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PMG Chapter 1991: All the Emperors

PMG Chapter 1991: All the Emperors
The great emperor of the Ji Clan was standing there, a cold wind blowing across him. More people appeared at his sides and looked at the corpses on the ground. They didn’t look too nervous.
“I admire your courage. You dare kill members of the Ji Clan in our own territory,” the great emperor said to Lin Feng. He looked at Lin Feng in admiration. Back then, four Ancient Holy Clans had joined hands to go and surround Champion University.
But he admired Lin Feng for coming. He was just a medium-level emperor, after all!
When Lin Feng heard him, he remained expressionless, his eyes all black. He said calmly, “Even if four Ancient Holy Clans want to bully me and Champion University, I don’t care. I’m just a medium-level emperor, but I’m here, I don’t feel pressured.”
“Alright, even if you die here, Shi Jue Lao Xian won’t say anything,” said the great emperor indifferently. They all retreated to some buildings at the same time.
Lin Feng stood outside and sat down cross-legged.
The members of the Ji Clan looked at Lin Feng icily, but didn’t do anything to him.
In a palace nearby, Ji Dang Tian shuddered with fury when he heard about what was going on. He raised his hands and shouted, “Kill!”
They wanted the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures, but they couldn’t capture Lin Feng because of Shi Jue Lao Xian. So they could just kill him!
At that moment, the silence was broken. Many strong cultivators came out of small worlds all over the Ji Clan. They came to kill Lin Feng!
Less than an hour later, on the battle stage of the Ji Clan, many people had gathered, including more than a hundred emperors. They were all high-level emperors, some of them were even at the very, very top of the high-level Huang Qi layer. Ancient Holy Clans were extremely old, and often had more cultivators than some countries. They grew in strength thanks to their young cultivators, who kept growing stronger and stronger. With time, they had more and more great emperors, then Celestial Emperor, and then Saint Emperors!
Of course, Saint Emperors were still extremely rare!
“You know what you have to do?” said Ji Yuan at that moment to the crowd.
“Kill Lin Feng!” everybody replied icily. A terrifying Qi rose up into the air.
“Indeed, kill Lin Feng. However, you have to remember that it’s nothing majestic. On the contrary, it’s a humiliation. We’re an Ancient Holy Clan and he’s at the gate of our clan, and he killed some of our people. We need too many people to kill him, is this not a humiliation?” said Ji Yuan, looking glum. Many people remained silent. Indeed, it was a humiliation, an Ancient Holy Clan sending so many emperors to kill a single medium-level emperor!
“We keep getting humiliated. So remember, today kill Lin Feng to partly regain our reputation!” said Ji Yuan angrily.
“Kill!” shouted the emperors in unison. The earth and sky shook as they shouted. They all rose up into the air, the air starting to rumble as a cloud of Qi appeared. Were they going to regain their reputation by killing Lin Feng?

Lin Feng was seated cross-legged outside of the Ji Clan. He felt an ocean of Qi rolling in the distance. A strong wind started to blow.
Boom boom!
Lin Feng was startled, he took a deep breath and opened his eyes. His eyes were still filled with death energies. He didn’t look worried, however. Ancestor Shi Tian had told him that the Ji Clan was terrifying but there were some things which were unavoidable. Among the people of the Huang Qi layer, who could kill him?
“They’re here!” The watching crowd in the distance saw the small army coming for Lin Feng. The huge crowd had followed Lin Feng to watch him battle against the cultivators of the Ji Clan.
“What a terrifying army. Even a great emperor would have to be vigilant.”
“It’s definitely an Ancient Holy Clan! In less than an hour, they managed to gather so many high-level emperors. Their Qi is terrifying!”
“The Ji Clan is really furious, they sent such a huge army. They don’t want the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures this time, they want to kill him!”
When the crowd saw all those strong cultivators in the distance, they withdrew even further. They were quite a distance away, but still had the impression they were too close because the Qi was already oppressing them. Lin Feng was crazy, he had offended a whole Ancient Holy Clan and now he was on their territory. Was he going to die?
When all the emperors landed in front of Lin Feng, the atmosphere they brought with them was very oppressive, he had the impression a mountain had fallen onto his back. But he just glanced at them with his death eyes.
Some great emperors were there. One of them looked at Lin Feng and said, “Lin Feng, Shi Jue Lao Xian said great emperors couldn’t fight against you, we can’t help but listen to him. However, we wouldn’t have thought you’d take the initiative to come here and provoke us. Since it’s that way, you’re going to die here. Everybody, together!”
“Indeed, Shi Jue Lao Xian will do what he said. He won’t kill you if you abide by the rules. If you kill me today, he will have nothing to say. However, if all those emperors fail and I kill them all, how will the members of the Ji Clan be able to walk in the Holy City without feeling ashamed?” said Lin Feng. He perfectly understood what that guy meant, he was afraid that Shi Jue Lao Xian would avenge Lin Feng’s death even if no great emperor got involved.
“You think you can survive?” the great emperor smiled coldly. “Everybody left their Great Imperial Weapons in the Ji Clan, so we won’t violate Shi Jue Lao Xian’s rules. However, if you use Great Imperial Weapons, you will die and nobody will be able to save you.”
Then, he slowly rose up into the air. Today, he wanted to watch Lin Feng die!
A strong wind made of cosmic energies started blowing around Lin Feng. A deployment spell appeared inside. Lin Feng had never fought against so many emperors at the same time. It was terrifying to think of.
“Kill!” said the great emperor in the sky. The sky began to whistle.
“Die!” shouted the furious hundred emperors in unison. Qi started surging and oppressing Lin Feng to the extent that he was pushed backwards. He had the sensation his chest was going to be crushed and he grunted with pain.
They will not let him off!, thought the crowd when they heard the whistling Qi. Some people’s faces turned deathly pale as if they were about to die.
Dazzling Cyan Dragon Totems appeared everywhere in the air. The members of the Ji Clan inherited the cyan dragon spirit. Many young people had inherited their spirit from great emperors. In the Ji Clan, to transmit the best-quality blood, people usually waited until they were great emperors to have children. That way, their blood strength and spirit remained perfect, and were passed down to their heirs.
A gigantic cyan dragon appeared, ten thousand meters long, roaring furiously and brandishing its claws. Lin Feng was driven backwards and coughed up blood. He kept releasing life strength in grim intent. When he stopped being forced backwards, he ran forwards again.
“You want to die!” proclaimed the great emperor in the sky, smiling coldly. The crowd’s hearts kept pounding. Lin Feng was insane! So many emperors were attacking him, if they hadn’t moved back first, they would all have been killed.
Lin Feng released demon energies, a demon king appearing behind him. He looked arrogant and fearless. Lin Feng didn’t flinch at what he had to do. He was a demon, he wanted to destroy the earth and sky. Demon Qi rotated around Lin Feng madly, his entire body went pitch-black. His demon intent rose to the skies and oppressed the Ji Clan’s energies.
The emperors grunted coldly. They released even more dragon energies, more dragons appeared, it was like heaven and earth were about to collapse.
Lin Feng’s demon king roared furiously. How could a demon king be a weakling?
A terrifying strength crashed onto Lin Feng’s demon intent. His clothes were torn apart. He was being attacked by a hundred people at the same time and was driven backwards ten meters. His face was covered with blood, but he started moving forwards again. People’s hearts were pounding in astonishment. That demon was fighting against a hundred dragons!

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