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PMG Chapter 1986: Inside Information

PMG Chapter 1986: Inside Information
At that moment, everybody was stunned, just watching everything going on. Yu Wen Tai Shan from the Yu Wen Clan was furious. The seasons kept changing around him, the moon and the stars appeared, then the sun and a blue sky replaced them, and the cycle continued.
Yu Wen Tai Shan is even using his spirit!, thought the crowd, shivering at the sight. It was a galaxy, the stars were rising and moved towards the old man of the Animal World. The stars were dazzling, and harder than mountains. It felt like the earth and sky were about to collapse.
The old man of the Animal World looked at him icily. Black flames started burning around him. He looked like a divine supernatural bird as he slowly rose up into the air.
The bird shrieked, and made the earth and sky shake violently.
Some people who were several kilometers away spat out blood. The incoming stars collapsed and broke apart, falling down from the sky.
Many ancient phoenixes appeared as if they had been summoned. The phoenixes opened their wings and streamed towards Yu Wen Tai Shan. Each phoenix seemed like they could burn a whole world.
Many stars fell down from the sky, it was a spectacular sight. It reminded people of tales of  ancient, epic battles.
Stars falling down from the sky, the earth and sky burning, the heavens on fire. The Animal World’s Emperor simply charged, stirring up a windstorm as he did. The Animal World was so strong and dazzling!
Yu Wen Tai Shan coughed up blood. His clothes started burning. He was retreating and fighting at the same time. The strong cultivator of the Animal World was too strong!
“Your Ancient Holy Clan can oppress a young emperor, maybe you will manage to kill him, but you forgot that if the young people of your clan come out and travel, we can also kill them one after the other,” said the old man of the Animal World. He looked like an ancient phoenix, the crowd was stunned.
“Try and dare, we will destroy your Animal World and wipe it off the maps of the Dark Night Region!” promised Yu Wen Tai Shan icily.
In the distance, the old man of the Animal World grunted icily. Suddenly, he turned around and spat out flames at someone. The old man of the Animal World looked like a death bird from Hell.
“Piss off!” shouted the old man of the Animal World explosively. His enemy looked fearless and furious, raising his hand. A decaying Qi penetrated into the Animal World Emperor’s body, and he retreated. He raised his hand, which had turned black. His arm was growing darker and darker.
Someone else arrived!, thought the crowd. The person who arrived looked like a skeleton with dried bones, he was extremely skinny and looked as if he were about to die.
The Animal World’s cultivator raised his hand, and terrifying flames appeared. His sleeves burned as his Qi gained in intensity.
“Some more cultivators of the four Ancient Holy Clans are arriving! I wonder whether the two Ancestors of Champion University, the Animal World and the World Clan can still protect Lin Feng?” was now the question on everyone’s lips. They were beyond astonished at this point. Two more Saint Emperors moved towards Lin Feng and looked at him icily. Since they were already fighting, they didn’t need to control themselves anymore, they could capture Lin Feng as they wished. Otherwise, this battle wouldn’t be worth it.
“Dong!” The two Saint Emperors jumped towards Lin Feng. The strong cultivator of the World Clan looked at them icily. His terrifying world lights were like a new sky He waved his hands, the world lights around Lin Feng dispersed and Lin Feng vanished along with them.
“The World Clan have such strange powers. They control world strength.” Everybody was stupefied. The old man suddenly jumped into the world lights as well! Had they gone into his own world?
“Eh?” The crowd saw the two cultivators who were initially running towards Lin Feng move back. Terrifying world lights moved towards one of them. His expression changed drastically and he punched the atmosphere in its direction. However, he also progressively disappeared in the lights and then vanished entirely.
“A world!” The other one’s face stiffened. The old man of the World Clan had already created his own world and he had brought his companion there. Only a cultivator stronger than him could escape from his world, otherwise, he would be stuck inside.
In his world, it won’t be possible to find him. Attacking people inside from outside it is impossible too, thought the crowd. The World Clan was mysterious, and many people feared their world strength. Unless a cultivator was extremely strong, fighting against people from the World Clan was extremely dangerous. It was impossible to predict whether their enemies could come out of their worlds alive.
After a long time, cyan world lights exploded out and two silhouettes appeared. One was the old man of the World Clan, and the other one was the Saint Emperor who had been captured. The Saint Emperor of the Ying Clan was soaked with blood and his face was deathly pale at that moment. That World Clansman’s Qi was also flowing chaotically around him.
“I broke his world strength. He won’t be able to condense worlds for a while, capture Lin Feng,” gasped the strong cultivator of the Ying Clan. As he finished saying that, he coughed up blood, he was badly injured.
Lin Feng also appeared behind the strong cultivator of the World Clan. He was still surrounded by world lights. He looked at the fighters icily. He was moved by the fact these people wanted to protect him.
More and more people from the four Ancient Holy Clans are arriving, the result of the battle could be tragic, thought Lin Feng. He felt powerless in this battle. He couldn’t get involved, he couldn’t help, even though everything had started because of him.
“Capture Lin Feng!” shouted someone furiously.
“Capture Lin Feng!” shouted another one explosively. Many people flew towards Lin Feng while condensing Qi.
Four more Saint Emperors, Lin Feng is doomed!, thought the crowd. The four Saint Emperors still had the advantage. They were from the Holy City, the World Clan and the Animal World were from abroad.
“Hmph!” the old man of the Animal World grunted and glanced at Lin Feng. He didn’t look worried.
The Saint Emperors raced towards Lin Feng while releasing Qi. Lin Feng was instantly surrounded by cyan lights.
However, at that moment, another terrifying strength rose up. The Saint Emperors raised their heads and saw nine dazzling lights condense. They could barely open their eyes. They gazed into the distance and their expression gradually changed.
“What a terrifying oppressive strength!” gasped the shaken crowd. Nine millstones appeared, and an aggressive-looking person with them. Suddenly, everyone was looking at him as if nobody else were there.

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