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PMG Chapter 199: The calm before the storm

Special thanks to Rosalio C for sponsoring this chapter. I have changed my raws again as 196 & 199 were cut on my raw site and I only noticed on 199. So I have now added the remaining part to 196.
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Lin Feng was dumbstruck. A short moment after, he took a deep breath.

“Oh… my… god.” whispered Lin Feng. He thought that he had truly been tricked. He had really believed that Duan Ren City was in a critical situation. The imperial family was really hard to understand sometimes. They were living in two different worlds. For power and influence, there was nothing they wouldn’t dare to do. They wouldn’t hesitate to sacrifice other people.

“Are you going to let them wait outside this entire time?” asked Lin Feng. Liu Cang Lan smiled coldly and said: “Since I already knew their plans; invading my city without fighting is impossible. I want to see how they intend to seize my city as long as it’s under my control.”

“But Lin Feng, you shouldn’t have come here with Fei Fei, it’s a bad situation.” said Liu Cang Lan with a wry smile on his face. In the past, he had asked Lin Feng to take Liu Fei with him because he didn’t want them to get caught in such a situation. He hadn’t thought that they would come back at the worst possible time.

“Since you’re already here, you cannot escape now.”

Lin Feng shrugged without paying attention and just smiled.

“Alright, let’s go to the mansion.” said Liu Cang Lan said while shaking his head and smiling wryly. He was astonished by the crowd following Lin Feng. Each and every single one of them looked like a deity and released a fine Qi. They were all very strong, especially the girl wearing a fine veil. She was releasing a pure Qi. Liu Cang Lan found her very mysterious.

“Fei Fei, was Lin Feng good to you?” asked Liu Cang Lan on the tone of a joke while looking at Liu Fei.

“Father.” said Liu Fei while looking at her father. She then immediately looked at Lin Feng and said: “Lin Feng chose to be the princess’ personal guard. It is a very big problem.”

“Argh….” Lin Feng was stunned. That girl was really vicious.

“The princess’ personal guard?” whispered Liu Cang Lan astonished.

“Father, you also don’t know that Lin Feng in the Imperial City, Lin Feng befriended the second prince and that the princess thinks highly of him. The second prince even asked Lin Feng to take care of the princess.”

When Lin Feng heard Liu Fei’s vivid explanations, he couldn’t help but had the feeling that he had done something bad and offended his father-in-law.

“Lin Feng.” said Liu Cang Lan when he heard that Liu Fei was jealous. That guy was quite impressive, Liu Fei was already jealous of others.

“Uncle Liu, actually, I think that Liu Fei is more beautiful than the princess.” said Lin Feng shamelessly and continued: “But it’s just that Liu Fei continues to refuse when I ask for her to sleep with me…….”

“Hehe.” Lin Feng was forcing a smile while talking. Everybody around him was dumbstruck and looking at him with their eyes wide open in shock.

At that moment, Liu Cang Lan was astonished. Besides, Liu Fei knitted her brows and looked at Lin Feng in a furious way. She then said: “You perverted bastard!”

“Have I ever acted perverted, Fei Fei? You cannot lie in the presence of Uncle Liu. If I have ever been perverted with you, tell Uncle Liu about it.” said Lin Feng in a decent way. Liu Fei almost fainted. That guy… was really shameless.

Liu Cang Lan was speechless as well. Immediately after, he burst into laughter so hard that tears ran down his face. He then fixedly stared at Lin Feng. It seemed like Lin Feng could make use of any situation.

Everybody else was astonished and looking at Lin Feng. How frivolous, unconventional, unrestrained and stubborn! He never reacted the way that people expected and his teasing Liu Fei was very comical. His personality at that moment and when he was fighting was completely different as if he was a different person.

The group all continued until they entered Liu Cang Lan’s private mansion. Liu Cang Lan gave them a comfortable place to stay. However, Liu Cang Lan continued to leave Duan Tian Lang and the others outside of the city and ignored them.

Duan Tian Lang didn’t cause trouble either. He calmly stayed with his troops outside of the city.

Three days later, Liu Cang Lan, Lin Feng and the others were having a meal when some shocking news arrived.

A sentinel came to inform them that the prince of Mo Yue, Mo Jie, was five hundred kilometers away from Duan Ren Border with his army. Considering their speed, the troops would only need two days to arrive in Duan Ren Border.

Lin Feng was surprised and looked at Liu Cang Lan. Liu Cang Lan’s nickname was the Divine Arrow and his troops considered him as a deity and knew he was incredibly strong. However, when he heard that news, he lost his calm and stood up. The news was obviously very shocking.

Liu Cang Lan was stupefied and looking at Lin Feng and the others. He then slowly sat back down and said: “Mo Jie, the prince of Mo Yue is seventeen years old. He is a true genius. He is so young and has already broken through to the ninth Ling Qi layer. He is will soon break through to the Xuan Qi layer. Besides, he is equally as intelligent. It is said that when he gets involved in a war, he is invincible.”

Lin Feng and the others were stupefied. Seventeen years old and had the strength of the ninth Ling Qi layer, that was indeed terrifying. He was much stronger than some of the high officials of Xue Yue.

Besides, that seventeen year old young man had never lost on the battlefield.

“Father, you have never lost either and you participated in many battles.” said Liu Fei. The crowd was silently nodding. Liu Cang Lan the Divine Arrow was famous. He had been accumulating victories over a great number of years.

“I am not worried about that. Apart from his strength, he is also very important within the Mo Yue Country. If he gets involved in the fight, the country will use all their strength. The first reason is that they want to ensure his security and the second reason is prestige. Mo Jie is the symbol of the strength for their country. Therefore, that fight will be horrible for us.”

Liu Cang Lan’s face firmly wrinkled. There were troubles inside and outside of their country. Inside of the Xue Yue Country, the Emperor didn’t trust him and meant him harm while outside, the Mo Yue Country wanted to invade them and had deployed all their forces. There was a huge crisis in Xue Yue.

At that moment, Liu Cang Lan stood up and said: “You can continue to eat. I’m going to the city gate to have a look.”

Lin Feng was stupefied. He understood what Liu Cang Lan was saying. He wanted to let Duan Tian Lang enter the city and go fight the enemy together.

“No wonder he has such a high reputation. He is extremely wise as well as strong.” thought the crowd. He knew that Duan Tian Lang had come to seize his city but he would let him enter to fight against Mo Jie on his side. That was a very difficult decision to make for an ordinary person.

“The prince of Mo Yue, Mo Jie!” whispered Lin Feng. It seemed that this time, the Mo Yue country was turning out in force and was ready to attack. It seemed like a great calamity. Lin Feng hadn’t thought that he would go through such things.

“I’m coming too.” said Lin Feng at that moment while standing up and then walking towards Liu Cang Lan. Everybody was stupefied and suddenly followed Lin Feng.

At that moment, in the middle of the city, it was still very peaceful and calm. Since Liu Cang Lan was in the city, nothing ever happened there.

However, the calm in the city felt like the calm before a storm. The smell of war was moving closer.

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