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PMG Chapter 1968: Cyan Dragon Secret Technique

PMG Chapter 1968: Cyan Dragon Secret Technique
Ji Chang released cyan dragons to protect his soul. They roared in a thundering rage and attacked Lin Feng’s demon king. The demon king slowly cracked.
Ji Chang was extremely strong, and such people couldn’t be killed that easily, unlike ordinary emperors. They had incredible spells and techniques to protect themselves. They could use their soul, their godly awareness, and their Dao intent.
Lin Feng’s demon god was made of Dao strength and soul strength. It crashed onto Ji Chang’s head. Its gigantic death sword was made of death Dao intent. The cyan dragon kept roaring furiously. If his cyan dragon was destroyed, his soul would be destroyed!
“Piss off!” shouted Ji Chang furiously. The cyan dragon roared furiously, baring fangs and brandishing claws.
“Break!” Lin Feng couldn’t give Ji Chang any time. Ji Chang’s Destructive Dao could destroy his deployment spells, so he didn’t waste time casting them.
Explosions kept going off, and cosmic energies were everywhere, tearing at the air. The cyan dragon turned into nine and moved in nine directions around Lin Feng. At the same time, Ji Chang stretched his hand out and a terrifying cyan dragon moved towards Lin Feng’s head.
“Die!” Lin Feng raised his hand, and death Kalpa swords cut apart everything. Cosmic energies twinkled and rotated. World of the Living Imprints kept emerging from his hands, and the earth and the sky kept shaking. Lin Feng ran forwards and shouted, “You will lose!”
His voice contained demon cursing strength and resonated in Ji Chang’s head. He couldn’t flinch. Lin Feng moved like the wind with an indomitable will.
Ji Chang’s eyes were glowing madly, he didn’t retreat, instead jumping forwards and turned into a cyan dragon. His Qi was astonishing, threatening to bring down the sky.
Lin Feng stretched his hand out and empty space lights condensed. Ji Chang’s attack arrived at the same time, and thunder boomed as his destructive strength crashed down. Lin Feng’s deployment marks were destroyed before the destructive energies continued moving towards Lin Feng… but the Qi wasn’t as powerful as a moment before.
“Die!” At that moment, Lin Feng shouted furiously and released desolate cursing sound strength. Immortal energy pulsed out. The demon king assaulted Ji Chang’s cyan dragon. Cosmic strength emerged from Lin Feng’s left hand, World of the Living Imprints emerged from his right hand.
Ji Chang and Lin Feng’s cosmic energies collided. However, the World of the Living Imprints appeared again, Ji Chang couldn’t destroy them. He raised his fist as cyan dragons roared. The World of the Living Imprints crashed onto Ji Chang’s body like endless hammers, destroying some of his cyan dragons.
Ji Chang was sent crashing into a pillar, coughing up blood. He just closed his eyes, firmed his resolve, and  cyan dragons emerged and struck out again.
Lin Feng was driven backwards, as well, his arms all sore. He was staring at Ji Chang; the Champion was indeed really strong.
“You lost!” said Lin Feng, smiling proudly. The crowd shivered in disbelief.
Lost? Ji Chang had lost against Ying Cheng and Chu Chun Qiu, had he lost against Lin Feng now?
The Champion, three defeats? What a humiliation, just like Guili!
“Lin Feng knows too many things; soul attacks, skills, techniques, spells, ancient imprints, all sorts of cosmic energies, he’s relentless and brave. Fighting against Lin Feng is a nightmare.” the crowd chattered as they watched Lin Feng. Chu Chun Qiu and Lin Feng were truly incredible!
Chu Chun Qiu’s strength had amazed everybody, but he was a high-level emperor after all, Lin Feng was just a medium-level emperor. There was a huge difference between medium-level emperors and high-level emperors. And Ji Chang was also a Champion, so he was even stronger than those people!
“The battle is not over,” said Pei Dong Lai indifferently. He asked Ji Chang, “Ji Chang, do you think you lost?”
Lin Feng was startled and looked at Pei Dong Lai. Ji Chang released a terrifying strength at that moment. Lin Feng was stunned.
Lin Feng flashed forwards. Ji Chang opened his eyes and shouted furiously. A terrifying cyan dragon appeared and dashed to the skies. Ji Chang’s body was surrounded by brilliant cyan lights. The cyan dragon turned into a column of light.
“Argh…” the dragon roared in a thundering rage. Lin Feng’s soul shook violently. The demon king in Ji Chang’s mind was propelled away and slowly disappeared. Ji Chang’s Qi suddenly became much more powerful.
“The Cyan Dragon Mysterious Technique of the Ji Clan!”
The crowd frowned. Surprisingly, Ji Chang was using the mysterious technique of the Ji Clan. He initially had the strength of a high-level emperor, but with that technique, he could have the strength of a great emperor.
“According to legends, when you use the Cyan Dragon Mysterious Technique, you have to pay the price for it, you need to recover for a very long time. Ji Chang wasn’t far from becoming a great emperor, but he’s going insane now, he doesn’t want to lose.”
The crowd was astonished. His Qi stopped becoming stronger. He looked like a real king, arrogant and proud, he didn’t care about his injuries anymore.
Lin Feng looked over at Pei Dong Lai. Pei Dong Lai knew that Ji Chang had a mysterious technique, which was why he had said the battle wasn’t over.
“He’s insane. Ji Chang didn’t use his mysterious technique against Ying Cheng or Chu Chun Qiu, but he doesn’t want to lose a third time, especially against Lin Feng,” everyone sighed. If he fought against Ying Cheng and Chu Chun Qiu again, they wouldn’t be able to win, his Qi was already the Qi of the Di Qi layer.
Ji Chang flickered and suddenly disappeared. A king emerged from his body and attacked Lin Feng’s soul. He wanted to get his revenge for all the attacks Lin Feng had just carried out.
“Collapse!” he roared out. Lin Feng suddenly had the sensation his body was going to explode and his bones were going to be crushed. If he hadn’t had an incredible physical strength, he would have died.
Lin Feng was frozen. Ji Chang had the strength of a great emperor at this moment.
When Ji Chang saw that Lin Feng resisted his attack, he looked even more furious, the ancient king moved towards Lin Feng’s third eye.
“Die!” Death Qi exploded out, and Ji Chang grunted icily. There was another explosion, and Lin Feng was hurled away.

Ancestor Shi Tian frowned and the old man next to him chortled, “Haha, which of the two students of Champion University do you prefer?”
“Shut up,” said Ancestor Shi Tian, continuing to watch. Ji Chang was a real bastard, and truly sly, what a little person…

Many people from the Yin Clan and the Pei Clan finally had cause to smile. Finally, Lin Feng was going to shut up, he would stop being arrogant. Finally, Ji Chang was truly furious!
Lin Feng looked at him icily and said, “You surprisingly used a mysterious technique during such an event! You better not blame me!”
Ji Chang jumped forwards and a terrifying strength surrounded Lin Feng. At the same time, the ancient king forced Lin Feng’s demon away and attacked him. Death strength appeared in Lin Feng’s eyes.

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