spell turned into a gigantic death picture and enveloped Guili. Lin Feng continued moving forwards and releasing World of the Living Imprints. Everything was exploding around them. Guili initially wanted to injure Lin Feng, but he was failing miserably.
Lin Feng’s World of the Living Imprints blasted apart Guili’s gigantic ghost claws. Two ghosts still penetrated into Lin Feng’s mind, trying to stop him and failing. Lin Feng released various cosmic energies: cosmic energies of earth, death, demon, fire, cursing, and many others, which he condensed into his fist as he suddenly punched out.
Even though Lin Feng could now use the cosmic energies of the earth and the sky, it was just the beginning, so they weren’t extremely powerful yet. If his body and his actual cultivation level had progressed at the same pace, Lin Feng would have been much, much stronger, he could have made the cosmic energies of his own world and those of the outside world fuse together. But, he was fighting against someone whose cultivation level was higher than his, and Lin Feng couldn’t use pure strength such as cosmic energy to defeat him.
The claws of Guili’s ghosts crackled as he rose up in the air. Death intent kept penetrating into his body. His body was already filled with death Qi.
“Come down!” shouted Lin Feng explosively. He stretched out his hands, earth strength crashed down onto Guili. A cage appeared around him as Lin Feng rose up in the air.
Guili shouted furiously. He attacked the cage, which exploded, trying to run away, but when he looked at Lin Feng’s eyes, more death Dao intent penetrated into his brain. An endless number of death sword energies moved towards him. At that moment, Guili was certain he was going to die. It was a horrible feeling.
“Argh!” A fearsome Ghost King shot towards Lin Feng. Lin Feng took a step backwards, while at the same time, Guili was trying to run away.
Lin Feng looked at him, a thread of Dao intent moving into his third eye. Lin Feng looked at Guili and asked indifferently, “Do we need to continue fighting?”
Guili’s face was black from death strength. He was humiliated that he had lost once again. Initially, he was the third cultivator on the list, and now he had lost against Chu Chun Qiu, Dou Zhan Seng, and even Lin Feng.
“No need. You won’t see me for three years,” said Guili. He rolled up his sleeves and abruptly left, vanishing like a ghost over the horizon. The crowd looked at Lin Feng strangely. He had defeated Guili, he was now the fifth cultivator on the Imperial Ranking List!
Even Pei Dong Lai was astonished. He initially wanted Guili to crush Lin Feng, he hadn’t thought Lin Feng would win!

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