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PMG Chapter 1988: Fall of a Saint Emperor

PMG Chapter 1988: Fall of a Saint Emperor
“How insane. Who is he?” everybody was wondering aloud. A peerless cultivator, what was a peerless cultivator? Was he a god?
Lin Feng didn’t understand why the drunkard was helping him. Was he a peerless cultivator? A Saint Emperor was terrified in front of him. The man was drinking and laughing and nobody could stop him.
The Saint Emperor of the Ji Clan still looked terrified. The peerless cultivator’s stars were more dazzling than the sun. He didn’t fear the Ji Clan’s Destructive Dao, and his stars looked indestructible.
“Argh!…” the Saint Emperor shouted furiously. He wanted to run away desperately.
However, the man drank another sip of alcohol and spat it out. It turned into a galaxy and sealed the area so the Saint Emperor couldn’t escape anymore.
“Piss off!” shouted the Saint Emperor of the Ji Clan, raising his hands to attack the stars. He couldn’t destroy them, but he could make them move aside at least. The drunkard too another sip and spat it out, his breath turning into lightning, while the atmosphere became dark like during a storm.
“Ah…” the Saint Emperor gave a horrible shriek, a bolt struck his arm, he wanted to escape but a shooting star smashed into him. He felt incredible pressure as he suddenly coughed up blood. His face was already deathly pale. He felt so weak, what a tragedy for a Saint Emperor…
“Oh no!” The expression of the Ancestor of the Ji Clan changed drastically. He wanted to help, but he realized nobody could save his descendant. Nothing worked against that astonishingly strong drunkard. At that moment, he understood that the late arrival’s level was higher than a Saint Emperor!
The bright stars surrounded him, and smashed down. At that moment, the crowd shook violently.
On this day, four Ancient Holy Clans had surrounded Lin Feng.
On this day, Lin Feng had come out freely with Ancestors of Champion University, and strong cultivators from the Animal World and the World Clan had come to help.
On this day, a dozen Saint Emperors had started fighting, some to help Lin Feng, some to capture him.
On this day, it looked like the end of the world.
On this day, a Saint Emperor died!
“Oh no!” the strong cultivators of the Ji Clan were devastated. They had just lost a Saint Emperor, the highest-level cultivator in the Holy City. A Saint Emperor could create an Ancient Holy Clan all on their own, they had almost no rivals.
A Saint Emperor could protect a clan. Without Saint Emperors, Ancient Holy Clans couldn’t ensure their own safety and they just became ordinary Ancient Clans.
However, at that moment, a Saint Emperor from the Ji Clan had been killed in front of everyone!
“Pfew…” People took deep breaths to cover their astonishment. A Saint Emperor had died! Such people could also be killed! That Saint Emperor who had lived for such a long time had been killed because he had come to attack Lin Feng!
Everybody was just stunned. Seeing a Saint Emperor getting killed was just too astonishing…
However, the peerless cultivator didn’t pay attention to people’s reactions, he continued drinking and burping loudly.
“What a good drink!” said the cultivator casually. He looked at the corpse and said calmly, “Unruly little kid. I wouldn’t have killed you if you had listened to me, because you were a weakling. But you didn’t listen, so I had to punish you. Anyone want to join him?”
Everybody remained silent, even the Saint Emperors, not daring to attack. Everybody was just staring at the drunkard who was also a peerless cultivator.
Finally, Ji Dang Tian moved forwards. He didn’t try to offend the man, instead bowing and asking, “Ji Clan, may I ask you your name?”
Everybody knew that the Ji Clan wasn’t strong enough to get their revenge, so they couldn’t offend the man. They had to be polite.
“The Ji Clan wants to take revenge?” replied the man, smiling amiably. He looked detached from worldly affairs.
“We would never dare!” replied Ji Dang Tian.
“You’re a Saint Emperor and you wouldn’t dare? Chicken,” responded the man indifferently.
Ji Dang Tian raised his head and said, “I’m not strong enough. I will tell the clan about what happened today. If you want to attack my clan, I can’t do much.”
“If you want to get your revenge, I’ll destroy you all. I don’t fear you,” said the man, taking a few more sips before adding, “I’m just an insane drunkard from an ancient city, Shi Jue Lao Xian.”
“An insane drunkard, Shi Jue Lao Xian?” Ji Dang Tian was stupefied, his eyes gittered. “Master, you’re Shi Jue Lao Xian from the Vast Celestial Ancient City?”
“I’m just a drunkard, that’s all,” said Shi Jue Lao Xian, smiling casually. Those watching were stunned… so it was him! He used to be famous in the Dark Night Region, he was crazy. He wasn’t a Saint Emperor anymore, he had leveled up!
“Shi Jue Lao Xian!” Lin Feng was astonished. He had heard that name in the Vast Celestial Ancient City, but hadn’t thought he’d ever meet him.
The members of the World Clan were stunned. They also knew about Shi Jue Lao Xian, but they hadn’t known he had leveled up. Now, if he started a clan, it would become terrifying quickly. He would become the symbol of his clan!
“I will remember, Master,” said Ji Dang Tian neutrally.
The members of the Ying Clan, the Yu Wen Clan, and the Pei Clan remained silent. What could they say or do anyway?
If they fought, they’d die.
They all looked at Lin Feng and sighed. Four Ancient Holy Clans wanted to capture Lin Feng, and Shi Jue Lao Xian had changed everything.
Lin Feng was backed up by the Animal World, the World Clan, Champion University, Shi Jue Lao Xian, and who else?
“I don’t care about you. I’ll just warn you though, I won’t be that polite next time,” said Shi Jue Lao Xian, drinking and glancing at the crowd aggressively. He still looked undeterred and relaxed. Nobody would dare go against him. He was so strong, he feared nobody.
“I will leave an imprint on Lin Feng’s body, if the Ancient Holy Clans send great emperors to fight against him, I won’t be polite.”
“What if he provokes us on purpose? We can’t kill him, either?”
“If he provokes great emperors, it’s his problem, the person can strike back. Of course, if he provokes emperors of your clans and kills them, then it means your emperors are powerless,” said Shi Jue Lao Xian calmly.
“So our people can kill him?”
Shi Jue Lao Xian smiled and said, “You can. And someday, when he becomes a great emperor, you can also send Celestial Emperors to fight against him, but not Saint Emperors.”
Lin Feng’s heart twitched. If he became a great emperor, they could send Celestial Emperors to fight against him?
“I hope you’ll keep your promise, Master,” Ji Dang Tian said calmly. The Ancient Holy Clans were convinced they’d find a way to kill Lin Feng. Lin Feng was strong, but he was just a medium-level emperor, they had many geniuses. If they didn’t manage to capture Lin Feng, it would mean they were bad cultivators, indeed.
“Shi Jue Lao Xian is cruel, I thought he’d protect Lin Feng and wouldn’t allow the four Ancient Holy Clans to attack Lin Feng ever again,” muttered someone in the distance.
“That would be boring. Lin Feng needs to progress. Shi Jue Lao Xian is doing that to help him. But he also wants to put him under pressure. Lin Feng is only a medium-level emperor. When Lin Feng becomes a great emperor, those clans will be able to send Celestial Emperors to fight against him, that will make him want to become stronger faster. I wonder where he knows Lin Feng from.”
People were talking, all of them wondering why Shi Jue Lao Xian had protected Lin Feng?

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