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PMG Chapter 197: Situation at the Gate

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At that moment the crowd was looking towards Lin Feng and Yue Tian Chen. A cold Qi filled atmosphere and the situation felt tense.


Duan Wu Ya looked perplexed. He immediately stood up and said: “Ok. That’s enough. Stop beating the drums. We should start heading off now. Lin Feng, you are in charge of the protection of the princess.”


When the crowd heard Duan Wu Ya, they were astonished. In the end, Duan Wu Ya had chosen Lin Feng. In his eyes, Lin Feng was more important than a young prodigy of the Yue Clan. The crowd couldn’t believe their eyes. After all, they had not seen what happened in the Lovesick Forest.


In other people’s eyes, Lin Feng was just Lin Feng. Even though he was outstanding; it was impossible for him to compete with a young prodigy from a noble clan. The crowd had the impression that Duan Wu Ya, had given him the opportunity, even though it was undeserved simply because he liked Lin Feng.


Lin Feng was also astonished. Actually, if Yu Tian Chen hadn’t made him angry and attempted to humiliate him. Lin Feng wouldn’t have necessarily stood up. Even though the princess gave him a good impression, he still didn’t have any feelings for her. It was because of her delicate facial features and general beauty, no man could find her disgusting.


“Uncle Duan, even though I assigned Lin Feng to protect the princess, the others can also participate.” said Duan Wu Ya to Duan Tian Lang. He then immediately continued: “From now on, from all the members of the army, only the princess can give orders to Lin Feng. Lin Feng is also the person in charge of the princess’ security. He can choose to achieve other military merits under his own decision. Besides, the whole army must help and assist Lin Feng if he requires it.”


When Duan Wu Ya finished talking, the crowd was astonished. Duan Wu Ya was giving incredible privileges to Lin Feng.


“Duan Wu Ya is protecting me.” thought Lin Feng. He immediately understood what Duan Wu Ya meant. Considering that Lin Feng’s enemies were everywhere, Duan Wu Ya was worried that they would attempt to harm him. Therefore, he was giving a status to Lin Feng by making him the personal guard of the princess. Besides, he was reminding everybody else that attacking Lin Feng was the same as endangering the princess.


“Lin Feng, did you hear me.” said Duan Wu Ya while looking at Lin Feng in a cold and indifferent tone. This time, there was no warmth or friendliness in his voice. There was only the might and power which made him sound like an emperor.


“Roger.” said Lin Feng while slightly nodding. Lin Feng obviously couldn’t refuse protecting the princess.


“Alright, the princess’ security is in your hands.” said Duan Wu Ya while looking at Lin Feng with a profound look. He immediately looked towards Duan Tian Lang and said: “Uncle, the troops are now under your control. When you arrive in Duan Ren City, please cooperate with General Liu Cang Lan to fight against the enemy. I will be waiting in the Imperial City for you to return triumphant. See you then.”


“Your Highness, I will spare no effort to defeat Mo Yue and prevent Duan Ren City from being humiliated.” replied Duan Tian Lang in a calm and solemn tone. Duan Wu Ya slightly nodded, glanced at Duan Xin Ye, then turned around and left without a shred of hesitation.


Duan Tian Lang went back to his seat, his pitch-black armor looked majestic. He glanced at the crowd and said: “Troops, back to your initial positions!”


The bronze armored soldiers quickly moved the war drums away.


The people of the Holy Courtyard of Xue Yue and of the Celestial Academy stood up. Among the troops, obedience to the chief commander was absolute.


Yue Tian Chen coldly glanced at Lin Feng with killing intent filling his eyes. Immediately after, he turned around and moved back to his seat.


When Lin Feng noticed Yue Tian Chen’s hostile behavior, he secretly smiled coldly and said: “I hope that you will not continue to provoke me.”


Then, Lin Feng turned around and walked towards the members of the Celestial Academy.


“Lin Feng.”


At that moment, Duan Tian Lang shouted and called out to Lin Feng which surprised him. He then turned his head around.


“You’re going to the wrong place.” said Duan Tian Lang indifferently and then added: “Now, you are the personal guard of the princess, you should always be at her side with the troops. How negligent are you. If anything happens to the princess, you will be held responsible.”


Lin Feng narrowed his eyes. Now that Duan Wu Ya had left, Duan Tian Lang was starting to put pressure on Lin Feng. However, Lin Feng couldn’t refute Duan Tian Lang’s argument.


“I made a mistake.” said Lin Feng while smiling indifferently and then adjusted his trajectory to walk towards the princess. Duan Tian Lang was the chief commander of the army and was able to put pressure on Lin Feng. Lin Feng had to be careful not to give Duan Tian Lang any reason to do so.


“Sorry for bringing you trouble.” said Duan Xin Ye when she saw that Lin Feng was walking towards her. She had a warm and tender smile on her face. She was extremely beautiful.


“It is an honor to be in charge of the princess’ safety.” said Lin Feng politely while smiling.


Duan Xin Ye looked at Lin Feng and blinked twice. She then snorted with laughter while saying: “Lin Feng, how come I have the feeling that you had to force that? It doesn’t seem like you.”


When Lin Feng saw her magnificent smile, he was stupefied, He immediately shrugged and smiled. He looked like he felt at ease.


“What a pervert.” said a voice from behind Lin Feng. He had the sensation that someone was staring at him. He turned around and saw Liu Fei who was glaring at him with evil eyes which surprised him.


That girl, was she jealous?


Lin Feng then looked at Meng Qing. She looked cold and detached like always. She wasn’t looking at Lin Feng. How could this girl be so cold?


When Duan Tian Lang saw that everybody had gone back to their initial positions, he glanced at the crowd and said in a very loud voice: “Troops, let’s head to battle!”


“Let’s go!” shouted the several thousand troops. Immediately after, the ground was shaking from so many people moving towards Duan Ren City.




A few days later, a huge dust cloud covered the horizon. Thousands of troops were riding their horses on an ancient road. From above, their formation looked like a dragon’s tail. There was a huge cloud of dust trailing behind them.


At the very front were two horses ridden by Lin Feng and Princess Duan Xin Ye. It had been her decision to ride a horse at the front with everybody else instead of sitting inside a carriage. She had given up her usual comfort and joined the soldiers.


Of course, in the world of cultivation, there were very few people who were pampered and spoilt even when it came to women. Cultivators could ride a horse over huge distances, for many days without rest and it was considered normal. They would only be slightly tired, nothing more.


The evening sun was on the horizon in the West. The sunlight coupled with the rosy clouds offered a splendid view.


In the distance, there was an old and simple city. Above the city the evening sun was slowly setting. It was quiet and tranquil. A small breeze was blowing through it which gave it a desolate impression.


Duan Ren City!


The troops finally arrived in Duan Ren City but the gate was firmly closed. The people in the city looked cold and remained motionless.


“Chief Commander Duan Tian Lang has arrived, hurry and open the city gate!” shouted some troops towards the people on the gate while raising their banner.


The people at the gate looked cold and indifferent. They glanced at the troops and one of them said: “Except for when the General gives us the order, we will not open the gate.”


“What?” the troops were stupefied when they heard them. They wouldn’t open the gate?


A soldier furiously shouted: “We are the Imperial City Troops! Here with the Chief Commander Duan Tian Lang. The Emperor has given us the order to come. I order you to open the gate and let us in.”


“Only the General can give us an order.” said the person as coldly as before. They didn’t listen to anyone’s orders apart from those given by their General.


Duan Ren City was under the control of General Liu Cang Lan, apart from him, nobody else could give orders to his troops.


“Liu Cang Lan… how audacious. It seems like he is not attaching importance to the Imperial City troops.” said Duan Tian Lang coldly before adding: “Does he think that he has the highest social status in the country or what?”


When the crowd heard what Duan Tian Lang was saying about Liu Cang Lan, they started whispering all sorts of comments and at that moment Lin Feng smiled coldly and said: “What Duan Tian Lang is saying is impossible. He perfectly knows how strong we are but the fact that his people are not opening the gate until he gives them the order proves that he knows what he is doing. He taught them perfect military discipline.”


“Besides, why do you say that he thinks his social status is higher than anyone in the country?”


“When Duan Tian Lang heard Lin Feng, he was stupefied. He coldly looked at Lin Feng and said: “What do you think gives you the right to intervene in my conversation? What do you intend to do?”


“You, Duan Tian Lang, are wrong. At the moment, I am the princess’ personal guard. I will spare no effort to fulfil my duty. What you just said could have very serious consequences to the extent that it could trigger a mutiny. If something happened to the princess during such a mutiny, you would have to bear responsibility.”


Lin Feng was fixedly staring at Duan Tian Lang, sounding neither lofty nor humble.

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