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PMG Chapter 1971: Preventing The Wedding From Happening

PMG Chapter 1971: Preventing The Wedding From Happening
After the event, the Holy City became much less lively. The geniuses started meditating in seclusion again. Many people felt even more motivated after the event!
Many cultivators who didn’t understand Dao strength had now observed people using Dao strength and felt even more determined.
It was the same after each Pathfinder Day, the geniuses wanted to become even stronger. They couldn’t stop thinking about cultivation!
It had been a hundred years since people had seen such an intense Pathfinder Day. These geniuses were incredibly strong!
Lin Feng had benefited a lot from the event, his understanding of things had deepened. He understood demon strength much better than before, and he had made a huge step on the Path of Life and Death. He had also realized how important soul battles were. If a cultivator’s soul wasn’t powerful enough, then they couldn’t protect themselves properly. Guili could kill people in the blink of an eye by attacking their souls, even cultivators of the top of the Huang Qi layer. He was extremely dangerous!

Lin Feng was seated cross-legged. He had been meditating for seven days already and was recovering. There was a jade talisman in the air in front of him, his consciousness was inside it.
“Buddhism and Diabolism are really similar. Guili can release a Yaksa Ghost King, Dou Zhan Seng can also release a different Yaksa king. Yaksa Kings could be demons from hell or wrathful versions of Buddhist divinities,” murmured Lin Feng. At that moment, Lin Feng was visualizing five Buddha images: Acalanatha, Trailokyavijaya, Kuṇḍali Vidyarāja, Yamāntaka and Vajrayaksa. Lin Feng focused on Vajrayaksa, who was surrounded by dazzling lights and holding a Vajra, in addition to five cobalt weapons. He had bells and the sound of his bells could enlighten the benighted and destroy evil strength.
He had obtained the Wisdom King from Juzi. It was a precious treasure. Lin Feng was convinced that the Wisdom King was very mysterious and excellent for protecting his soul. It was also useful to study some extremely powerful Buddhist techniques.

Some days passed and inside Lin Feng’s spirit world, Lin Feng cleansed his Deva-Mara body again. His physical strength kept increasing. He needed to be cleansed by Deva-Mara Kalpa strength a few more times and improve his Deva-Mara body, and he would attain the physical strength of a high-level emperor.
Of course, Lin Feng’s priority was to understand Dao strength. Lin Feng wanted to understand a second type of Dao strength, but it was too difficult.
He opened his eyes, and another Lin Feng was next to him, one of his clones.
The two cultivators became one again. His eyes twinkled coldly. Some time had passed since the Pathfinder Day of the Imperial Ranking List and the Pei Clan had already proposed a marriage alliance to the Pei Clan. The next day, they were going to discuss the wedding.
Actually, if it had only been about Yin Yue and Pei Dong Qing, the clans wouldn’t have been open about it, as those two people weren’t very strong. nor were they important. It was still an incredible thing because two very powerful and ancient clans were going to become allies.
Everybody understood that in the Holy City.
Lin Feng turned around. Lin Wu Shang was in the distance by the waterfall. Xiao Ya was there too. Lin Wu Shang had also heard about the wedding.
“Wu Shang!” shouted Lin Feng to his brother. Lin Wu Shang turned around and looked at Lin Feng who was coming towards him. Lin Feng said, “Tomorrow, we’ll go to the Pei Clan to ‘congratulate’ them.”
“Bro!” Lin Wu Shang looked stupefied. Congratulate them?!
Lin Feng laughed and slapped his brother’s shoulder. “You’ve found a girl who loves you, I’ll help you. But you have to remember something, in the future, you’ll have to rely on yourself. The only way to be respected by people is to be strong enough.”
“Alright!” nodded Lin Wu Shang, his eyes bloodshot. He understood that so well now.
Lin Feng sighed. He remembered when his brother was a baby. Lin Feng could help his brother sometimes, but it would be best if he could rely on himself. Some things weren’t easy in the cultivation world…
The Pei Clan in the Holy City was an Ancient Clan. It had existed for a very long time and they had many strong cultivators. Their headquarters were in a mountain range.
The mountain range was boundless. People felt tiny when standing at the foot of the mountains. From the various peaks, the scenery was spectacular, with many palaces and courtyards. The Pei Clan was in the center of the mountain range. There were also many small worlds opening up there, it was impossible to see them all.
Many people were going up the mountain. There was an illusionary gate high up in the mountains with gigantic words at the top: Pei Clan. There were pillars on both sides of the way leading to the gate and mist floating up in the air. When Lin Feng arrived at that legendary palace, he picked the southern gate.
When Lin Wu Shang and Lin Feng arrived, a guard of the Pei Clan recognized Lin Feng. He had been at the Pathfinder event, so he had seen Lin Feng there.
“Lin Feng!” the guard frowned when he saw Lin Feng and Lin Wu Shang and said, “What are you doing here?”
“We came to congratulate the Pei Clan. Aren’t we welcome?” Lin Feng asked calmly. The guard’s eyes glittered. He stared at Lin Feng and Lin Wu Shang, the first thing he thought when he saw them was that they had come to cause trouble. However, Lin Feng and Lin Wu Shang were alone, what could they do?
“I see. Please,” said the strong cultivator indifferently. Even if they knew that Lin Feng wasn’t sincere, they were a big ancient clan, they had nothing to fear.
Lin Feng walked through the gate and entered the Pei Clan. There were many spectacular palaces, all of them beautiful and gigantic, enough to accommodate many dozens of people. Many people had already come to offer congratulations. There were many people from famous families such as the Ji Clan, the Yu Wen Clan, and of course the Yin Clan.
“Lin Feng!” At that moment, many people noticed Lin Feng. They were stupefied. Since the Pathfinder Day, everybody had been talking about Lin Feng and Chu Chun Qiu in the Holy City.
Everybody knew there were tensions between Lin Feng and the Pei and the Yin Clans. What was Lin Feng doing there? The banquet’s purpose was to talk and plan the wedding!
“Lin Feng!” Pei Dong Qing noticed Lin Feng and Lin Wu Shang and said mockingly, “You brought your little brother here to enjoy fine liquors?”
“I didn’t come to get drunk. I came here to bring presents,” said Lin Feng smiling. He looked at an elder of the Pei Clan and said, “My brother likes Yin Yue and Yin Yue likes him, I’ll pay the full price to cancel the wedding.”
The crowd looked at Lin Feng strangely. Was he insane? He was talented and had a high position in Champion University, but he couldn’t cancel the marriage alliance between the Pei Clan and the Yin Clan!
“Unfortunately, even if you pay the full price, it won’t work,” said the elder of the Pei Clan calmly. Lin Feng wanted to cancel the wedding? Was that even possible?
Lin Feng ignored him and smiled, “I am talented thanks to some Ancient Holy Scriptures. You all know that.”
When the crowd heard Lin Feng, many people suddenly stared at him.
“You said that even if I pay the full price, it won’t change anything, well, what about the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures?” asked Lin Feng, smiling at the elder indifferently. The elder’s heart started pounding. Lin Feng was willing to give them the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures?

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