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PMG Chapter 1977: Plotting Against Ji Qing Song

PMG Chapter 1977: Plotting Against Ji Qing Song
When Lin Feng heard Mister Xiao, he was startled and said, “Mister Xiao, if you go and kill him openly, the Ji Clan will be infuriated. It wouldn’t be good for you. We need to do it secretly.”
“Do you have any ideas?” Mister Xiao asked him. He wanted to get his revenge and kill Ying Cheng, but if he offended the Ji Clan too, it would be even more difficult. Having to deal with the Ying Clan was already difficult enough.
“Ji Qing Song threatened me. I will tell him we should meet alone, and at that moment, you’ll have the opportunity to attack. You’ll need to do it secretly and in one strike. That way, the Ji Clan won’t know it was you,” said Lin Feng. Mister Xiao’s eyes glittered. “If we do that, the Ji Clan will inspect your memories and find out about it.”
“I’m just a medium-level emperor. The Ji Clan wouldn’t think I killed Ji Qing Song, that would be impossible!” smiled Lin Feng. Mister Xiao nodded agreement.
Besides, Lin Feng was also backed up by Champion University. If the Ji Clan said that the cultivator’s death had something to do with Lin Feng, Lin Feng would ask the elders of Champion University for help. The Ji Clan wasn’t strong enough to pressure Champion University.
“Mister Xiao, what do you intend to do in the future?” Lin Feng asked Mister Xiao.
“Don’t worry about me,” laughed Mister Xiao. His Qi changed, and he looked like an ordinary old man again. He also changed his face and smiled at Lin Feng. He was a consummately skilled cultivator.
“Let’s find a place to land. Then, I’ll make Ji Qing Song come and you can kill him secretly,” said Lin Feng to Mister Xiao. Mister Xiao nodded. The three of them continued flying and arrived in a boundless place, somewhere people wouldn’t notice them.
Lin Feng, Mister Xiao and Xiao Ya landed and someone appeared. If the Ji Clan had seen that person, they would have recognized him: Ji Jiang! Ji Jiang and Ji Qing Song were related by blood.
Ji Jiang hadn’t changed. He looked colder though, his eyes had become darker. His Qi was also colder. It was impossible to notice something was different: Lin Feng controlled him!
The Demon Puppet technique of the Ancient Demon Clan was complex. To control someone, one couldn’t injure them, they had to be perfectly fit. His talent didn’t change, either. It was much more efficient, but much more complex than Master Mi’s technique back then, and Master Mi had only been able to control people who weren’t too strong.

Ji Qing Song spent some time at Great Emperors Mountain and then headed back to the Ji Clan. He was seated on a cloud and flew slowly. He kept thinking about his plots.
Lin Feng was sly and bold. Surprisingly, he hadn’t managed to influence the young man. Lin Feng had even threatened him back. Now, he was wondering how he could fool Lin Feng.
Ji Qing Song really wanted the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures. But he only knew two people in the Holy City who had the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures: Lin Feng and Chu Chun Qiu! They were both incredible cultivators and were both on the Imperial Ranking List. It was impossible to attack them, especially since they were backed up by the celestial Godly university and Champion University.
But he was still trying to find a method. Even if he couldn’t get the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures, he wouldn’t let Lin Feng off, especially now that he knew some of his secrets!
As Ji Qing Song was thinking up a plot, he was also getting closer and closer to the Ji Clan. At that moment, someone rose up in the air to greet him.
“Eh?” Ji Qing Song was surprised when he saw Ji Jiang. He frowned and asked, “Ji Jiang, what’s wrong with you? You disappeared for such a long time. What happened when you went and chased Lin Feng with the others?”
“Grandpa, Ji Ao and I are the only ones still alive. Lin Feng imprisoned us. He’s really strong.” Ji Jiang looked extremely sad.
Ji Qing Song nodded and said, “I know, I saw him during the Pathfinder Day. He’s terrifyingly strong. How did you escape?”
“He released me willingly.” said Ji Jiang. Ji Qing Song was stupefied. Why would Lin Feng do that?
“Grandpa, thank you, he asked me who you were to me, I told him, and then he released me. He told me he wanted to meet you, he said he was ready to pay the price, but only once,” said Ji Jiang slowly.
Ji Qing Song’s eyes twinkled and he said to Ji Jiang, “Did he tell you anything else?”
“Only that. What’s going on, grandpa?”
“Don’t worry about it. He went back to Champion University so quickly and released you?”
“No, Lin Feng has a precious treasure, a kind of golden tower, I was imprisoned in that tower with Ji Ao and some members of the Yu Wen Clan. He’s still not far from Great Emperors Mountain.” replied Ji Jiang.
“Did he ask you to lead the way?” asked Ji Qing Song.
“Grandpa, I don’t want to go back!” Ji Jiang started shaking.
“Good-for-nothing, I’m here, why would you be afraid?” said Ji Qing Song angrily. His eyes kept glittering, wondering if Lin Feng had plotted anything. And what was Lin Feng’s exact relationship with Xiao Wu Tian? Maybe that they had been in touch the whole time and he wanted the old man to kill him.
Ji Qing Song had many doubts. He had always been vigilant, especially at his cultivation level. He was a Celestial Emperor!
“Lin Feng said he was waiting for you and that even without me, you’d easily find him,” Ji Jiang pressed.
Ji Qing Song nodded and said, “Alright, go back to the clan and see the leader, he’s been looking for you the whole time.”
“Yes sir!” Ji Jiang nodded and left.
Ji Qing Song took out a talisman and returned in the direction of Great Emperors Mountain once again.

When Ji Qing Song arrived at the mountain range, he noticed a mountain where Lin Feng was indeed there. Everybody else had left.
“Lin Feng, did you decide to ensure your safety by giving me the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures?” asked Ji Qing Song, frowning and staring at Lin Feng.
“I can’t give you the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures, but I can give you some other Ancient scriptures which are about soul strength.”
“Alright, show me the Ancient scriptures first though, let me see if I need them,” said Ji Qing Song narrowing his eyes.
“Watch carefully,” said Lin Feng indifferently. His eyes gradually became pitch-black. He started chanting and a mysterious strength emerged from his eyes. Flames suddenly appeared in his eyes, and a Yaksa King appeared, holding a gigantic steel fork. He looked imposing and awe-inspiring, like a Bodhisattva who wanted to kill demons, with three heads and six arms. He could attack people’s souls.
“You’re just a medium-level emperor and the power of that skill is already explosive,” observed Ji Qing Song. He remained silent for a few seconds as everything disappeared.
“That’s something I learnt from the Wisdom Kings Scriptures. You can learn how to visualize the five Wisdom Kings, they are very powerful Buddhist Scriptures. You just saw one of the Wisdom Kings: Vajrayaksa. What do you think?” Lin Feng asked evenly.
Ji Qing Song smiled and said, “Great. Transmit the scriptures to me using your godly awareness.”
“Alright, I will transmit the scriptures to you using my godly awareness. But don’t forget what I said, I won’t do this twice,” said Lin Feng coldly.
“Of course, and I will keep your secret.” said Ji Qing Song smiled.
“Let’s go somewhere else. The content is gigantic, the transfer will take time. Let’s go into the valley.” said Lin Feng, starting down the mountain.
Ji Qing Song spoke up, “Wait!”
“What else do you want?” Lin Feng asked coldly.
“You see that talisman, my godly awareness is inside it. I’ve transmitted my godly awareness to my family. If I die, they will immediately know your secret!” said Ji Qing Song put another thread of godly awareness inside the talisman and smiled coldly. He had no choice, Lin Feng knew Mister Xiao. He had to be vigilant!
Lin Feng’s face changed. Ji Qing Song noticed that and said, “Don’t worry, I gave it to my family, I didn’t tell anyone else. If I don’t die, nobody will know about your secret. My son will be your secret.”
“You’re a great emperor and you need to play such little games with a little emperor?” said Lin Feng coldly.
“I don’t know your friends, I must be vigilant!” rebutted Ji Qing Song shamelessly.
“Just come with me,” said Lin Feng, moving down into the valley. Ji Qing Song followed after Lin Feng. He was sure there was no danger now.
At that moment, Ji Jiang was telling the members of the Ji Clan what Lin Feng had told him. His silhouette flickered as he headed to Ji Qing Song’s place. Ji Qing Song had bullied Lin Feng and Xiao Ya, and threatened them and pried into Xiao Ya’s memories. Lin Feng was going to be merciless.

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      And honestly there were cases where he spent decades or centuries cultivating inside other worlds/mental worlds. So physically he has to be just shy of middle age for a normal human, and mentally he’s cultivated at least a thousand years or more, lest we forget the first time he was plied with the Dream of Life.

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