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PMG Chapter 1973: Di Qi layer And Above

PMG Chapter 1973: Di Qi layer And Above
Lin Feng went back to Champion University. He left a clone outside and he headed to the Celestial mountain.
Above the clouds, Ancestor Shi Tian opened his eyes and smiled at Lin Feng, “Little boy, I’ve been waiting for you for a long time.”
Lin Feng smiled and bowed before him. “Master, I came because I need you to help me resolve doubts.”
“What doubts?” asked Ancestor Shi Tian smiling.
“What is Dao?” asked Lin Feng to Ancestor Shi Tian.
Ancestor Shi Tian looked at Lin Feng and smiled, “You have just started walking on the Path of Life and Death and now you’re asking me what Dao is, don’t you think it’s too early?”
“If I don’t understand what Dao is, how could I achieve enlightenment?” asked Lin Feng slowly. Cultivators had to choose their own Path, which was closely linked to their Dao. The Path was the Dao. Lin Feng was walking on the Path of Life and Death, he could release life and death strength quickly and easily. The Path of Reincarnation allowed cultivators to force people to reincarnate in the blink of an eye. Destructive Dao allowed a cultivator to destroy mountains and rivers. But they were all just at the beginning of their Path.
“Dao is awareness, Dao is strength, Dao is rules,” replied the smiling Ancestor Shi Tian.
“What are the limits of Dao?” asked Lin Feng.
“The limits of Dao…?” Ancestor Shi Tian was startled and sighed, “The limit of Dao is when you transcend worldliness, some people say that it’s the anuttara, or the paramount, if you prefer. And some people also say that being able to transcend worldliness is creation.”
“Transcend worldliness!” Lin Feng was stupefied.
“But how many people can transcend worldliness? How many people can break free from the chiliocosm of the Great Dao? There are millions of ways of reaching enlightenment. There are some people who can control Earth and Heaven. I’m an Ancestor, I’m a Saint Emperor, but I’m far from being able to transcend worldliness,” Ancestor Shi Tian sighed. Lin Feng’s question made him think about lots of things.
Being able to transcend worldliness was any cultivator’s dream!
The limit of cultivation is the paramount, creation, Lin Feng repeated to himself. He still didn’t understand, of course…
“Ancestor, how strong are cultivators who have broken free from the Great Dao?” Lin Feng asked the Ancestor.
“People who can break free from the chiliocosm of the Great Dao are not affected by the rules of the earth and sky anymore. In one glance, they can destroy a whole world. With the power of the mind, they can create billions of Asuras and Hells in the blink of an eye, they are possibly immortal too. Such people transcend worldliness and attain holiness. They become arhats,” said Ancestor Shi Tian. He had not managed to transcend worldliness and attain holiness. Such people were extraordinary and unique!
“Sages?” murmured Lin Feng.
“Sages, sage rulers, peerless kings,” agreed Ancestor Shi Tian. His eyes were twinkling, a light beam emerged from his eyes and pierced through the ground.
“Sage rulers, peerless kings!” Lin Feng’s heart started pounding. He had never heard of such people before. He had never met such cultivators either. People who could transcend worldliness and attain holiness? People who were not affected by the rules of the world? People who could break free from the chiliocosm? For such people, Dao was just another strength.
“What is the cultivation level of sage rulers?” murmured Lin Feng.
“Maybe, maybe…” murmured Ancestor Shi Tian. Suddenly, he stopped and smiled, “If there are stronger cultivators than peerless kings, then they definitely control the gods and spiritual beings. If you want to know whether such people really exist, you’ll have to go and search for the answer yourself.”
“Ancestor, I have the feeling I will soon understand Dao strength, but I can’t touch it, how should I go about this?” asked Lin Feng.
“Forget about it, Dao models itself after nature. Today you can’t, but someday, you’ll suddenly understand something and you’ll be able to touch it,” replied Ancestor Shi Tian with a knowing smile.
“Dao models itself after nature. Forget…” murmured Lin Feng.
Ancestor Shi Tian nodded. “Many cultivators of the Huang Qi layer start understanding Dao when they reach the top of the Huang Qi layer. But it’s not something you can understand that easily, it’s something that just happens. It’s fate! Some people have an advantage, they have Marks of the Path, they can use them to understand Dao faster. But as usual, it’s good to make steady progress incrementally. And if you can’t touch it, it doesn’t matter, forget about it, Dao models itself after nature, just accept that.”
“I see, I wasn’t trying to understand the right thing then, I have to be patient and seize the right opportunities!” Lin Feng smiled. Lin Feng understood he had to experience life and death to understand life and death Dao.
Dao wasn’t a special spell, cultivators couldn’t practice cultivation and meditate to study Dao.
Lin Feng wondered when he would be able to understand that mysterious Dao.
“Is there anything I can help you with in terms of cultivation?” Ancestor Shi Tian asked. Lin Feng was very talented, so he was happy to help him. It was an honor for an ancestor to watch such an incredible young man grow up. He hoped that someday Lin Feng would be able to surpass him.
“Ancestor, my cultivation is complex, I understand many kinds of strength, but some of them are really powerful and giving them up would be a pity, but what should I do?” asked Lin Feng.
“You have to choose the things which allow you to be as strong as possible, which help you in battles, for example your ancient imprints technique. Choose what can help you during battles, for example your deployment spells. Choose things which you can’t use now, but which have an incredible potential, like the Nine Netherworlds Demonic Song. Besides that, use the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures to help you understand some side types of strength, and give up the rest forever. It is a pity, but they are already useless.”
Lin Feng nodded. It was difficult for him to assess his own situation, sometimes other people had more insight. Lin Feng hadn’t thought Ancestor Shi Tian would understand him so well, though. Ancient imprints, deployment spells, Nine Netherworlds Demonic Song, Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures… Ancestor Shi Tian already knew almost everything Lin Feng knew.
“It’s difficult when you’re talented to make decisions, you have so many options. Talented people have access to so many skills, spells, techniques, and Ancient scriptures, but as you become stronger, you realize you can’t learn and master everything. If someday you realize a certain type of strength can be useful, it might not be too late,” explained Ancestor Shi Tian.
Lin Feng nodded. He knew that. He had many books, spells, techniques and powers. He had already chosen the best scriptures for himself: the Indestructible Deva-Mara Scriptures, The Three Lives Scriptures, and the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures. He also had the Godly Awareness Palace, and now had the Wisdom Kings Scriptures, a perfect combination. He didn’t need more scriptures for now.
“Anything else?” asked Ancestor Shi Tian.
Lin Feng looked pensive for a few seconds and smiled, “When I become a high-level emperor, I may have more questions.”
“Alright!” Ancestor Shi Tian nodded. Lin Feng bowed and turned around.
“Do you want to take the exam to become a Champion? A university Champion?” Ancestor Shi Tian asked him.
“When I reach the top of the Huang Qi layer, I won’t need a crown to dissuade people. I will already be able to defeat anyone,” Lin Feng replied calmly, without turning around. Ancestor Shi Tian laughed. Arrogant little boy! Ancestor Shi Tian liked him…
“Dao models itself after nature. When you achieve enlightenment, you break free from the Great Dao. When you understand Dao intent, stop focusing on cosmic energies, cosmic energies are just an intermediary step before Dao, they’re not the foundation of Dao. Your Blue Uptala Lotus contains Dao intent, it can help you fuse all your cosmic energies together. You can try and forget about the nature of cosmic energies and you will see, maybe that way they will continue fusing together,” Ancestor Shi Tian told him.
Lin Feng suddenly stopped moving, then turned around and bowed again. Then, he left the celestial mountain.
Ancestor Shi Tian watched Lin Feng leave and smiled in satisfaction.
“Old dude, how is my sense of judgement?” said Ancestor Shi Tian. A silhouette appeared next to him, forming into Ancestor Xuan Tian.
“You think you have a good sense of judgement?” huffed Ancestor Shi Tian, twitching his mouth. He said, “Because of you, he almost got killed by Ji Chang’s Club. And now you dare tell me that?”
“Bullshit, you need to go through hardships to become stronger.  Now he became much stronger,” retorted Ancestor Xuan Tian. Then, he smiled and said, “Hey, by the way, do you think he’ll ever reach that level?”
Ancestor Shi Tian’s eyes glittered. It was his dream to transcend worldliness and attain holiness. If Champion University had such a cultivator, they’d become the best university and the rulers in the Dark Night Region.
“I don’t know. The Holy City has existed for so many years, we have seen so many geniuses, many Champions, and the best they’ve achieved was becoming Saint Emperors. At our level, it’s difficult to become stronger. But I hope he will succeed!” sighed Ancestor Shi Tian. He hoped Lin Feng would manage to become a peerless cultivator. But there was hope. As a medium-level emperor, he had defeated a Champion!

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