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PMG Chapter 1979: Destiny Vision

PMG Chapter 1979: Destiny Vision
The leader of the Ji Clan replied to Ying Fa, “Lin Feng is the Ji Clan’s worst enemy. He may have plotted against one of our Celestial Emperors. We must capture him. But of course, if we can obtain the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures, then everything would be even better!”
Ying Fa smiled inside. The leader of the Ji Clan was acting ridiculous. If Lin Feng didn’t have the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures, the leader of the Ji Clan wouldn’t ask the Yu Wen Clan, the Pei Clan, and his Ying Clan for help to counter Champion University. If several Ancient Holy Clans joined hands, it was enough to shake the whole city!
“You’re definitely interested in the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures, I don’t think the Yu Wen Clan and the Pei Clan will offer their help unless you give them the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures. If so, the Ying Clan must obtain them too!” said Ying Fa. His eyes were twinkling.
“Brother Ying, the Ying Clan’s biggest problem is Xiao Wu Tian. Is getting help to deal with him not enough?” asked the leader of the Ji Clan unhappily.
However, Ying Fa just grunted coldly. If the Ji Clan and the Yu Wen Clan obtained the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures, they would become extremely strong, and that wouldn’t be good for the balance of power. They would be able to surpass the Ying Clan!
“Brother Ji, if you didn’t need help to deal with Lin Feng, you wouldn’t be offering your help. If you were alone, you’d need the Destiny Vision to help you deal with him and make sure he’s at fault,” Ying Fa smiled coldly.
The leader of the Ji Clan frowned unhappily.
Ying Fa stood up and spoke firmly, “The Ying Clan can protect Ying Cheng. Xiao Wu Tian won’t dare come here to kill people, otherwise, we’ll go to his tribe and kill his people. He’s not such a big problem. Otherwise, we would ask Destiny Vision for help ourselves. Since you want to cooperate, you must pay the price. If you get the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures, we must get them too. Otherwise, I’m not interested in a partnership.” They were both old enough not to get cheated.
The leader of the Ji Clan remained silent in his seat. After a few minutes, he said, “Alright, we’ll share the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures with you if we get them. But if we get other things, you can’t ask us to share everything with you.”
Ying Fa slowly turned around and smiled, “Brother Ji, you can be generous! Good, that’s a deal! Go back to the Ji Clan and get ready.”
Ying Fa was just interested in the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures, he didn’t think that Lin Feng had anything else he could want.
Lin Feng didn’t know that Ying Fa and the leader of the Ji Clan were talking about him. He had killed Ji Qing Song, but without a good excuse, the Ji Clan couldn’t do much. He was a medium-level emperor, how could he have dealt with a Celestial Emperor?
But Lin Feng underestimated their determination. They were an Ancient Holy Clan, after all!
This was especially true after having seen how strong Chu Chun Qiu and Lin Feng were during the Pathfinder Day. Many people were convinced that Lin Feng and Chu Chun Qiu had the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures and that it was the reason why they were so talented.

Lin Feng, Meng Qing, and Xiao Ya were standing in the sky of the Holy City. Lin Wu Shang and Yin Yue were there, too.
The Yin Clan had decided to cancel the wedding, and after that, they didn’t go against Lin Wu Shang and Yin Yue’s wills anymore. Lin Feng was right, everything he had, he would give to his younger brother, Yin Yue and Lin Wu Shang’s children would get everything Lin Feng had, and even though Lin Wu Shang wasn’t from an Ancient Holy Clan, he had an incredible brother. He might create a sect or a clan, and he would become famous. He just needed time. Since Yin Yue was in love with Lin Wu Shang, Yin Rui had decided to bet on Lin Feng’s future.
“Wu Shang, are you sure?” asked Lin Feng to Lin Wu Shang.
“I am, brother. You’ve been traveling alone. I can’t always stay with you, otherwise, I’ll never become strong enough. I’m sure I want to leave,” said Lin Wu Shang. Lin Feng looked solemn and grave. Even though he hoped Lin Wu Shang would become strong relying on his own self, he was also worried; it was his brother, after all! Traveling alone in the Dark Night Region at twenty years old was something difficult and dangerous.
“Please be careful and send me news sometimes,” said Lin Feng. He accepted Lin Wu Shang’s choice, smiling and saying, “And take good care of Little Yue!”
“I will,” said Wu Shang holding Yin Yue’s hand, he smiled and said, “Bro, please spend more time with mom and dad, I’m not going to tell them goodbye, otherwise, they’ll be too sad and won’t let me leave.”
“Alright, go!” smiled Lin Feng.
“Indeed.” Lin Wu Shang nodded, he looked at Xiao Ya and Meng Qing, “Sister Meng Qing, sister Xiao Ya, take care. I’ll come back to see you.”
“Bastard, if anything happens to you, I’ll be really pissed off!” said Xiao Ya. Her eyes were red, she wanted to cry. She had almost raised him and now he was leaving, off to travel with Yin Yue.
“Sister Xiao Ya, we’ll meet again!” smiled Wu Shang. “We’re off!”
He turned around and left with Yin Yue, waving to them with his back turned. The couple then slowly disappeared in the distance.
Lin Feng just sighed. Meng Qing was holding his hand, she murmured, “Wu Shang is a grown-up now. You can’t protect him forever, it wouldn’t be healthy.”
“I know,” Lin Feng replied, smiling at her. Lin Wu Shang was Lin Feng’s brother, but they belonged to two different generations, and Lin Wu Shang couldn’t evolve in the same environment as Lin Feng. The cultivators they fought and the places they went were different, not at the same level as Lin Wu Shang. He hoped his brother would stay safe…
“Brother, I miss Wu Shang already,” Xiao Ya cried. Lin Feng sighed. He knew how Xiao Ya felt about Wu Shang, almost like a mother.
“Don’t worry, he’ll come back,” said Lin Feng, caressing her cheek. The three of them turned around and left.
Lin Feng spent lots of time with Mister Xiao and Xiao Ya. He didn’t go back to Champion University. Mister Xiao had become a Saint Emperor, and could teach many things to Lin Feng. The Holy City was gigantic, it wouldn’t be easy to find them, especially now that Mister Xiao had already put on a mask. Even the cultivators of the Ying Clan wouldn’t be able to recognize him.
However, Lin Feng didn’t realize that danger abounded all around.
An old man wearing white clothes arrived in the Ying Clan. He still looked full of vitality and vigor, not old at all. He looked enigmatic and extremely strong. The Ying Clan, the Yu Wen Clan, the Pei Clan, and the Ji Clan had gathered. There were many strong cultivators there, all who had come to greet the old man. He had an extraordinary social status.
“Brother He, we’re first going to give a welcome dinner in your honor,” Ying Fa said politely.
“No need, let’s focus on the most important things and not waste time,” said He Xiao straightforwardly shaking his head.
Ying Fa nodded and replied, “We’ve told you about the situation already, Brother He, what do you think?”
He Xiao looked at the leader of the Ji Clan, who was called Ji Yuan, and said calmly, “Bring me to the place where Ji Qing Song died. I’ll use my Destiny Vision to investigate.”
“Alright,” said Ji Yuan nodded. The group of people rose up into the air and traveled to Great Emperors Mountain. Many of its slopes had been blown apart. It was the place where Ji Qing Song had been killed. Ji Yuan and the others were in the sky and said to He Xiao, “Brother He, Ji Qing Song died here.”
“Alright,” He Xiao nodded. He rose high up in the air as it turned dark, even an illusion of twinkling stars appeared. What a mysterious strength! Everybody started hallucinating.
At that moment, He Xiao’s eyes turned into two shining orbs, then two gigantic dazzling stars appeared in the sky like eyes, and he scanned the mountain range.
“Destiny technique, Destiny Vision!” The people present were shaken. Cultivators from Shrines were abnormally strong and talented.
The old man inspected the mountain range with his Destiny Vision. Many stars appeared everywhere. Everything was reflected in their minds, they saw Ying Cheng when he broke through to the Di Qi layer, they also saw Lin Feng and Ji Qing Song talking.
“Stop!” shouted Ji Yuan explosively when Lin Feng and Ji Qing Song were talking. They had seen everything, Lin Feng and Ji Qing Song’s conversation, the valley, Lin Feng had left, an old man had come and then mountains had exploded…

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