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PMG Chapter 1974: Path of the Great Imperial King

PMG Chapter 1974: Path of the Great Imperial King
In Champion University, before the waterfall, Lin Feng was practicing cultivation. After having left the celestial mountain, he had done nothing but practice cultivation. He had stopped focusing on Dao, he focused on strength.
“Brother!” called out someone at that moment. Lin Feng opened his eyes and saw a young, slender and elegant woman. It was Xiao Ya!
“Little girl,” said Lin Feng. He stood up and gave Xiao Ya a welcome hug. Xiao Ya usually didn’t disturb him, what was going on?
“Brother, Ying Cheng is going to become a great emperor. I want you to bring me to Great Emperors Mountain,” Xiao Ya said to Lin Feng. Great Emperors Mountain was a mysterious mountain in the Holy City. Its summit reached the sky and it contained celestial Qi. People liked to go there to study the strength of the earth and sky. Many strong cultivators went there when they sensed that they were about to break through to the Di Qi layer.
“Ying Cheng is finally going to break through?” murmured Lin Feng. During the Pathfinder event, Ying Cheng had sensed he was about to break through to the Di Qi layer. Many days had passed and finally, he was going to break free from the Huang Qi layer. He was going to become a great emperor, a level many people dreamt of reaching someday in their life.
Even in the Holy City, great emperors were considered extremely strong cultivators. Even though they weren’t considered extremely strong in some ancient clans, at the scale of the Dark Night Region, where there were many weak people, great emperors were considered incredible. Many great emperors decided to create their own sects and clans. Great Emperor Qing in Qing Di Mountain, and the leader of Sword Mountain, their leaders were all great emperors.
The Di Qi layer was divided into three levels. They were strong enough to create sects and clans. Then, there were the Celestial Emperors, they were great and respected scholars who could create ancient clans, travel the world free and unfettered, and had few enemies.
And there there were Holy Great Emperors, that cultivation level already had the word “holy” in it. Those people could travel anywhere in the Continent of the Nine Clouds, there was no place they couldn’t go. They usually had an incredible social status, and they could create Ancient Holy Clans. Most people in the world admired them.
Most people didn’t know what there was above the Di Qi layer. Such people had managed to transcend worldliness and attain holiness, they had broken free from the Great Dao. They were like gods in the world, totally legendary. Maybe the people who were at the head of shrines were people like that, peerless kings, people who had managed to transcend worldliness and attain holiness. Sage kings, holy kings, peerless kings…
For many people, people who managed to become Champions in the Holy City had the potential to become such cultivators, there was hope for them. But to Lin Feng, such things were not important. The most important thing was to become as strong as possible. Someday, he’d rule over the world!
Ying Cheng, who was a Champion, was going to become a great emperor now…
“Alright, let’s go to Great Emperors Mountain,” nodded Lin Feng.
“Thank you, brother!” said Xiao Ya jumping into Lin Feng’s arms. Lin Feng smiled wryly, “Even though you’re still a little girl to me, you’re a grown-up now. I will find a husband for you.”
“How dare you! I’m not talking to you anymore,” said Xiao Ya, beating his chest with her small fists.
“Alright, I won’t then, I’m too scared of you!” replied Lin Feng, caressing her head. They left together.

When students saw Lin Feng in Champion University, they looked at him with eyes full of admiration. That was Lin Feng, a medium-level emperor who had defeated Ji Chang the Champion! He had become the third cultivator of the Imperial Ranking List! He was a real genius, a superstar!
“Brother Lin Feng,” said some people, bowing before Lin Feng. They were from Tiantai.
Tiantai was starting to surpass Ji Chang’s Club. The Stone Group and Ji Chang’s Club used to oppress Tiantai, but those days were over. Ji Chang’s Club had lost some of their most outstanding cultivators, so now they really wanted to recruit more people, they were in a rush.
Because of that, Yun Qing Yan was also very busy. They had created new subgroups in Tiantai, the core disciples managed them, and were in charge of the whole organization. Hou Qing Lin was still in charge of taking people abroad to practice and become stronger. Xing Zhan was in charge of the training. Only Lin Feng did nothing. Each time Yun Qing Yan saw him, she kept complaining.
Of course, Lin Feng had already become a symbol in Tiantai, Tiantai couldn’t be Tiantai without him. These days, Tiantai’s people could walk within Champion University freely without having to worry.

Great Emperors Mountain was a gigantic mountain, its peak piercing through the clouds. It was located in a boundless mountain range.
There was a terrifying ocean of Qi at the top of the smaller mountains around Great Emperors Mountain. Many people had gathered, having heard that Ying Cheng was going to become a great emperor. It was a great opportunity to see someone become a great emperor. It was a rare thing to see, even in the Holy City. Each time some became a great emperor, many people wanted to watch.
At the top of Great Emperors Mountain, a silhouette was seated cross-legged and looking at the sky. He was absorbing the strength of the earth and sky. Clouds were forming above him. It was a spectacular sight.
“Path of the Great Imperial King, auspicious Heavens.”
Ying Cheng had been there for three days, more and more people arriving from everywhere in the Holy City. Even now, people kept arriving unceasingly.
Lin Feng and Xiao Ya also arrived and landed on the top of a mountain. They looked at the top of Great Emperors Mountain, where Ying Cheng waited.
“Becoming a great emperor is incredible, your soul and the earth and sky fuse together. The strength of the earth and sky cleanse your body. Great emperor’s energies don’t disperse for a very long time. The longer the energies remain, the more spectacular it is, and the more potential a person has,” murmured Lin Feng, gazing into the distance.
Ying Cheng’s Path was different from Emperor Wu Tian Jian’s Path. Ying Cheng was walking on the Path of a Great Imperial King. When the water comes, a channel is naturally formed, and when conditions are ripe, success is naturally achieved. That’s how Ying Cheng was going to level up. Ying Cheng had sensed that he was going to break through to the Di Qi layer, so he had tried to consolidate his foundation.
Lin Feng glanced around. Some people looked at him in a friendly way, or indifferently, and some others looked at him coldly. Lin Feng ignored everyone, though. He just remained normal and calmly watched Ying Cheng.
“You’re Lin Feng,” said an old man at that moment. That old man had white hair and eyebrows. He looked peaceful and kind, with the demeanor of a transcendent being. He also looked unfathomable and enigmatic.
“Who are you, Master?” Lin Feng replied to the old man. He had suspicions.
“I’m a nobody, I live in the mountains,” smiled the old man. He looked very warm and gentle. He smiled at Lin Feng and said, “I saw you on Pathfinder Day. You’re very talented. I was amazed. You understand ten sorts of abstruse energies, if I’m not mistaken?”
“Indeed,” nodded Lin Feng. He controlled ten sorts of cosmis energies, he had never hidden it, so it wasn’t a secret anymore.
“Not bad at all. For many people, it’s very difficult to understand one kind of Dao strength, but you already understand a dual Dao strength. You can also make many sorts of strength fuse together. I can’t wait to see how strong you’ll be when you perfectly understand Dao,” the old man smiled. Lin Feng laughed, but said nothing. He didn’t know why the old man was telling him these things.
“My Dao and the Dao you want to achieve are similar. Do you want to sense it?” asked the old man smiling.
Lin Feng had doubts, but nodded, “If you offer your help, I better accept deferentially than decline courteously.”
“Alright, look at me.” said the old man smiled. Lin Feng looked at the old man’s eyes, for a few seconds, he had the sensation he had ended up in another world, like an illusion.
“Now try to fuse your cosmic energies,” said the old man. Lin Feng nodded and stretched out his hands. He released cosmic energies and suddenly, Lin Feng was stupefied, it felt like he had made them fuse together, but at the same time it was as if something had prevented him from completely condensing them.
“You might have made a mistake in your learning, that’s why this thing happens. Relax, I will show you something about your understanding,” said a voice in the illusion. Lin Feng let his energies flow naturally. The old man’s voice was warm which helped him relax. A mysterious strength penetrated into his brain.
“Dao models itself after nature, Dao requires good luck, you cannot reach the goal in one step.”
Lin Feng remembered what Ancestor Shi Tian had told him. Suddenly, his consciousness became extremely wide, and loud sounds spread out in his head. Lin Feng shouted explosively, “Piss off!”
Lin Feng suddenly opened his eyes and looked at the old man icily. His eyes were filled with Death Qi.
“Piss off!” said Lin Feng to the old man. The old man just kept smiling. Lin Feng looked at Xiao Ya, who was lying on the ground, asleep.
Lin Feng understood that that old man had studied the Dream Of Life Ancient Scriptures or something similar. He was an expert at creating illusions.

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