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PMG Chapter 1982: Help For Lin Feng

PMG Chapter 1982: Help For Lin Feng
The Saint Emperors left, but didn’t go back to their clans. They stood outside Champion University like statues. Many people who came to the university sensed that terrifying pressure. Four Saint Emperors were surprisingly waiting outside of Champion University. The pressure was terrifying!
Lin Feng hadn’t expected such consequences. They had surprisingly carried out an investigation concerning Ji Qing Song’s death and had found out about him, Xiao Yao, and Mister Xiao. It was hard to imagine!
Saint Emperors were joining hands to oppress the university. Lin Feng hadn’t expected these things at all.
“Alright, everybody can disperse,” said Ancestor Shi Tian, waving his hands. He brought Lin Feng to the waterfall and said, “Lin Feng, the four Ancient Holy Clans joined hands because they want your Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures, but you also gave them reasons to attack. You know Xiao Wu Tian, you killed Ji Qing Song by surprise, how did they learn about it?”
“Ancestor, they must have used some incredible techniques. They couldn’t possibly know. I was with Mister Xiao, he sensed that someone was spying on us, but he couldn’t find the source. If they really had such a power, back then, Mister Xiao wouldn’t have managed to escape when the Ying Clan was chasing him to kill him,” replied Lin Feng honestly. He didn’t understand how this had happened.
Ancestor Shi Tian’s eyes twinkled, how had they found clues about him?
“Buddy, could they have invited some people of the He Clan to come?” Ancestor Xuan Tian asked Ancestor Shi Tian.
Ancestor Shi Tian frowned and nodded, “Possibly. Four Ancient Holy Clans joined hands because of the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures, they may have paid the full price to invite the He Clan to come, and the Ying Clan also wants to kill Xiao Wu Tian.”
“It seems that this time, the four clans are ready to take big risks,” muttered Ancestor Shi Tian. Lin Feng felt pressured. The situation was scary and he couldn’t do anything.
“Lin Feng, you can’t leave the university temporarily. They won’t capture you within our territory,” Ancestor Shi Tian said to him. Lin Feng nodded. He could only follow along. He was too weak in front of such titans!
The news that four Saint Emperors from four Ancient Holy Clans wanted to capture Lin Feng quickly spread in the Holy City. Nobody understood. Everybody tried to imagine what it felt like to be Lin Feng, what would they have done against four Saint Emperors?

Yin Rui felt pressured as well. Had he made a mistake? He had tacitly accepted Yin Yue and Lin Wu Shang’s relationship. Now, Yin Yue was gone with Lin Wu Shang. He didn’t know where they were. What was going to happen to Lin Feng? Was he going to die? He couldn’t imagine. And the Yin Clan couldn’t do much to help him.
Yin Rui was in a courtyard and gazed into the distance. He looked pensive. If the four Ancient Holy Clans captured Lin Feng and obtained the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures, it would be a catastrophe for his clan!

“Lin Feng from Champion University is doomed,” many people were saying. Enigmatic things were going on. What pressure! If Champion University didn’t hand Lin Feng over, what would happen? Would they be able to stand the pressure? If this continued, it would change many things. Many young people wouldn’t be able to become new students, there would also be fewer people in Champion University.
The four Ancient Holy Clans had a reason for doing what they were doing. They could stay there and wait as long as Champion University didn’t start a war against them.
Tiantai’s people were furious. They didn’t understand, four Ancient Holy Clans dared do that for the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures?
“What can we do? Lin Feng can’t stay here forever, and who knows what the four Ancient Holy Clans are capable of?” Lin Feng and the core disciples of Tiantai gathered together. They were all quite close, but now they felt powerless and dispirited.
“It’s a very bad thing for Champion University too. Now, the whole Holy City is closely monitoring the situation.”
“I’ll go back to the tribe and make some strong cultivators come to the Holy City. With Xiao Wu Tian, the strong cultivators of the tribe, and the strong cultivators of the university, we can oppress them,” said Tantai furiously. Back then, he had never thought Lin Feng knew Xiao Wu Tian, a person of unusual ability.
“Champion University will never accept fighting against four Ancient Holy Clans,” said Yun Qing Yan. After all, Champion University was one of the four universities of the Holy City, if they made a mistake, they might collapse, and the three other universities wouldn’t help them.
“So what is the solution?” asked Tantai hastily. If the university didn’t use their full strength to help Lin Feng, he would be doomed!
“Maybe the managers of the university are discussing those things,” muttered Yun Qing Yan.
They heard a whistling sound. In the distance, some silhouettes appeared, one of them a supernatural bird bathing in flames, Next to him was Qing Feng. They both landed there at Tiantai.
“Qing Feng, you came back,” Yun Qing Yan smiled.
Qing Feng nodded and looked at Lin Feng, “I heard about the situation, so I came back.”
Qing Feng and Wu had gone back to the Vast Celestial Ancient City, they hadn’t been back to the Holy City for a long time. Lin Feng was now in danger, so they had come back.
“The Animal World is going to come and help as soon as possible,” said Wu, turning to his human form. Flames of fury burned in his eyes.
“I feel like I’m causing trouble to too many elders.” said Lin Feng, looking at Qing Feng.
Qing Feng replied, “You can inform the university about that, tell them I asked for help, that way they will feel less pressure.”
“But it’s not enough,” said Yun Qing Yan, frowning. She had heard about the Animal World of the Vast Celestial Ancient City. Wu was a terrifying cultivator, but in the Holy City, the Animal World was still not strong enough.
“Lin Feng.” Meng Qing smiled, “Lin Feng, the World Clan is going to help.”
“The World Clan?” Lin Feng was stunned.
Meng Qing nodded, “Yes, I spent many years in the World Clan and I know many of the elders, I contacted some of them and told them everything. They want to help us.”
“Great! The World Clan is a very ancient clan and they are extremely strong. They even managed to hide for such a long time. Now Lang Ye is traveling alone. If they help it’s going to be astonishing!” exclaimed Tantai. He was excited now! The World Clan, the Animal World, Xiao Wu Tian. Even without the help of the tribe, maybe it was enough to convince Champion University to help.
“Yes, the World Clan is a terrifying clan. They’ve been discreet for many years and now it was an opportunity for them to rise again,” Yun Qing Yan nodded. The World Clan was a mysterious yet very strong clan.
Lin Feng was amazed at all the good news. He felt touched and moved. He would have never thought the World Clan would agree to help him. With the help of the Animal World, the World Clan, and Champion University, even the three other universities wouldn’t get involved.

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