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PMG Chapter 1987: Drinking Alcohol and Killing People

PMG Chapter 1987: Drinking Alcohol and Killing People
What a strange person, thought the crowd. Many people raised their heads to stare at him. The newcomer looked dignified and majestic. His hair was messy, his eyes looked terrifying. He also had a massive alcohol gourd in his hands. He raised the gourd and drank it with a loud gurgle.
“How good!” said that person indifferently. He glanced at the crowd and said, “So many old dudes are bullying a little boy?”
Then, he took another sip.
“Who are you, Your Excellency?” asked the Saint Emperor of the Ji Clan. This person was enigmatic and unfathomable. Where was this person from? Was he here to protect Lin Feng?
It’s getting more and more interesting. Another extremely strong cultivator. Even Saint Emperors talk to him respectfully, thought the crowd. Another change in the battle.
“Sages are solitary. Alcohol is my only friend and has been on my side throughout the ages since antiquity,” muttered that person hoarsely to the Saint Emperor of the Ji Clan disdainfully.
Lin Feng looked at him, his heart pounding. A Sage? A Holy King?
“We’re not here to drink though, so please go away,” said the Saint Emperor from the Ji Clan coldly.
The man tilted his head to put his hair aside. He smiled evilly and said, “Why would I drink anywhere else? Who do you think you are?”
The expression of the Saint Emperor of the Ji Clan changed quickly. He didn’t know who this person was, he had to be careful not to offend him.
He jumped away, waving his hands. A cyan dragon appeared and roared in a thundering rage, threatening to collapse the world.
A terrifying oppressive strength filled the air with a dry hum. The eyes of the man in the sky twinkled in multicolor. He opened his mouth and spat, the smell of alcohol suddenly turning up for miles around. His spit turned into fire and rained down on the cyan dragon. It immediately started burning and disappeared like a mirage.
“Try again!” said the man arrogantly. He sounded aggressive and crazy. After seeing a man like that, it was difficult to forget him.
“How strong. He spat out his drink and killed the dragon!” an onlooker murmured. How fearsome…
The Saint Emperor of the Ji Clan was furious. He was a Saint Emperor, and there were three Saint Emperors with him, and this man dared make fun of him.
“What is happening here has nothing to do with you, Your Excellency. If you leave, I won’t attack you.”
The Saint Emperor of the Ji Clan didn’t want to offend a strong cultivator he didn’t know. There were so many powerful groups in the Holy City, and he had never heard of such a cultivator here.
“Don’t touch him again,” said that person, pointing at Lin Feng. Everyone frowned in shock.
Those Saint Emperors’ eyes glittered, one of them grunted icily and said, “Your Excellency, you’re a bit arrogant. We will take him with us, whether you agree or not. Now, leave!”
“No matter who you are, you can’t get involved in the affairs of the Ancient Holy Clans of the Holy City.” The Saint Emperors all showed their discontent. Saint Emperors were already almost at the top of cultivation, and were all very rare. There was almost nobody above them in terms of strength.
Ancient Holy Clans were extremely powerful, who dared humiliate them? Especially a nobody!
The newcomer drank more alcohol, he took sips greedily, voraciously, and laughed like a madman, “Who wants to try and touch him?”
“How arrogant!”
“I’ll try!”
The Saint Emperor of the Ji Clan charged at Lin Feng, dang, Qi rolling in the air. He stretched his hands out towards Lin Feng.
The strong cultivator was still drinking in the sky as if it had nothing to do with him…
And then the newcomer looked at the Saint Emperor of the Ji Clan, opened his mouth and spat out alcohol again. His breath smelled really bad, even as it turned into dazzling sharp swords.
“Destroy!” shouted the Saint Emperor of the Ji Clan, shifting position invisibly fast.
“Alcohol can pierce through internal organs…” said the stranger, throwing out drops of alcohol which turned into sharp swords filled with a destructive strength towards the Ji Saint Emperor. The Saint Emperor’s face froze. How could a drunkard achieve enlightenment?
“Dao Intent!” shouted that person. His voice, which sounded ordinary, made the air shake violently. Then, he spat out more alcohol, forming golden energies which turned into a golden cage and sealed the area.
“How strong!”
“Who’s that? Is he an Ancestor?” wondered many onlookers. People’s hearts were pounding. This new cultivator was extremely strong, his alcohol could turn into energy and destroy people.
At that moment, the strong cultivator spat a third time, each drop of alcohol turning into turquoise lights and emitting shattering sounds.
Lin Feng wasn’t far away and could clearly see the battle. This drunkard was incredible and fearless.
The Saint Emperor of the Ji Clan rose up in the air and released dragons at the same time in two lines of energy.
“Die!” shouted the strong cultivator of the Ji Clan. He released a fist filled with ancient energies. A million punches hurtled out.
“I told you not to touch him,” said the drunkard indifferently. He ignored the attacks of the Ji Clan’s cultivator, opened his mouth and drank more, then spat it out. It turned into a curtain which destroyed the millions of fist lights. He then started moving forwards lightning-fast, and at the same time, an armor made of light appeared all around his body. He looked stronger than a mountain, more dazzling than stars. He didn’t even fear a Saint Emperor!
“Who is he?” The Ancestor of the Ji Clan was astonished and suddenly scared.
“He doesn’t fear Dao strength.” The Emperor of the Ying Clan was astonished too, his face stiff with confusion.
At that moment, everybody stopped fighting and looked over at him.
“He’s a peerless cultivator.” Far away, the onlookers were frozen, it was like time had stopped. The Saint Emperor of the Ji Clan looked like a little and terrified kid right now…
Even the cultivators of the World Clan were amazed. For them, helping Lin Feng was an opportunity to show the world how strong they were after so many years of hiding. But now, nobody was paying attention to them anymore.
“According to legends, when you become a top-level Saint Emperor, it’s still not the top of cultivation. There are more levels above. Such people transcend worldliness and attain holiness. They break from the Great Dao. Dao strength is useless against them. They fear nobody,” muttered some people in the crowd. That cultivator definitely didn’t fear Dao power.
“I lift my cup of liquor to Heaven and the stars and drink it!” sighed the drunkard. He was sighing because of the Saint Emperor of the Ji Clan. More stars appeared around him, dazzling and unbreakable. He really looked like a peerless cultivator!
“You engage in a battle of words, I kill Saint Emperors.”
The crowd was shaken. When had such a cultivator appeared in the Holy City before? He had broken free from the Great Dao!

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