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PMG Chapter 1980: Protected By the University!

PMG Chapter 1980: Protected By the University!
“As expected, it was Lin Feng!” said the members of the Ji Clan icily. They had seen everything thanks to the Destiny Vision. As expected, Lin Feng had plotted against Ji Qing Song to kill him. So Lin Feng had definitely killed Ji Qing Song’s son, too! He had made Ji Jiang kill him. Ji Jiang was being controlled by Lin Feng!
Ji Yuan was furious. It had been a very, very long time since someone had dared do that to the Ji Clan. And Lin Feng had done that alone, he kept humiliating them and now he had started killing some of their people.
“Who was that strong cultivator? Is he from Champion University?” asked Ji Yuan icily. Mountains had exploded, they hadn’t seen the fighter clearly.
At that moment, Ying Fa’s eyes were sharp and he looked furious, lightning exploded in his eyes and he swore, “Dragon elephant! It could be Xiao Wu Tian!”
“Xiao Wu Tian?” Ji Yuan frowned and said, “You’re saying that Xiao Wu Tian killed Ji Qing Song?”
“Could be! Xiao Wu Tian is an expert at disguising himself. We know that very well. The problem is why would Xiao Wu Tian help Lin Feng kill people of the Ji Clan?” said Ying Fa slowly. Ji Yuan didn’t understand either. But if Xiao Wu Tian and Lin Feng had really cooperated, at least they would be able to deal with them at the same time.
“Brother He, can you find them?” asked Ying Fa to He Xiao. He Xiao had come from far away to help them find Xiao Wu Tian, he would have nowhere to hide now.
“Of course, he can’t escape from the Destiny Eyes in the Holy City,” said He Xiao calmly. He sounded quite confident. He said, “Put their faces in the Destiny Vision using your godly awareness.”
“Alright,” said Ying Fa and Ji Yuan nodded. Lin Feng and Xiao Wu Tian’s silhouettes appeared in the celestial eyes, and a strange and mysterious strength appeared.
“The Destiny Shrine’s destiny technique is very mysterious. At a certain level, it can affect people’s destiny, and it can also help some cultivators break free from the Great Dao and transcend worldliness. It can change someone’s life completely. Of course, only peerless cultivators of Shrines are strong enough to do that,” murmured some of the people watching.
Suddenly, the Destiny Eyes revealed a courtyard and three people: Lin Feng, Xiao Ya, and an old man, the one who had killed Ji Qing Song!
“Brother He, what about Xiao Wu Tian?”
“It’s that old man, the two people you are looking for are there,” said He Xiao indifferently. The crowd was stupefied.
“As expected, Xiao Wu Tian and Lin Feng know each other!”
“Remember the place and head back.”
“Xiao Wu Tian, Lin Feng!”
All the cultivators looked furious. He Xiao also recalled his Destiny Vision and closed his eyes, then he became normal again. If the Ying Clan and the Ji Clan hadn’t been ready to pay the price for it, he wouldn’t have come from so far away.
He Xiao was from an extremely powerful clan in one of the main cities of the Dark Night Region, the He Clan. His clan was extremely powerful because the founder of their clan was from the Destiny Shrine. Three people from the He Clan were now members of the Destiny Shrine, He Xiao was one of them. Thanks to them, the He Clan was more powerful than Ancient Holy Clans. For clans like the He Clan, clans like the Ying Clan or the Ji Clan were merely ordinary clans.
Mister Xiao frowned, he had the sensation they were being watched.
“Mister Xiao, what’s wrong?” asked Lin Feng when he saw Mister Xiao’s face.
“I have the impression that someone is watching us,” said Mister Xiao slowly.
Lin Feng was startled. Mister Xiao was so strong, he couldn’t have hallucinations. Lin Feng looked at him. Mister Xiao released his godly awareness and inspected their surroundings, but he found nothing.
“How strange!” murmured Mister Xiao. There was nobody around. At his cultivation level, people who could spy on him were terrifyingly strong.
Lin Feng had a bad premonition. Mister Xiao’s perceptions were acute. The Ying Clan had always wanted to kill him, so they maybe had a method to find him.
“Mister Xiao, you should come back to Champion University with me,” said Lin Feng to Mister Xiao. Champion University was like another world, there were many strong cultivators there, and even the Ying Clan didn’t dare attack Champion University.
“No, even if they can watch us, they can’t find me.” said Mister Xiao shaking his head, “Lin Feng, bring Xiao Ya back to the small world. I’ll go somewhere else.”
Lin Feng remained silent for a few seconds and said, “Alright, but Mister Xiao, if anything happens, please come to Champion University as soon as possible.”
“Alright, head back immediately.” said Mister Xiao. Then, he rose up in the air and disappeared.
“Xiao Ya, let’s go,” said Lin Feng pulling her hand and leaving. Whether Mister Xiao’s premonition was true or not, they had to be prepared, just in case.

At the same time, the Ying Clan, the Yu Wen Clan, the Pei Clan and the Ji Clan dispatched their strong cultivators. They all headed to the same place.
Xiao Wu Tian went to an ordinary mountain to practice cultivation but quickly had the impression someone was watching him again. His face changed drastically when he realized something. He moved somewhere else and it continued for a while. In the end, Xiao Wu Tian realized that the Ying Clan had probably asked them for help…
Little Lin Feng said he had his own small world, that’s probably the only place where I can hide now. I have to go and see him, thought Xiao Wu Tian. He contacted Lin Feng using his talisman and flew towards Champion University.

Lin Feng waited for Mister Xiao and they went back to his courtyard. Mister Xiao entered Lin Feng’s small world. The small world of his spirit was Lin Feng’s biggest secret. He only told people he trusted about it, like Mister Xiao.
He Xiao continued using his Destiny Vision, but Mister Xiao had disappeared.
He Xiao couldn’t use his Destiny Vision constantly. He could use it only now and then when he needed it.
“What’s going on?” He Xiao frowned. How was this possible?
“Brother He?” asked Ying Fa, looking at him. Xiao Wu Tian had disappeared from the Destiny Vision?
“He disappeared. I don’t know what kind of strength could give someone the power to escape from the Destiny Vision.” His Destiny Vision disappeared as he frowned. He didn’t understand what was going on.
“Disappeared?” Ying Fa’s face stiffened. Xiao Wu Tian might have noticed something. He had kept running away, and in the end he had gone to Champion University.
“He’s definitely in Champion University, Brother He, check Lin Feng,” Ying Fa asked He Xiao.
He Xiao activated his Destiny Vision once again. Lin Feng was in his courtyard. However, Xiao Wu Tian wasn’t with him.
Ying Fa used his talisman. “Xiao Wu Tian went to Champion University, but now has disappeared. Brother He can’t find him with his Destiny Vision. Maybe someone is helping him, which would change everything. We need to find Lin Feng and understand the relationship Lin Feng has to Xiao Wu Tian. We need to capture Lin Feng, and Xiao Wu Tian will definitely show up.”
The person on the other end didn’t reply, he knew what to do. They initially wanted to kill Xiao Wu Tian and then find Lin Feng. Capturing someone in Champion University was more difficult than killing Xiao Wu Tian.
The Ancient Holy Clans didn’t dare offend the universities!
At the entrance of Champion University, a strong wind started blowing. Four people appeared, all of them looked incredibly strong, and everybody was looking at them.
“How strong!” sighed the crowd. Those four people had appeared in the blink of an eye and they had absolutely no Qi, they looked enigmatic and imposing.
Two more people suddenly appeared and looked at those four people, “Masters, what are you doing in Champion University?”
“Guards?” The crowd was astonished and frowned.
“Lin Feng killed some people of the Ji Clan. I came to capture him. I hope you can understand.” The four moved forwards. How oppressive! People’s hearts started pounding. Even the guards’ faces changed drastically.
They glanced at each other and their silhouettes flickered.
“They came to capture Lin Feng!” Someone had overheard that.
“Activate the Crisis Signal, otherwise we won’t make it in time!”
“Crisis Signal?” The crowd was astonished. Champion University’s Crisis Signal was used when terrifying enemies came who posed a direct threat.
“Lin Feng must be protected, that’s what the ancestors said! If they capture Lin Feng, we won’t be able to bear the responsibility for it!”
Nine light beams appeared in Champion University and loud drums echoed everywhere. Champion University was now in a state of alert!

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