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PMG Chapter 1969: Ridiculous

PMG Chapter 1969: Ridiculous
The battle in Lin Feng’s mind was insane. Ji Chang’s ancient king was fighting against his ancient demon and Lin Feng was using his godly awareness palace to protect his soul.
“The Sky Palace, what’s the date tonight?” asked a mysterious voice. The godly awareness palace flared up and blocked the ancient king. The demon king jumped, raising his left hand, he wanted to kill Ji Chang’s ancient king, flying towards it and raised his gigantic death sword.
The ancient king roared furiously and raised his hands. Their fists collided and they both dispersed at the same time.

Outside, Ji Chang and Lin Feng were both bleeding and their faces had turned deathly pale. The ancient king and the demon king had made them use up lots of soul strength, they were both getting tired.
Ji Chang roared with rage, cyan dragon lights dashed to the skies. Lin Feng released a terrifying amount of life Qi.
Ji Chang ran forwards, everything cracking and breaking down around him. Lin Feng’s bones felt like they were going to explode.
Lin Feng took a deep breath, smiling crazily.
“Hmph! He’s going to die,” said Pei Dong Qing, smiling icily. Lin Feng wanted his younger brother to steal Pei Dong Qing’s woman, he was going to die now!
“Lin Feng!” Meng Qing and many other people were astonished. Many people were shouting now. Lin Feng had to admit his defeat, it was better than dying!
“Ji Chang, you’re a high-level emperor and you dare use your mysterious and ancient technique against me? Do you deserve being called a Champion? Do you deserve the Champion Crown?” said Lin Feng in a demonic voice. He was trying to destroy Ji Chang’s willpower. A tree appeared indistinctly behind him.
“Heavenly Grace Godly Tree!” Many people were astonished when they recognized the Godly Wood. Cosmic strength was rotating around it.
“He’s a medium-level emperor and he’s already been to Godly Wood Valley and a tree has acknowledged him?” Those watching were astonished. Lin Feng was truly an incredible genius!
Very quickly, a white lotus appeared indistinctly. And then a beautiful Blue Uptala Lotus appeared under Lin Feng’s feet.
“You’re using the Godly Wood and a Blue Uptala Lotus, that’s not your own strength,” said Pei Dong Lai icily.
“Shut the hell up!” shouted Lin Feng back explosively. He looked at Pei Dong Lai coldly and said, “On the Pathfinder Day of the Imperial Ranking List, the Great Imperial Palace’s people are in charge. However, you’ve constantly been trying to disadvantage me. Do you think I’m stupid? Ji Chang’s mysterious technique is not his own strength, it’s a cyan dragon’s strength. You’re ridiculous! If the managers of the event are like you, then it would be the same without you, or even better.”
The crowd sighed with empathy. Indeed, Ji Chang’s mysterious technique wasn’t his own power, and without it, he would have definitely lost. He was borrowing the strength of an ancient cyan dragon. Lin Feng’s tree and lotus were similar, he could borrow strength from them.
Pei Dong Lai pulled a long face. He was a disciple of the Great Imperial Palace and they were in charge of the event. And now someone dared insult them?
“Even if you use an external source of strength, it won’t change anything!” said Ji Chang icily. He raised his arms, which looked like illusionary dragons.
Lin Feng ignored him. He slowly raised his hand and suddenly condensed all sorts of cosmic energies, wind, fire, lightning, cursing… The air was completely distorted around him.
An endless amount of cosmic energies condensed in Lin Feng’s hands. Light beams streaked across the sky. The energies turned into a black lotus, looking more and more real…
The crowd was astounded. What kind of Dao intent was that? The Heavenly Grace Godly Wood allowed Lin Feng to use all sorts of cosmic energies. And this Dao intent allowed him to condense all sorts of cosmic energies. When the crowd looked at Lin Feng’s black lotus, they all shuddered.
Ji Chang stopped in astonishment. That black lotus was dangerous…
He remained silent for a few seconds, but then he raised his great imperial Qi once more.
Ji Chang is getting ready to fight, thought the crowd. They sensed that Ji Chang was getting ready, he was condensing his energies and the air became even thicker.
Lin Feng and Ji Chang’s energies started colliding. They both looked like ancient kings. After a long time, they finally started advancing forwards.
The crowd was shaking.
The two fighters drew closer and closer to one another. A gigantic cyan dragon flew towards Lin Feng’s black lotus. The black lotus grew to a gigantic size.
The eruption of light blinded the crowd as waves of energies rumbled out. They couldn’t see Lin Feng and Ji Chang anymore, they had disappeared in the energies. Wild discharges ripped out in every direction.
“Get down!” shouted Pei Dong Lai. Everyone jumped off the Celestial Imperial Pillars as a destructive force swept over them. Their hearts were pounding at the close call.
“Those guys went too far.” Ji Chang and Lin Feng were both from Champion University and they were risking their lives!
Death Qi pulsed and surged on the stage. Everything had dispersed. The crowd saw Ji Chang and Lin Feng again. They were seated cross-legged and had changed their clothes already, but their hair was still messy, and they were still bleeding. Ji Chang put a pellet in his mouth, Lin Feng released life Qi. The godly wood tree appeared indistinctly.
“They’re both badly injured,” observed the crowd in astonishment. They were both severely injured.
How to rank them on the Imperial Ranking List?
Many people looked at Pei Dong Lai. The members of the Great Imperial Palace were in charge of the Imperial Ranking List.
“Lin Feng had the advantage, then Ji Chang used his mysterious technique. Now they’re both badly injured. Lin Feng should rank third,” said Hou Qing Lin calmly. Some people nodded.
“Ji Chang used his mysterious technique, but Lin Feng used his ancient tree and lotus. It helped him a lot. Ji Chang won,” retorted some people from the Ji Clan.
“Indeed,” said Pei Dong Lai nodded agreement. He looked at Lin Feng and said, “Lin Feng, you borrowed too much strength. You’re fourth. Are you okay with that?”
Lin Feng released more life Qi, opening his eyes and looking at Pei Dong Lai, “If I say I’m not okay with that, will you rank me third?”
“I won’t,” replied Pei Dong Lai indifferently.
“Then why do you need to talk shit?” Lin Feng said serenely. Pei Dong Lai’s face stiffened.
Pei Dong Lai groaned icily. “You’re lucky I’m telling you. Besides, the event is over, so now Yin Rui is going to announce Yin Yue’s wedding. Last time, you asked if your younger brother could get married to her. Well, so sorry about that!”
The members of the Yin Clan looked furious, especially Yin Rui. He was the one who was supposed to announce Yin Yue’s wedding and Pei Dong Lai had spoken up first. Now they couldn’t say anything anymore.
However, Lin Feng just looked unmoved. He looked at Pei Dong Lai and smiled mockingly.
“The members of the Great Imperial Palace are in charge of managing this event, it’s been many years. You have power in the Holy City, that’s just symbolic. However, if you mess around with the Imperial Ranking List, people won’t care about it anymore,” said Lin Feng in a disdainful way. “I don’t care whether I’m third or fourth on your stupid list. I know how strong I am. You can remove my name from your list if you want. We’ll see if people will still care about it. You need such a list to have power, the people on it don’t need to be on it. If you want, you can even put my name at the bottom of the list. I don’t give a shit!” said Lin Feng, pointing at Pei Dong Lai.
He was making fun of Pei Dong Lai. Would Pei Dong Lai put Lin Feng’s name at the bottom of the list? They just controlled the list, so it was useless!

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