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PMG Chapter 1975: Trying to Assassinate Ying Cheng

PMG Chapter 1975: Trying to Assassinate Ying Cheng
“Little boy, don’t be angry. I’m helping you,” said the white-bearded old man smiling in a gentle way. He looked a little bit evil though.
“Bastard, you’re a great emperor and you’re trying to attack my memories, which clan are you from?” Lin Feng took Xiao Ya in his arms and moved back a few steps, staring at the old man. The old man was extremely dangerous. He could make people fall asleep, and had tried to attack him. He was probably from a group Lin Feng had offended.
The old man’s kind face suddenly changed. He looked at Lin Feng coldly. Lin Feng sensed oppressive energies and had cold sweats. It was as if his body were about to explode. He could barely move, so he couldn’t escape.
He’s so strong, he must be a Celestial Emperor, thought Lin Feng in astonishment. The old man rolled up his sleeves and a terrifying strength smashed Lin Feng away. Lin Feng kept staring at him.
“You ignorant baby, don’t think that because you are a bit talented, you can do whatever you wish. You’re in the Holy City here, and no matter how strong you are, you’ll never be able to compete with Ancient Holy Clans. In front of me, you are a tiny little insect, a nobody, an insignificant person!” shouted the white-bearded old man furiously. He looked extremely angry.
Lin Feng looked at him and smiled coldly. “At least, I’m honest. Could you tell me who you are?”
“I’m from the Ji Clan, my name is Ji Qing Song!” replied the old man icily.
“Ji Qing Song,” repeated Lin Feng, before saying, “The Ji Clan doesn’t dare kill me, so you’re trying to affect my memories, and they sent a Celestial Emperor to oppress and humiliate me? How ridiculous! You will regret what you did today.”
“Empty words, piss off!” said Ji Qing Song. He rolled up his sleeves again. Lin Feng had the sensation of an explosive strength surrounded him again, he suddenly coughed up blood. He looked at Ji Qing Song icily and left with Xiao Ya.
Ji Qing Song was annoyed. He initially wanted to attack Lin Feng’s memories, to see if he could get a grasp on the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures, but he hadn’t thought Lin Feng would be so careful. Even in the great dream, Lin Feng had managed to remain vigilant and break free. He had failed even though he was so close to success. He had only been able to humiliate Lin Feng in the end. But it didn’t matter, he had managed to extract many secrets from that little girl’s memories.
Lin Feng and Xiao Ya landed on another peak. Lin Feng woke her up, and she looked at him in surprise, “Bro, what’s wrong with me?”
“Nothing, we met a guy from the Ji Clan and he made you fall asleep using an illusionary dream technique,” smiled Lin Feng softly.
“A strong cultivator from the Ji Clan, dream technique!” Xiao Ya was stupefied. She had just had a very strange dream. In her dream, someone had asked her who she was, what her relation with Lin Feng was, she had told them everything.
“What’s the matter, Xiao Ya?” asked Lin Feng after he saw that her expression had changed drastically.
“Nothing, bro. When we go back to university, I’ll go back to the small world,” Xiao Ya smiled. Lin Feng had his doubts but nodded.
The cloud of Qi was becoming bigger and bigger in the sky, Ying Cheng was absorbing the strength of the earth and sky. Soul strength was rotating around him. His map of several countries and their altars to the gods of earth and grain appeared behind him. At the same time, waves of energies pulsed and surged all around him. The sky became chaotic, displaying Ying Cheng’s Dao strength.
“He’s going to become a great emperor!” Many people’s eyes twinkled. The sky became strange, dazzling lights appeared all around him. His Qi was fusing together with the earth and sky.
“He broke through!” Those watching were impressed. A new great emperor had appeared in the Holy City! He had reached a legendary cultivation level!
Many Champions had incredible destinies. Many of them became powerful and influential in the Continent of the Nine Clouds. They had their statues with their names in all the different academic institutions.
And now one of them had just become a great emperor. For Ying Cheng, it was a huge step.
At that moment, the scenery looked spectacular. Threads of energies emitted whistling sounds. The earth and sky kept shaking.
At that moment, an explosive and majestic strength invaded the whole region. It felt like the sky was about to collapse.
“That’s Ying Cheng’s strength?” Those watching were astonished. What kind of Qi was that? Ying Cheng had become that strong?
Xiao Ya’s beautiful eyes kept twinkling, they were wide open in awe.
Ying Cheng’s face changed drastically. He looked like an ancient god.
“Ying Cheng, escape!” shouted someone at that moment furiously. Many strong cultivators started racing towards Great Emperors Mountain.
An illusionary dragon elephant appeared, the atmosphere seemed to be collapsing. There was a terrifying destructive energy enveloping Ying Cheng.
Thunderous boom and ear-splitting crackling spread out. A dazzling light beam appeared around Ying Cheng. Ying Cheng was bathing in those lights from another world, stars twinkling all about him. However, at that moment, the world finally broke apart.
Ying Cheng broke a talisman and turned into a light beam. He had broken his protection talisman. His new enemies were now much stronger. Without his Chaotic Sky Talisman, he wouldn’t have been able to do much.
Explosions and crackling sounds kept spreading out. Great Emperors Mountain started exploding, as Ying Cheng appeared in an empty space. He had two treasures from the Ying Clan, the first one was an item which protected his life automatically, and he was using the second one.
A gigantic hand appeared in the sky, moving towards a strong cultivator of the Ying Clan. The strong cultivator was attacked by a roaring dragon elephant. It had the strength of a Holy Great Emperor! The difference between Celestial Emperors and Holy Great Emperors was astonishing.
Rumbling and explosion sounds spread out. The area kept exploding. The strong cultivators of the Ying Clan were hurled away, their faces turned deathly pale. Ying Cheng had broken through and some people were trying to kill him!
In the distance, a gigantic dazzling sun appeared and charged towards the mountain.
“Who’s that strong cultivator?” thought the crowd. After a short time, the atmosphere became calm again.
“You dare attack the Ying Clan like that, aren’t you afraid that some incredible people of my clan could come to your clan and destroy it completely?” spoke a terrifying voice at that moment. Many people shuddered with fear.
“Don’t forget what we said back then. If you offend my clan, I’ll destroy yours,” said another extremely loud voice. It was impossible to detect where the Qi came from.
“He came back!” The crowd was astonished. Twenty years had passed, and he was now back and wanted to kill Ying Cheng. He had even become a Holy Great Emperor.
But the Ying Clan had given Ying Cheng many things to protect himself. They had to be extremely vigilant.
In the Holy City, many people had heard about those things. They knew perfectly well who that cultivator was. His grandson had died because of Ying Cheng. The Ying Clan had also killed many people of his clan. In return, they had also killed many people from the Ying Clan. A strong cultivator of the Ying Clan had chased him, and he had disappeared. Now, twenty years had passed and he still wanted to get his revenge. Back then, Ying Cheng used to be a low-level emperor and had just joined the Celestial Godly University. Now he was a great emperor, many people had forgotten about these matters.
Twenty years was a lot of time, and Ying Cheng was so talented that becoming a Celestial Emperor wouldn’t be an issue.

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    Thank you very much!

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    She better tell Lin Feng what happened or It will be a huge issue down the road when the Ji clan spreads everything about him

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      Yeah I have no idea why she’s helping them like this? Is she secretly after something from him? It’s surely the most natural reaction to warn him that she spilled all his secrets! Something’s wrong for sure… Sigh.

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    So what are the emperor rankings now?
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    Di qi low
    Di qi med
    Di qi celestial??
    Too confused since he set this up to be the peak, and now suddenly it’s a new floor again, without being clear in rankings.

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      Trascendant, sage,peerless….

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