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PMG Chapter 1983: Help And Rescue

PMG Chapter 1983: Help And Rescue
Champion University was ready to protect themselves, but the pressure was terrifying.
He Xiao was a guest of the Ying Clan, and kept watching Lin Feng with his Destiny Vision. He found that Lin Feng kept hiding in Champion University, but he still couldn’t find Xiao Wu Tian.
He Xiao finally decided to go to Champion University, there he would be able to see what had happened on the day Xiao Wu Tian had disappeared.

Outside of Champion University, the four Saint Emperors were respectively seated cross-legged at the north, south, east and west gates. People who came back or left Champion University were shocked. Each time they passed next to those people, they felt the pressure. People in Champion University couldn’t have normal lives anymore, and the Ancestors of the university couldn’t solve the issue.
At that moment, He Xiao arrived and immediately entered the university.
However, an old man appeared in front of He Xiao and said indifferently, “Who are you?”
“He Xiao from the He Clan in Tian Yuan Ancient City,” He Xiao replied calmly. Tian Yuan Ancient City was one of the three main cities of the Dark Night Region, just like the Holy City. Everybody in the Holy City knew that the He Clan had some incredible cultivators. The old man of Champion University also knew about them.
“Why would someone from the He Clan come to Champion University?” asked the old man surprised yet he sounded calm.
“I need to see something,” answered He Xiao calmly.
“I don’t want you to use your Destiny Vision in Champion University. Champion University is not under the control of the He Clan, I don’t want you to find out our secrets. Please leave, Mister,” said the old man calmly.
He Xiao frowned. He knew that coming to Champion University and using his Destiny Vision was impolite, but he wanted to see how Xiao Wu Tian was hiding from him.
Champion University knew that the four Ancient Holy Clans had called on the He Clan for help. Now He Xiao wanted to go to Champion University to check their secrets, how could they allow that?
“Do you think Champion University is that strong?” asked He Xiao icily. Surprisingly, they didn’t let him into the university!
“If you were a guest, we’d be happy to host you. However, we know perfectly well what you’re doing, those four people are waiting outside and now you’re coming here, how impolite and arrogant!” said the old man said mockingly.
He Xiao groaned icily and said, “Alright, since it’s that way, I don’t need to enter.”
“See you!” said the old man indifferently. He Xiao angrily turned around and left.
He Xiao appeared in the sky in the middle of the four Saint Emperors, they nodded at him and He Xiao said, “Champion University is already getting ready for war. They don’t even care about offending four Ancient Holy Clans. They even challenged me, He Xiao, verbally. Champion University is nearing their fated end.”
The Saint Emperor of the Ji Clan smiled, “Champion University is stupid. But we’ll definitely kidnap Lin Feng.”
In the distance, some people heard them and shuddered with dread.
“The Ji Clan, the Ying Clan, and so on have existed for such a long time. We don’t know what they are capable of. Nobody really knows how strong their people can be. We don’t know how many Saint Emperors they have. Even though an Ancient Holy Clan can’t be stronger than a university, four Ancient Holy Clans is another story. Champion University is under great pressure. Maybe the managers of the university can’t come to an agreement concerning the solution,” said someone. Many people nodded agreement with those words. The managers of Champion University might have different opinions.
In the celestial mountains, there was a gigantic chessboard and six old men who could make the whole Holy City shake with dread were seated on it. The other old men were still traveling, so some people were missing.
“Champion University has existed for such a long time, nobody has ever dared humiliate us like that. Even if they are Ancient Holy Clans, so what? We must fight,” said Ancestor Shi Tian icily. He looked furious. He had always liked Lin Feng.
“I agree with Shi Tian,” said Ancestor Xuan Tian icily. Those people dared humiliate them, they had to die, especially that they were waiting around their territory.
However, at that moment, Ancestor Zhu Tian kept tapping the chessboard with his fingers, tap, tap, tap… before he said slowly, “The Ji Clan, the Ying Clan, the Pei Clan, the Yu Wen Clan… the Ji Clan and the Ying Clan are the oldest Ancient Holy Clans among them. The Pei Clan and the Yu Wen Clan aren’t weak. If we fight, we could win, but we would suffer many losses and the three other universities would finish us and get rid of us.”
“I’ve always had good relations with all the clans. At the beginning, I was the one who had noticed Ji Chang. Even though he lost against Lin Feng, we can’t neglect the fact that he’s really strong. Sometimes, you have to think, everything is happening because of one student, is it worth it?” said another Ancestor straightforwardly.
“So we should sacrifice a student? Is that what you’re saying?” shouted Ancestor Shi Tian furiously.
“Exactly, bullshit. We can’t sacrifice any student, Lin Feng or any other, it’s all the same. You just don’t sacrifice your people. Imagine if we did, nobody would want to come and study here anymore!” swore Ancestor Xuan Tian furiously.
The old men all spoke up, and the atmosphere calmed down again. It was not because they were all ancestors in Champion University that they had the same opinion. Ancestor Mo Tian and Ancestor Zhu Tian were close to the Ji Clan, they were even Ji Chang’s teachers. Lin Feng had been noticed by Ancestor Xuan Tian and Ancestor Shi Tian, and they were ready to use their full strength to protect him.
Of course, the two other ancestors were on Ancestor Shi Tian’s side. Lin Feng was a student of Champion University, after all, and he was extremely talented. They felt pressured; they didn’t fear a battle, but at the same time they wanted to be vigilant, a single mistake and things could degenerate quickly.
“No matter what, Champion University can’t abandon Lin Feng. Even if we don’t fight, we can’t do anything against him,” said Ancestor Shi Tian. The others remained silent. Nobody was going to suggest handing Lin Feng over.
But that way, they wouldn’t be able to wait too long. The Saint Emperors were still outside waiting. Champion University was under pressure, they couldn’t do much about it. What would happen?
On that day, Qing Feng and Wu left Champion University and went somewhere. When they came back, they told Lin Feng some good news. They made him wait, they went and had a walk outside Champion University again.
Tiantai’s people were wondering what they were planning. Why was Qing Feng so confident? Four Saint Emperors were outside of Champion University, they had shown how committed they were. If Lin Feng didn’t come out, they would take measures!
Lang Ye from the World Clan contacted Lin Feng and gave him some good news. If Lin Feng wanted to go out and have a walk, he could tell him.
Lin Feng was at the waterfall, he looked thoughtful, before he turned around and left.

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    Lin Feng is consistently the only one who pays attention to the rules of the cultivation world. All these centuries-old cultivators should know better, should have had experiences where they pissed off the wrong person and got a hiding for it. But it seems like none of them have.
    Until today.

    • M1gHTy August 23, 2018 at 7:09 pm - Reply

      They sent elders after him because a Celestial Emperor got killed. Power v Power and Mr Xiao’s connection.

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        A Celestial Emperor going after Lin Feng is exactly what I was referring to when I said an elder was sent after him.

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