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PMG Chapter 1976: Threat

PMG Chapter 1976: Threat
However, someone who had just become a great emperor couldn’t fight against a Holy Great Emperor. After breaking the talisman, Ying Cheng ran away. Ying Cheng would have died without his talisman.
The Chaotic Sky strength slowly dispersed. The grandiose Qi dispersed too. Back then, the Ying Clan had managed to force the Celestial Emperor to escape. Now he had become a Holy Great Emperor, it would be even more difficult to kill him.
Lin Feng’s eyes were gleaming. Someone was trying to kill Ying Cheng?
“A strong cultivator from the Medicine Clan.” Lin Feng was astonished. Tantai’s tribe! Tantai had told him back then, when he was a kid, a terrifying cultivator had risen in his tribe and had gone to the Celestial Godly University to study. Ying Cheng and that cultivator used to be considered as the most outstanding geniuses of the university. The young man had even defeated Ying Cheng. At the beginning, they were good friends, but then Ying Cheng had killed him with some strange method. That young man was Lin Feng, and many people believed Ying Cheng had used sly methods to kill him.
When Tantai had told Ling Tian about those things, he was furious. In the Medicine Clan, many people became strong slowly. Their grand talents matured slowly, but in the end they could be terrifyingly strong. Ling Tian, back then, was a bit like Chu Chun Qiu.
“Xiao Ya?” Lin Feng suddenly turned around and looked at Xiao Ya, who was staring at the sky.
“I’m alright!” said Xiao Ya coming back to her senses. “Brother, let’s go back.”
“Alright,” said Lin Feng nodded. However, at that moment, a silhouette came up next to them. It was Ji Qing Song! Lin Feng frowned and his eyes glittered.
“Don’t rush. I have good news for you,” Ji Qing Song smiled. Then, he said to Lin Feng using telepathy, “Tell me, if the Ying Clan knew about your relation to him, what would they do?”
“Eh?” Lin Feng looked at him icily. Relation to him?
Ji Qing Song stared at Lin Feng and then at Xiao Ya. Xiao Ya looked extremely nervous.
“Haha, don’t tell me you don’t know Xiao Wu Tian?” said Ji Qing Song, still using telepathy. Lin Feng was startled. Xiao Wu Tian, Mister Xiao?!
“What does that have to do with Mister Xiao?” Lin Feng looked thoughtful. But suddenly, he remembered something. Medicine, the Medicine Clan, don’t bring Xiao Ya to the Holy City!
Lin Feng’s face suddenly changed drastically. His heart started pounding. He looked at the sky. Mister Xiao?
“You remember it seems. Lin Feng, how would the Ying Clan react if they knew that the little girl next to you is Xiao Wu Tian’s granddaughter, Xiao Ling Tian’s biological little sister, can you guess?” said Ji Qing Song, still using telepathy. Lin Feng’s face kept twitching. Ling Tian, Xiao Ling Tian, Xiao Wu Tian’s grandson!
Lin Feng looked at Xiao Ya. He understood many things suddenly. His eyes twinkled and he said, “You’re a great emperor, you’re attacked a young woman using a dream technique, you’re a despicable bastard!”
“Little insolent bastard. Don’t worry, continue insulting me. However, let me tell you one thing, right now, give me the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures, otherwise, the Ying Clan will know your little secret really soon. Even Champion University won’t be able to protect you and that little girl. The tensions between the Ying Clan and Xiao Wu Tian go beyond your imagination. Champion University can’t get involved. Xiao Wu Tian’s life is in peril!” said Ji Qing Song icily.
This was the perfect time for Xiao Wu Tian to show up. He could use him to threaten Lin Feng!
“You want the Ji Clan to get involved in Xiao Wu Tian and the Ying Clan’s issues?” replied Lin Feng icily. “I’m not from the Xiao Clan, I just consider Xiao Ya like my little sister. No matter what the Ying Clan thinks, they won’t dare attack me. However, if the Ying Clan dares capture Xiao Ya, I’ll tell Xiao Wu Tian about you, Ji Qing Song. And then Xiao Wu Tian will get very, very angry at the Ji Clan.”
“Eh?” Ji Qing Song’s face stiffened. Lin Feng was threatening him?
“You don’t care about that little girl’s life?” said Ji Qing Song icily.
“You’re a despicable bastard, even if I accept a compromise, you won’t stop and I will have nowhere to hide, so I have no other choice,” said Lin Feng firmly. He couldn’t submit, especially to such a despicable man.
“Are you sure?” said Ji Qing Song, coldly releasing cold Qi. He looked at Xiao Ya and said, “If that girl ends up in the Ying Clan’s hands, it will be a nightmare.”
“If the Ji Clan gets involved, get ready to see all the young people of the Ji Clan die in atrocious conditions. How many Holy Great Emperors does the Ji Clan have to protect them all? Even if you go back to the Ji Clan, the situation might become dangerous for you. I’ll tell Xiao Wu Tian to watch the Ji Clan closely,” retorted Lin Feng icily. Then, he turned around, took Xiao Ya’s hands and said, “Let’s go.”
They left. Ji Qing Song stared at Lin Feng’s back in an evil way. Back then, Xiao Wu Tian had killed many strong cultivators of the Ying Clan. The Ying Clan had turned into an inescapable net, and sent people to Xiao Wu Tian’s tribe. After that, Xiao Wu Tian had stopped killing people from the Ying Clan. To prevent a massacre, Xiao Wu Tian and the Ying Clan had agreed to kill only people who were directly related by blood to Xiao Wu Tian or to Ying Cheng.
Xiao Wu Tian was terrifyingly strong, and his concealment techniques were incredible. Thanks to his concealment techniques, the Ying Clan hadn’t managed to corner him when he was a Celestial Emperor. In the end, they had still found him and injured him, so he had left the Holy City. More than twenty years had passed.
Xiao Wu Tian had now become a Holy Great Emperor and come back. The first person he wanted to kill was Ying Cheng. If the Ji Clan got involved, Xiao Wu Tian would definitely slaughter them like he had done the Ying Clan back then. Ji Qing Song had to be very careful.
“Xiao Ya, did you know it was your grandfather?” Lin Feng asked Xiao Ya as they were flying. Her beautiful eyes glittered. She understood that Lin Feng knew.
“Brother, I didn’t know he would come either, but I know that during the few days it took Ying Cheng to break through, my grandpa might come back because it was the best timing,” replied Xiao Ya in a gentle voice. She felt guilty. So many years had passed, she had had the premonition her grandfather would come back to the Holy City, and now it had happened.
“Don’t worry, little girl. Mister Xiao has now become incredibly strong. The Ying Clan can’t do much against him,” said Lin Feng, caressing her hair and smiling, “When we arrive, I’ll send you to the small world. If Ji Qing Song tells people about your secret, it could become dangerous for you. In the small world, nobody can find you. The Ying Clan won’t do anything to me directly, either.”
“Alright, good,” Xiao Ya nodded. She knew it was important. If Ji Qing Song hadn’t been there, nobody would have guessed who she was, she had already grown up. But now Ji Qing Song knew her secret and her grandfather had come back, she had to be very careful.
In front of Lin Feng’s boat, a cloud appeared and a silhouette solidified within it. Lin Feng was startled and stopped quickly.
“Grandfather!” murmured Xiao Ya. The silhouette turned around, revealing an old man with many wrinkles. He still looked like an ordinary old man, he hadn’t changed.
“Mister Xiao!” Lin Feng smiled at Mister Xiao. The old man came over to the boat and pinched Xiao Ya’s cheeks. He smiled and said in a gentle way, “My little Xiao Ya, you’re a grown up now and you look so beautiful.”
“Grandfather!” Xiao Ya answered happily, hugging her grandfather. She immediately started crying. Mister Xiao smiled wryly. He caressed her hair and said, “You’re an adult now, don’t cry like a little girl.”
Mister Xiao looked at Lin Feng and smiled, “Little Lin Feng, you’re a big boy too now. I hope keeping Xiao Ya with you wasn’t too troublesome.”
“Mister Xiao, without you, I would be dead. Xiao Ya is like a sister to me, there’s nothing troublesome about it,” Lin Feng smiled.
Mister Xiao nodded, “Back then, I had noticed you were really strong and had potential but I would have never thought you’d become so strong so quickly. You’re still in your twenties and you’re already famous in the Holy City, an extraordinary person. You remind me of my grandson. I hope that someday, you’ll become a great king in the region and the continent.”
“I will!” stated Lin Feng, nodding and clenching his fists. He was very self-confident, it was necessary to become a peerless cultivator.
“But, Mister Xiao, we have a problem. Ji Qing Song from the Ji Clan inspected Xiao Ya’s memories using a dream technique and cheated her. He now knows who she is, and he also threatened me,” said Lin Feng to Mister Xiao. He had to be honest.
Mister Xiao’s eyes glittered with ice-cold lights and he said, “I know Ji Qing Song. He poses as a person of high morals, he has the demeanor of a transcendent being, but he’s truly devious. He would dare to do anything! I’ll go and kill him!”

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    Legitimately, how old is Lin Feng? “You’re still in your twenties and you’re already famous…” like what. Isn’t he at least in his 30’s by this point?

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    ” You’re still in your twenties and you’re already famous in the Holy City”
    Well that isn’t possible. when the story started lin feng was 15 and he had no brother. Now his brother is older than 15. You see where i am going with this. Lin Feng should be around 45 now.

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