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PMG Chapter 1978: Great Battle

PMG Chapter 1978: Great Battle
There were many valleys along Great Emperors Mountain. Ji Qing Song and Lin Feng landed in one smoothly.
“Is it good here?” asked Ji Qing Song, “This valley is so deep. Even if you need time to transmit the scriptures to me, I don’t think anyone will find us.”
“Alright, open your godly awareness then!” Lin Feng said after stopping. He turned around and looked at Ji Qing Song. Threads of godly awareness appeared and moved towards Ji Qing Song.
Ji Qing Song’s soul was extremely strong, Lin Feng couldn’t attack him by surprise. He opened his godly awareness and actually received a book. It was an incredible book, representing extensive knowledge and profound scholarship. But Ji Qing Song didn’t feel relaxed at all, he remained extremely vigilant. He wanted to leave as soon as possible.
A cold wind started blowing. Many talismans appeared in Lin Feng’s hands and suddenly exploded. He disappeared from there and reappeared high up in the air. He sealed the atmosphere higher up in the valley as someone else also came out.
“Oh no!” Ji Qing Song’s face changed drastically. Suddenly, he rose up in the air and turned into an illusion.
However, he heard some dragon elephants and the rumbling of a stampede. Explosions started all around him. An illusionary dragon elephant appeared, and the earth and sky started shaking violently.
Lin Feng left the valley without turning around. Even from very far away, he could hear extremely loud explosions of power. His heart was pounding.
As Lin Feng had expected, many people heard the battle and rushed over. They couldn’t see precisely what was going on, but when they saw the mountains shaking, they didn’t dare get too close. Extremely strong cultivators were fighting!
A destructive Qi resonated for a long time before the energies dispersed. The mountains had exploded, and the entire landscape had changed. Nobody came out to be seen, but in the distance, a silhouette came out of a mountain and left.

At the same time, in the Ji Clan, something happened. Ji Qing Song’s son, who was about to become a great emperor, had been killed. It was a tragedy, who dared kill their people and on top of that in their territory? And people who were direct descendants of the lineage!
And there had been no battle at all, as if he had been killed easily. An assassin had probably killed him when he didn’t expect it.
The members of the Ji Clan didn’t know what to think. According to Ji Qing Song’s daughter-in-law, Ji Jiang had talked to her husband and then he had died. Some people had seen Ji Jiang, he had really come back, many people had even talked to him, and then he had disappeared again.
But Ji Jiang didn’t go and see the elders, he hadn’t even gone to see his parents.
It was as if something had been on the verge of coming out into the open.
At that moment, the leader of the Ji Clan and some other people were standing next to the body, and many other people were still arriving.
“Why would Ji Jiang want to kill him?” asked a strong cultivator of the Ji Clan. They didn’t understand, nobody understood. What was his goal?
“Ji Jiang disappeared while chasing Lin Feng, and then he reappeared out of nowhere and killed his own family? What the hell happened?” asked a strong cultivator, looking at the leader of the Ji Clan. He was covered with cold sweat.
“Eh?” the leader of the Ji Clan frowned and asked, “What’s wrong?”
“Grandpa Qing Song’s talisman is… broken!” said that person, swallowing anxiously. The leader of the Ji Clan was astonished and suddenly looked furious. The situation was becoming extremely complex!
“Qing Song was a Celestial Emperor, he was as strong as me, who could kill me? And why would Ji Jiang come and kill his son? What is this sorcery?” The leader of the Ji Clan was astonished, his heart pounding violently. They had lost a Celestial Emperor, it was a terrible event for the Ji Clan.
“Who was the last person to see Qing Song and where? Let’s check?” said the leader of the Ji Clan. He was furious. Ji Qing Song had died, he was a Celestial Emperor and he was now dead, then his son had been killed on their own territory by Ji Jiang.
People in the Ying Clan were furious, too. Ying Cheng had been chased by someone who wanted to kill him. One of their Celestial Emperors had even been killed!
And now, in the Ji Clan, Ji Qing Song had died, a Celestial Emperor, and his son had been killed on their own territory!
The Ji Clan learned that Ji Qing Song had been seen on Great Emperors Mountain where Ying Cheng had broken through, and Lin Feng had talked to him for a while. He had last been seen not far from the gate of the Ji Clan. He had accidentally bumped into Ji Jiang, many people had seen that. Then, Ji Jiang had come back to the clan, Ji Qing Song had left. Some people even talked to Ji Jiang.
Everything pointed to one person: Lin Feng!
He had talked to Lin Feng at Great Emperors Mountain, and Ji Jiang, who had disappeared for a while, had reappeared.
But could it be Lin Feng? Could Lin Feng kill a Celestial Emperor? If they accused Lin Feng, Champion University and many other people from the Holy City would make fun of them. What a pathetic excuse!
However, how could they let Lin Feng off? Ji Qing Song and his son had died. What was going on?
On the second day, it was said that two extremely strong cultivators had fought in the mountains near Great Emperors’ Mountain. Maybe Ji Qing Song had died during that battle. Everybody knew that the killer wasn’t Lin Feng, but who could it be? Lin Feng’s only background was Champion University. They couldn’t suspect Champion University!
The Ying Clan was furious and was looking for Xiao Wu Tian everywhere.
The Ji Clan was furious, and hated Lin Feng even more. Even though they couldn’t prove that Lin Feng was causing all these troubles, they were convinced it had something to do with him. But if they couldn’t prove it, they couldn’t accuse Lin Feng!

The leader of the Ji Clan went to the Ying Clan.
In a palace, a strong cultivator of the Ying Clan, Ying Fa, asked the leader of the Ji Clan, “Brother Ji, why did you come here?”
Because Xiao Wu Tian had returned, the Ying Clan had many things to take care of.
“Brother Ying, you really want to capture and kill Xiao Wu Tian, right?” asked the leader of the Ji Clan with a smile.
Ying Fa nodded and said, “Of course, when Xiao Wu Tian dies, I’ll bury my hate with him.”
“Brother Ying, Xiao Wu Tian can disguise himself, he’s an expert at it. And now he’s a Saint Emperor, you won’t easily kill him.”
“Do you have any suggestions, Brother Ji?” asked Ying Fa.
“In the Region, there is a clan who are experts at disguising themselves, you probably know this already,” said the leader of the Ji Clan.
Ying Fa frowned. Of course he knew about them. But those people were from a shrine, getting help from them would be too difficult, or expensive.
“Brother Ji, you understand that even though the Ying Clan is an Ancient Holy Clan, we are not that influential. He won’t see us,” said Ying Fa.
“That’s why I came. If the Ji Clan and the Ying Clan asks him for help together, he will definitely consider our request,” said the leader of the Ji Clan.
Ying Fa frowned, his eyes glittered, and he said to the leader of the Ji Clan, “You would offer your help? What do you need me to do?”
“I want Lin Feng,” said the leader of the Ji Clan icily.
Ying Fa was startled and said, “Champion University is powerful. If the Ji Clan or the Ying Clan attacks Lin Feng, everybody will say we acted without justification!”
“No, they will think we did something with good reason, especially since we’re not alone, the Yu Wen Clan and the Pei Clan will also help us,” the leader of the Ji Clan told Ying Fa firmly.
Ying Fa’s heart sped up. Four Ancient Holy Clans to deal with Lin Feng? That was a bit scary, especially since the Ying Clan was powerful.
Ying Fa’s eyes glittered sharply, and he smiled. “A few Ancient Holy Clans against Lin Feng? There must be another reason. I’m sure you want Lin Feng’s Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures.”

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