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PMG Chapter 1990: Massacre

PMG Chapter 1990: Massacre
In the Ji Clan, Ji Dang Tian was gazing into the distance. The disciples of the Ji Clan raised their heads.
“A Saint Emperor died today. None of you can forget this humiliation,” said Ji Dang Tian somberly. He was furious and was talking loud enough for everyone to hear him.
“You all know that Ancient Holy Clans, especially us, have existed for millennia, and we’ve never been humiliated by other people, we’ve always humiliated others! However, today, one of our Saint Emperors died, you understand that even Saint Emperors can’t do anything against peerless cultivators? I hope that someday, we’ll also have a peerless cultivator.”
The young people of the Ji Clan felt even more motivated and determined. It was already impossible to find a peerless cultivator in the Holy City. Alone, Shi Jue Lao Xian could destroy all the Ancient Holy Clans. He was a true peerless cultivator!
“Anyway, keep in mind what I’ve said,” said Ji Dang Tian. He flickered away and disappeared.
How could they forget about such a cultivator’s death? And it all happened because of a medium-level emperor: Lin Feng!
Lin Feng had humiliated many people of the Ji Clan. Because of him, Ji Wuyou was blind. He had provoked Ji Chang on the day of his Champion ceremony. Now, a Saint Emperor of their Clan had died because of Lin Feng. How could they forgive him? They hated him more than anything! And now they couldn’t do much against him anymore! Great emperors weren’t allowed to fight against him!
The Ji Clan calmed down. People went back to what they were doing.

At that moment, outside of the Ji Clan, a silhouette appeared and glanced around at their territory. It was spectacular but he wasn’t there to admire the architecture of their buildings, he was furious!
To the Ji Clan, Lin Feng had humiliated them, but what about Lin Feng? Ji Chang’s Club had humiliated Tiantai, Ji Qing Song had threatened him, their Saint Emperors had tried to capture him! For a medium-level emperor, it was a terrifying pressure!
Lin Feng also hated the Ji Clan, he wanted to destroy them right back!
Outside of the Ji Clan, some people passed and saw Lin Feng, when they saw him, they frowned.
“Lin Feng!” A few emperors and younger people came out and looked at him icily. Surprisingly, Lin Feng had come to them?!
“Lin Feng, you dared come to the Ji Clan?” swore a high-level emperor, pointing at Lin Feng furiously. Their Holy Emperor had died because of him!
Lin Feng glanced at them coldly with his death eyes and made them shudder with dread.
Lin Feng blurred into motion and threw himself at that young man. He was extremely fast!
At the same time, Lin Feng’s eyes were filled with terrifying death lights.
“Ah…” the high-level emperor gave a horrible shriek, the death strength pierced through his brain and made his soul shake violently.
Lin Feng landed in front of him and raised his fist at the same time, the air whistling at his passage. Lin Feng’s physical strength was terrifying. He punched the Ji clansman’s head, it exploded, and Lin Feng continued flying towards the Ji Clan. The two young men of the Ji Clan were stupefied, what had just happened?
Lin Feng had come to the Ji Clan to kill people?
Had they really seen that? An emperor had come alone to kill people on their own territory? Was he insane? That sounded too ridiculous. But it was a fact, Lin Feng was really doing this!
Lin Feng glanced around, his eyes filled with death strength and eating away people’s lives.
A terrifying death Qi filled the air, some people’s faces became grey. They looked like corpses.
They only truly realized what was going on when Lin Feng got close to them, they weren’t dreaming. Lin Feng was really killing them in their own territory!
“Die!” A funeral bell rang in their heads. They gave up and died. Corpses fell one after the other.
There was an explosion, the people looked at Lin Feng in fury and started releasing their energies.
“Lin Feng, you bastard!”
“You want to die!” they swore. Many strong cultivators came over when they heard that. They noticed three emperors dead on the ground, and pulled long faces.
Lin Feng dared kill people on their territory?
Those people were emperors! Most Ancient Holy Clans had mainly emperors, there were fewer people at higher levels. Only those whose cultivation was stable went traveling. Great emperors could travel anywhere because people considered you really strong only after having becoming a great emperor.
Lin Feng glanced at the crowd with his death eyes, everybody sensed Death intent invade their eyes and brains. Not many emperors controlled Dao strength, so they couldn’t resist Lin Feng!
In the air, some sword energies emitted whistling sounds. Everybody sensed the fearsome energies of the Nihility Swords. They released their soul strength, most of them had cyan dragon spirits which were sent attacking Lin Feng.
“Die!” shouted someone explosively. Lin Feng sensed some oppressive strength. All those dragons were roaring furiously.
Lin Feng jumped high up in the air, a crater appeared behind him. The strong cultivators of the Ji Clan sensed earth strength oppress them. Lin Feng raised his hand and countless ancient imprints appeared. The ground beneath him burst into a million pieces explosively.
Dazzling golden lights appeared under his feet and he disappeared, then reappeared in front of all those strong cultivators. He made a cutting motion and a river made of death energies appeared behind his hand. The strong cultivators around him were overwhelmed. Lin Feng’s Dao power could easily kill them!
“Die!” shouted Lin Feng explosively. His voice contained demon cursing energies which invaded their brains. Another Nihility Death Sword appeared, and many other death sword lights at the same time.
“Back! Go back to the buildings!” shouted a strong cultivator of the Ji Clan who knew how strong Lin Feng was. They stood no chance against him!
However, they weren’t fast enough. Lin Feng released empty space and wind cosmic energies around himself. In the blink of an eye, he was in front of them and looking at them with his death eyes. He also released ancient World of the Living Imprints, the air exploded and crackled as a few more people died.
“Insolent!” shouted someone defiantly in the distance. A terrifying great emperor arrived and released energies, but Lin Feng ignored him and continued killing people who died one after the other. They didn’t even have time to give shriek.
Lin Feng continued, jumping and landing in front of someone else and looking at him with his death eyes. The man died instantly, joining the other corpses everywhere. Lin Feng raised his head calmly, and said indifferently, “Will you dare touch me?”
That cultivator had started stretching out his hand to attack Lin Feng, but when he heard those words, he took his arm back. He shouted furiously and smashed the ground, dust rose up from the explosion and spread in the air. He was furious as he shouted, “Lin Feng, you’re insolent!”
“I’m insolent? What about four Saint Emperors attacking a weak cultivator like me? They even waited outside Champion University for me!” replied Lin Feng coldly. He continued releasing Death intent all around!

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